Did ya miss me?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Hi Everyone,

That is the first time in a really long time that I didn't have a blog post on Monday. First child still in the bedroom with the camera and computer with editing software. He leaves tonight for his mom's then off to college in Texas. So since I can't get to the camera here are some more free quilt patterns for you. Fabric lines that I have in the shop right now.

(can I just say I love that one???!!!)

I would be happy to kit any of these up for you. Especially that Heirloom one LOL... I promise to be back full force tomorrow. My Glamp is finished and I have to show you a sneak peek before the big reveal on Thursday.

Talk soon!

11 comments on "Did ya miss me?"
  1. The Hoo's in the Forest quilt looks fun! And yes, I did miss you!!

  2. Yes, I missed you but it sounds like you've been having fun - looking forward to seeing your glamp!

  3. Thanks for all of your pattern inspiration Julie!

  4. Oh, that Farmland Fresh is calling my name! Love it!

  5. That Heirloom is just gorgeous!!!

  6. Love the heirloom and we will all be here when you get back :)

  7. *waves hi*

    Those quilts are pretty!!! I like them alot!! Bring on the Glamp!!!! =D

  8. Seriously, 480? You were just at 440? You are like a super hero=)
    Ok, I even got up at 6 am to do stuff. And i sit at 177.
    Tonite, I am not sleeping, just writing posts all nite long=)

  9. The heirloom quilt is beautiful! On my wishlist!

  10. Those patterns are so cute. Hoo's in the Forest looks interesting.


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