Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fat (quarter) Tuesday

Welcome to Fat (quarter) Tuesday

We are doing one of a kind fat quarter bundles on Tuesdays. 12 fat quarters for $20 makes them $1.66 a piece. Here are this weeks 5 one of a kind bundles. With our website putting it in your cart won't save it for you. These are one of a kind and first come first serve. If the one you order is not available because someone got it before you, we will refund you right away.

Get it here  they are gone again


  1. That didn't take long. =) Good for you.

  2. Ok...I have to figure out how to get in on this working. What time to they get posted?

  3. Dang,too late again! Guess I am going to have to play hooky from work on Tuesday ;)


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