Handmade for the Holidays and a Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop

Sunday, December 1, 2013
After two days of cutting fabric for 9 hours straight my right shoulder and feet are killing. Have a hard time walking. We are about 1/2 done with the Black Friday orders. I will be making a push today to get as many more as I can cut. We will be shipping over the next 4 days or so.

For the next 22 days I will be featuring a different shop each day for buying handmade items to gift to your loved ones. I am going to do the best I can to support my friends and customers by buying handmade wherever possible. Can anyone make an Ipod touch? My daughter needs a new one. :)

First up is Silly Mama Quilts. You recognize that name you say? Yes, well you probably do if you have been around here for long. Here are a couple things you might not know about my sweet friend Brooke.

1. She is the most encouraging person I know.
2. Even when I am grumpy she is sweet to me.
3. She never forgets my birthday or Christmas and gifts me with her sweet creations on a regular basis.
4. If you went to Market and saw Ann Kelle's or Tamara Kate's booths you saw a bunch of her handy work.
5. She doesn't know I am doing this and she will probably be shocked.

Okay on to the pretties...

How about this gorgeous diamond table runner made with Reminisce:

An adorable iPad cover for a boy:

Or maybe a fun Holiday decoration for yourself:

Like I said I am going to be doing a post everyday until the 22nd. If you own a handmade business and want to be considered for inclusion in my little gift guide just send me an email with a link to your shop.

Speaking of pillows/cushions. My friend Ms. Midge is starting a blog hop today all about cushions (pillows) She has some great sponsors (us included) and a great line up of bloggers showing off ideas for making cushions. Take a hop on over and check it out.

Ms Midge
9 comments on "Handmade for the Holidays and a Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop"
  1. I love Brooke's creations! I was blessed enough to win one of her mug rugs last month and my little one just loves it - it is now a prized part of her tea set!

  2. thank you!!

    You have brought tears of joy to my eyes!!


  3. Thank you for giving us the most amazing fabric sale ever. Definitely worth a few extra days wait for the postman. :)

  4. What fun projects -- and what a great variety of fabrics and styles!

  5. Great idea for a 'hop' :o) Hope you recover from the cutting fatigue soon!

  6. Gorgeous projects.Thanks for the hop!

  7. Thanks for sharing the blog hop Julie! xx

  8. Julie,
    Just wanted to share with you the "shoes" I found at PIQF that literally has saved my feet. When I have to be on my feet all day these make all the difference! Hope it helps you....https://www.bayareacomfortfootwear.com/Anatomy_of_Our_Sandals.html

    They aren't $20 but so worth it. 2 years and going strong!

  9. What a sweet, sweet thing to do for your friends and customers :)


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