Still Recovering...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Hi Everyone,

You know how it is when you have to come home to get a break from your vacation? The First Annual Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild Retreat was last weekend. I can't say it was really a vacation because I was actually working there too but it was a lot of fun. I can't believe it is Wednesday! I have been so busy catching up the last two days that I barely had time to turn around.

This is the small item I had time to sew there:

It is the top of my Pillow Talk Swap Pillow... the light was not great there so I will try to get a better picture once it is quilted and before I ship it off.

Woodland Tails showed up on Friday... it is so darn cute...

The cheater panels are nice and big a full yard by WOF. What I like about this is there are a bunch of fabrics that don't have pink in them so you can pick and choose and make a boy quilt with them. I am in love with the vine fabric (third from the bottom in the pink and blue stacks and second from the bottom in the green) I want to make something for me with it.

Here are some more pictures from the Retreat.

This is Adrianne our President and fearless leader. She was the first to start up her machine at retreat. She will be my roommate at Spring Market so you will be seeing her again :)

This is the room and those are my bins of fabric for everyone to sort through.

This is adorable Patty she had the first item made. That cute little thread catcher.

Here is Ruth (she was the founder of our guild) hard at work.
17 comments on "Still Recovering..."
  1. O my goodness I love your PTS7 pillow! I will hold out hope that it is for me until someone else receives it :)

  2. I'm so happy you had fun at your retreat!! Your pillow cover looks amazing!!!!!
    And you already know I've been eyeing up the new uber cuteness in your shop!!! There is a skunk petting a snail!!!!!! need I say more?? =P

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all :) I love that vine print also, so cute!!!

  4. Love your cushion cover - you have a very lucky partner!! And the weekend sounds great...but tiring!!

  5. Love your pillow, beautiful design and fabrics.
    I like the idea of cheater fabrics for kid's quilts, great idea for charity pieces.


  6. Beautiful pillow. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  7. Wonderful pics! I have seen the thread catcher on the web. Ay have yo make one. Your project is stunning!

  8. Love the pillow top. May I cpy the picture for my own use? I'd like to think about interpreting the design to knitting.

  9. I love your Pillow Talk swap block!

  10. Pretty! I want to make a quilt like your pillow top for my sister someday. She has that same pattern currently on her bed that my grandma pieced by hand years ago. It's badly in need of repair and I'd love to give her a new version!

  11. Love the pillow top that you made!! I'm pinning it :-)
    Can you give us a few more details on the Modern quilt guild: where they meet, when, etc? I'm up in Healdsburg and would be interested. Thanks!!

  12. the retreat space looks so inviting and those bins of fabric - yummy. Love the pillow, lucky partner.

  13. Lucky pillow talk partner - that retreat looked such fun!

  14. Looks like a great weekend, and love your cushion top!

  15. LOVE your pillow top.
    Just gotta say...not loving the word verification. So hard to read. Many times I just don't bother leaving a comment. Why are so many bloggers using them now? Blech.

  16. Love your pillow top. Is that from the Modern Four Patch? Love the new Woodlands, too. Your retreat looked like fun. How awesome that they had YOUR fabric to pick from. I would have totally loved that!

  17. Looks like the retreat was tons of fun! Your pillow is absolutely beautiful and your partner is so lucky!


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