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Thursday, August 4, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I never got a chance to take a picture of my two latest FWQAL blocks. My son had taken over the office while he is here for a week or two before heading off to college.

FW block 13

FW block 14

I am sorry that have not been personally answering all of the giveaway comments. I took the day off on Tuesday (first time since I opened the shop) and went to hang out with a friend. By the time I got back I had over 200 emails... it was just too daunting. The shop seems to be a bit quiet today so I might get a chance to sew.... I pulled these from my stash for the event (it is an event when I get to sew now :) )

Aren't they pretty?

I think I am gonna rab up some of this and make a pressie for my MIL for her Birthday:

Her Living room is blue and yellow so maybe this can be a couch throw... I love these so much!

Be back tomorrow with Friday fun day.

Talk soon...
9 comments on "FWQAL and stuff...."
  1. Over 200 emails? Oh my goodness! No wonder you answered mine at midnight ;)

  2. That is going to be a beautiful quilt and with her colors, it will look wonderful on her couch.


  3. Have fun sewing!!! I think I'm off to do some myself now..... ;-)

  4. I hope you get to sew today!!! 200 emails is alot!!! oh my!!!

  5. You shouldn't be so popular LOL. I don't think anyone expects a reply with a giveaway, you would never get anything else done and I am sure we would all rather you did some sewing, off you go then....get that quilt made!!! Hugs Linda

  6. That stack of blue and yellow fabric is gorgeous! Have fun with it Julie.

  7. I think those fabrics will make a beautiful present :)

  8. I couldn't image even reading 200 emails lol love those colors on your blocks! Your MIL is going to be happy with those colors!!

  9. Great looking blocks! Hope you had a great day with your friend, you need to do things like that once in a while.


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