New Arrivals ... Poppy Modern and some Pre-cuts

Sunday, July 28, 2013
Hi Everyone,

How is your whirlwind summer going? My daughter starts school on the 12th... seems so early this year. She didn't even get a whole 2 months off this summer.

Here's some new fun stuff...

Poppy Modern

We also got pre-cuts of Sunnyside by Kate Spain, Bluebird Park by Kate & Birdie, and Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille

3 comments on "New Arrivals ... Poppy Modern and some Pre-cuts"
  1. Oh Wow!! I love each colourway... this has just become my favorite fabric line!!!

  2. I resisted the urge to buy the green and b&w colorways when I was in the shop on Sat. My stack was already big enough at that point! I might have to find a project that "needs" them though. : )

  3. Love these colorways! Especially the red!


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