How about a little something for you?

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Hi Everyone,

We are having a little sale for you all today. Just so you know we won't be able to ship until next week. I am still not at full strength and I don't want to have a relapse so I want to give myself a little extra time and not stress myself out :) So here it is 12 hours only...

8 comments on "How about a little something for you?"
  1. Hope you are back to fighting fit soon :) LOVE the doxie!!!

  2. I am the very very proud mama to (2) sweet doxie girls! Your picture makes me want to buy something just because you used a doxie!!! Hope your feeling better real soon!

  3. Aww, bless!

    Hope you're back to 100% in time for the new year :o)

  4. I hope you feel better soon, I tend to try to do too much, too soon, so better to rest a bit more.


  5. Take care of yourself, Julie! Hope you are on your feet soon. :)

  6. Praying you will feel better soon! Get your rest and get well!


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