Phew Friday Fun Day... And Another Giveaway

Friday, November 18, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Thank goodness it is Friday, ya know what I mean? What a crazy busy week! The Fun in this Friday is this amazing magazine that Amanda put together. It was photographed at the UP House. So cute! And it features projects from some of my favorite people like Brooke, Sally, and Jana.

And the Giveaway today is being hosted by Melissa at Happy Quilting. It is Fat Quarters of The Woodlands gotta love those fun prints. And don't forget to go back to the post yesterday and enter the giveaway for Pear Tree.

Okay for everyone that is wondering about my hint yesterday. The guesses are cracking me up but the rumor of my Pregnancy  is greatly exaggerated. That one made me laugh out loud! No I am not having a baby next week but someone did a (eh hemmmm) few years ago... my mom! My birthday is next Saturday. This is one of those big ones that ends in a 5 or a 0 ... this time a 5. I am that fortunate girl that gets a pumpkin pie for a birthday cake every year and I get to make it myself too :) Sometimes my birthday is on Thanksgiving day itself. So we are celebrating all week long (it just so happened a lot of my sponsored blogs are having giveaways that I am sponsoring in the next week and a half) so stay tuned for all the presents you get on my birthday ... hehe :)
45 comments on "Phew Friday Fun Day... And Another Giveaway"
  1. It's always fun to have your birthday on a holiday..lots of celebrating!

  2. My mother's birthday often falls on Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday

  3. My daughter's birthday is right after Christmas, so we do a lot of celebrating over the holidays :-) Congrats on the birthday. Now you can get a senior coffee at McDonalds for a discount ;-D

  4. Birthday giveaways - how fun! Can`t wait to join in the fun and celebrate your 25th! x

  5. Happy Birthday, Im only 3 years behind ya!

  6. Happy birthday! I hope you get lots of celebrating done.

  7. happy birthday!!
    I'd love to win some FQs :-)

  8. Woohoo, happy birthday week! :)

  9. My Mom's birthday often fell on Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful, relaxed birthday all month long!

  10. I love the green prints in the woodlands line - great to have your birthday on a day when family gets together!

  11. My birthday will occasionally fall on Thanksgiving as well as it is on the 28th. My age involves a 2 and a 4 but I refuse to divulge the order...hehe

  12. Hope you remember to treat yourself as well as your readers!

  13. Pumpkin pie,now I could go for that for my birthday too. Congrat's on the best time of your life.

  14. At least you remembered yours, lol. I just realized mine is monday and it is thanksgiving this week, when did that happen;)

    Happy Birthday to you!



  16. :) So generous of you to celebrate your birthday with US!
    So you'll be twenty FIVE this year? Sweet!

  17. Happy (early) birthday to you!! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true! :)

  18. Oh my gosh Julie! How fun. I have NO idea how in the world I missed that from yesterday's post but it sounds like we're the ones getting presents for your BIG day.
    My next big one comes all too soon and it ends with a 5 as well, BUT, I'm willing to bet my 'big day' is much larger a number than yours is. LOL

    Thank you for the goodies you'll be giving to all of us. You are just awesome.

  19. ho-ho, your b-day! many happy returns of the day!
    my daughter's b-day falls on turkey day every so often, too - she'll hit the big 5 - O this year.

  20. My dad's birthday is on the 25th so he gets to be the turkey some years too for turkey day :) Makes it nice that he comes out to visit us and my mom for Thanksgiving so we see him for his b-day too.

    Hope your family does a good job with your birthday celebration week! And get someone else to make you a pie! :)

  21. Awww have a nice and happy birthday!! Loving the giveaway!

  22. Happy early birthday wishes!

  23. And a very Merry Un-Birthday to you today! :D

    My Mom's b'day was the 26th too. :D

  24. The acorn fabric is too cute.
    Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving, early!

  25. WE don;t do Thanksgiving in the UK - so I will happily just celebrate your birthday instead!

  26. Hope you have an awesome birthday week and Thanksgiving, Julie!!

  27. Happy Birthweek to you:) My bd is December 17th, so I get to celebrate for a whole week, too:) Enjoy!!!

  28. I did know that it was your birthday next Saturday - you told me a couple of weeks ago. I hope you have a fabulous day!

  29. Well, Julie, you were right, the magazine is awesome! Great projects! And happy birthday a little early! Pumpkin pie has always been my favorite birthday "cake", too. When my grandma was alive she was the one who would bake it for me. The year I turned 12 she baked my "cake" they drove 3 hours to our house to bring it to me. I took one bite and asked what was wrong with it!!! :( She had forgotten to put in the sugar!!! roflol She felt worse than I did. Poor thing! She's been gone for 36yrs but I'll never forget that.

  30. It's your birthday and we get the gifts? Wow! I like that!

  31. Happy Early Birthday! Pumpkin pie would be the best birthday cake, yum!

  32. Happy Birthday! That Woodlands collection is adorable and reminds me of my life as a girl.

  33. Happy Birthday, in advance. Thanks for letting us share in the fun. And thanks to Melissa, too!

  34. My sister-in-law always has pumpkin pie for her birthday cake too! So happy birthday to both of you. :)

    Thank you for the giveaways, how generous of you to give other gifts for your birthday!

  35. Yay enjoy your week of celebrations!

  36. How sweet is that fabric. Happy birthday to you! Jacinta

  37. Wishing you Happy Birthday early! Wait until you are 59 facing 60 - just sayin' as food for thought. Then all those past birthdays are joys!

  38. You and my sweetie almost share a birthday. His is the 27th. I was almost a Christmas baby - 12-22. Holiday birthdays can be fun - sometimes. Happy early birthday!

  39. Happy Birthday. If your birthday falls on Thanksgiving do you get out of doing dishes?! Have a good one.

  40. Sounds like fun! Enjoy your birthday week!

  41. Oh, I love those "wood grain" looking prints. Happy Birthday week!

  42. Happy Birthday week! I hope your birthday and Thanksgiving celebrations are the best.

  43. Aww! Happy Birthday! Both my boys had birthdays last week, I love that they're close to the holidays. I hope your birthday is wonderful!


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