The Pezzys Are Coming....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Hey Everyone,

Those much anticipated Pezzy prints are on there way... should be here tomorrow or Thursday. What's your favorite color? I am having a hard time choosing... but maybe this one:

What a surprise right? hehe

I am so remiss... it is the 5th day of the Simply Charmed Blog Hop and I haven't even mentioned it. Melissa at Happy Quilting has put together some great fun for you and prizes... so go check it out.

And here is another... my sweet friend Melissa at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs is doing a Valentine's Showcase with tutorials for ten days.

Two great Melissas and two great parties.... have fun!

12 comments on "The Pezzys Are Coming...."
  1. so reminiscent of spring....which can't get here fast enough for me!

  2. That looks like fun fabric. Your job must be so fun...opening and fondling all the lovely fabrics!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Julie :) It is going really well :)

  4. I am drawn to the red Pezzy prints but then I really like the grey. That's just for starters!

  5. I'm a fan of the aqua Pezzy too :)

  6. Pezzy! Love it! I'm so glad it comes in more than three colors, too. Yes, the decision making is harder, but then again, why not get the whole stack?!!! :)

  7. YIPEE!!! So excited to get that half yard bundle I've got reserved. I can hardly wait to get it :) yayayayay!!!!

  8. Thank you for the shout out Julie! I love the Pezzy's!!!

  9. What fun to open up boxes and play with fabric! I'm off to shop at your store this morning...
    I hope that I do not offend you, or that you would prefer to have an "award-free" blog, but I sincerely value your blog and enjoy it very much. I have nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger" award over at Lilypadquilting(dot)blogspot(dot)com. Thanks for being an inspiring part of my day!


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