Happy Monday! 15% off sale

Monday, February 20, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I hope your weekend was not spent like mine... taxes and inventory... yuck! I did get a few seconds to sew though. I will show you below... first I wanted to show you this adorable mug rug that Miss Brooke (hint hint you might want to take a cruise by her blog...hint hint) made with the new Desert Daydreams prints... that coffee bean print is my favorite (it looks like sequins to me)

I am such a sucker for teal. This is available in Brooke's etsy shop too :)

I am getting so far behind with what is going on in blog land... wow just so much stuff! I love the beginnnig of the year when everyone has such bright new ideas!

Here is what I got to sew over the weekend:

This is the second block in the Stash Bee that Sunni is running (she is looking for more pople to fill up Hive #3 if you are interested)

Here is the signature block that goes along

I thought I would show you last months sig block too since I hadn't yet.

Oops forgot to mention the 15% off President's day sale use this coupon LINCOLN15

Have an amazing Monday!

Talk soon!
7 comments on "Happy Monday! 15% off sale"
  1. thanks so much for the shout out!! You are just the best!!! Hugs!

  2. I visited Brooke's blog -- adorable mug rugs!

    AND I couldn't resist buying some fabric of my own at your shop.

    I give up buying fabric for Lent, but from now until Fat Tuesday, I'm getting my fabric fix!

  3. I am such a sucker for teal, too.

  4. Brooke & I were just talking about the coffee bean print - my son insists they are HOOFPRINTS! :)

  5. Love your block! And you're killing me with another awesome sale!


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