Handmade Holidays Day 8

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Did I mention that I got a Jury Summons for my Birthday? Yep, it came on my birthday! Thanks Santa Clara County!

Here's something cute. I think I should wear one to the Jury selection :)

Julie makes these adorable hats in all different sizes for her shop That's Sew Julie S she also has some cute patchwork projects and... well really I have to show another one of those adorable hats:

Don't you think the judge would be impressed?
9 comments on "Handmade Holidays Day 8"
  1. This is me!! Thank you so much for doing this! You should wear one, judges are too serious and need a giggle.

  2. Well that certainly wasn't a very nice birthday present! :)

  3. Well I think for sure you won't be selected if you do, go for it ;o)

  4. A big Bah!Humbug! to jury duty!!! ARGH!! (However, judges and attorneys don't REALLY want to be in court over the holidays, either--so maybe the cases will settle?)

  5. I love the fox one, especially! They are sweet!

  6. I love jury duty. Have only served once due to my past employment, most attorneys don't want me on their case, but it was very interesting to see how it all came together. The pay is bad, the parking usually stinks and the waiting is difficult. Take a book or wear your hat and make everyone smile!


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