Friday Fun Day, Sale it Again Sam, and The Giveaway

Friday, August 26, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I feel like I have been so buried over here that I have hardly come up for air. Here is the fun part for Friday:

This is an art canvas similar to the ones that I make. I did not make this but you can make it with this super tutorial over here Video Tutorial from The Scarlet Lime. So for all of you that ask me how I do it this is a pretty good idea of how it goes.

I finished my mug rug for the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap and shipped it off yesterday:

Ain't she cute?

Sale It Again Sam: Had such a good time (and cleared off so much shelf space) last weekend that I decided to do it again. So us this coupon code for 20% off this weekend (even on the supre low discounted already stuff) starting as soon as I finish this post (and go over to put the coupon code in) and ending Sunday night at midnight. Here is the code: SIAS20

The Hostess Half Dozen giveaway for the week is being hosted by my friend Jana she picked some pretty Promenade for you:

So go over there and enter to win yourself some.

I have been working all week to get the new web shop open. So that you don't have to use Etsy and convo me everytime you want a different yardage. It is coming along but it is going to take a bit more time. Etsy changed the way they do searches so I am having to go and change every listing to make it work for the new search... 22 pages each page takes about 45 minutes it is grueling. So if I am a tiny bit quiet that is why.

Talk soon!
10 comments on "Friday Fun Day, Sale it Again Sam, and The Giveaway"
  1. Good luck with the shop - I'm sure it will be worth it when you are done! And I love your scrappy mug rug :) So cute!

  2. I love your art canvas, especially the Fall stamping!
    I would love to do a rug mug swap with you!! hehehe I totally love that one. I made a oval one at Easter once and it looks like a Easter egg. lol
    I'm going on over to Jana's to sign up!!
    Can't wait to see your new shop! congrats! and good luck to all that changing the pages.

  3. I love the mug rug!!!! Very very cute!!! and the mug too =D

    I can't wait for the new shop to open!!

  4. Cute mug rug! And you are really going to town with these canvases. I sure wish I had time to have taken that class you did. It looked neat, and I love what you sent Jackie. So cute and clever!

  5. Now where did I put that View Master? lol Love the mug rug. Will have to check out the video tute when I get home tonight.

    Good luck with your new shop & updating the etsy one. My friend has been doing the same thing with her shop too - she makes beautiful, quirky, vintage-style necklaces.

  6. Space for four biscuits, that's my kind of mug rug!!

  7. Julie,
    You are so killing me with the sale again :)!!! I had to hold myself back from buying more than I did last weekend. And now another chance- oh man, my fabric budget is not doing well this month :) hehe!!

  8. Grr, I too am trying to restrain myself from buying more fabric than I can use!
    I love the mug rug! What fabric did you use for it?

  9. what a cute mug rug. I love the fabrics used.

    And thank you so much for the heads up on that giveaway. I can always use (and need) blue fabrics. Blue is my Granddaughters favorite color. She even picked every blue jelly bean out of the bag I had given her and ONLY ate those. The rest she did not touch at all. LOL I had to laugh at her for that one.


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