Mint To Be is here

Friday, December 6, 2013
This is so pretty. I adore the Navy mostest...but they all are pretty incredible. I love the floral damask prints (not my usual) they have butterflies in them :) I saw a girl on a plane a couple months ago in an A-Line long skirt made out of an Ikat print like the navy one and it was gorgeous! I love the leaf shaped Herringbone Ogee too... lots to like here.

Mint To Be

8 comments on "Mint To Be is here"
  1. Oh my gosh, I love them ALL. But i have to admit I loved the Navy the most, too! It's on my wish list!!

  2. You know, mint isn't really my favorite color, but when I see it together with the navy and orange, I really like the palette! You just never know!

  3. Fabulous fabrics, I want to touch them!

  4. They are gorgeous! The navy looks almost purple, but I'm good with that.

  5. Beautiful! Love the mint collection. Would be great for a low volume quilt.

  6. Beautiful! The Navy is my fave too!

  7. Like, like and like, especially the Navy bundle.


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