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Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a chance to follow along on twitter or facebook while I was away. Other than the return flight problems (spent an unplanned night in DFW) I had a great time at Market. I got home yesterday morning. Here are some picures of fabrics and quilts. The people pictures are coming tomorrow.

Echo in all it's glory. It is coming to the shop this month.
Ty's Ties this is the latest collection from Ty Pennington. It will be here in December.

More of the new Impressions fabrics. I am so in love with the medallion fabrics and the leaf fabrics.

And again...
One of my off the beaten path choices

I am hoping to get this fabrics from Cinderberry Stitches. So adorable.

A close up of the Hedgie balloons.

This is a Lark panarama starting from the left side of the booth

Love this dress and pillow That Mrs. B is pretty amazing.

Meet the Gang I ordered two new collections by Marisa too (one is a Christmas line that is so adorable... you will love it)


Excuse the blur... this is why I always take more than one picture of something (but didn't this time) Pear Tree

Pezzy Mono prints due in January

More Pezzy Mono Prints

And here is Ms. Sandy with her booth

Power Pop is due this month and this is Jenean Morrison it's creator. She is so sweet! Really an adorable lady.

And now for something different Basic Grey's booth. Love those canvases!

My one people picture for today. Mistress Hoey has a platter of goodies. I brought some home for you (just saying).

The view from Lunch on Monday

More of the view from lunch. The white and red building is the convention center.
So sorry for the few words. I had a relapse of the sickies and lost my voice while there. I think everyone was thankful because boy were we loud LOL . Brooke and Sally and I sure made an impression and I am not so sure it was a good one LOL

Back tomorrow with the people pictures.

Talk Soon!
39 comments on "I'm Ba-ack... Market -the fabrics"
  1. Thanks for sharing the photos Julie! Love the Woodland line!

  2. awesome pics.
    hope you feeling better, I must have the same bug, losing my voice or sounding like a GUY....

  3. Lovin' all the fabrics. Gorgeous!

  4. I love all of the pictures especially the panarama of Lark. Hope you feel better soon.


  6. Thanks for sharing the photos! Looks like Market was amazing.

  7. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous fabric - so so beautiful...oh and that Lark stall! Glad you had such an awesome trip but sorry you were sick. Welcome back Julie.

  8. Hedgehog balloons!! Hedgehog balloons!! I just want to shout it from the rooftop! So much goodness in all the pictures... thanks Julie for sharing. Can't wait to see Marisa's Christmas line...

  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. Everything is so pretty. Yesterday I received my "Delighted" jelly roll that I won about two weeks ago and I am "delighted" with it. Thank you!

  10. love your recap - feel better soooon!!!!

  11. Looks like you had a very busy, but fun time.

  12. I don't know how you could not be overwhelmed by all this fab stuff!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Thanks for sharing it looks like a lot of fun!

  14. Love all the photos!

    Are you going to get the Berenstein Bear fabric that I saw someone posted will be coming out?

  15. thanks for sharing. I so enjoy seeing all the booths. so inspiring.

  16. Love all the photos - thanks for sharing! Hope your voice is back and you're feeling tip top?

  17. ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh so pretty. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ty's booth. How great of his new line to be shown in 'Tie' form. That's super cute advertising, as if we'd need to remember/associate the ties with his name. haha

    I LOVE the hedgies. Too cute.

    Ok just to shorten my usual long winded replies ......love ALL of them. :)

  18. I enjoyed seeing the photos and I hope you are feeling better and get some rest.


  19. What great pictures! Hope you are feeling better!
    Quilting by the River

  20. Hope you're feeling better! Thank you for sharing all your photos!! I'm curious to know what Aneela had on her tray???

  21. Hope you feel back on form soon!
    So jealous of your trip.
    I think I need some gnomes!

  22. Thanks for the eye candy!
    Beautiful fabrics!!
    Ty's Ties -- cute.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  23. exciting! looks like you had fun.

  24. Did you see the new Ghastlies? Was it good? I see you ordered some fab fabrics. Thanks.

  25. Thank you for all the eye candy! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Can't wait to see Ty's new line :)

  26. Yes! Pictures!!! It's almost like being there. You have so many great fabrics coming. I can't wait. : ) I hope your feeling better soon. -A

  27. soooooooo fun!!! I loved reliving it with your photos...off to upload mine!!! hugs and get that voice back without the sickies!!!! ♥

  28. Thanks for the photos! It's great to see how all the designers choose to display their new collections.

  29. Love that Cabana Blooms - so I must live off the beaten path, too!!

  30. thanks for taking pics for us! The power pop looks beautiful, but I hope that's not all applique!

  31. It looks like you had a fabulous time!

  32. Thanks for sharing the pics and recap. Feel better!!

  33. Some great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Isn't there some lovely fabric coming out. Jacinta

  34. That's a whole lot of yummy!!!! I hope you are starting to feel better!

    p.s. Woodland is adorable!!!!!! I want some hehe!!

  35. NO IDEA how I missed this post, maybe you posted when I was taking care of birthday festivities for my hubby. Thank you for the pictures! I love love love seeing all that fabric in action. Lark - sigh...
    Thank you too for the 'code' and I'm soooo sorry that I just can NOT, MUST not use it. I really have to make a sizable dent in what I have before I can make some purchases again. Hopefully SOON!
    Excuse the drool I left all over your etsy shop. :S


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