Wanted: Guinea Pigs... and more new fabric.

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Hi Everyone,

First the eye candy:

These are from Rendezvous by Khristian A. Howell for Anthology... it was the Damask that did me in. I know some people are saying they are tired of teal and red... but this is oh so different and sophisticated. Click here to see the whole collection. (be sure to click the thumbnails for full size pictures these are gorgeous)

This is The Woodlands again by Khristian A. Howell for Anthology. Amazing diversity. I love the teeny bit of Japenese style these have. You can see the whole collection here.

Now about the Guinea Pig part. I am looking for a few people to help test a new software for me. I am going to branch out into a regular online shop (not Etsy) so that it is easier to order yardage and shipping is calculated more efficiently etc. I will still have the Etsy shop too this will be in addition. I don't want to launch it and have customers be frustrated if it doesn't work properly though. So I need people that like to dig around check all of the pages see if they can break it or what needs fixing, check spelling (Sasha) etc. So if you would like to volunteer I would like to get started testing on Monday. Leave a comment if you want to help me out.

Giveaways: Don't forget to go back to last Thursdays post and enter the two giveaways they both end tonight at midnight. Tomorrow I will have a new giveaway hosted by my friend Jackie so come on back y'all.

Talk soon!
30 comments on "Wanted: Guinea Pigs... and more new fabric."
  1. I'm pretty picky, so I might be a good tester for you! Let me know if you need me!

  2. Hiya, I will help if you want, though my spelling may be slightly different to yours, but will check other things are working for you. Hugs Linda x

  3. Oh darn, I thought you wanted real guinea pigs. I have two I could mail you:)

    I love that Moroccan Mirage fabric!

  4. Love the woodlands and that adorable lil' moose! :)

  5. OH my!!! you are really teasing with all the goodness of that fabric!!!! I totally love that Woodlands!! ( I might break my own rule and have to buy some!!!) being a guinea pig would be fun but I start watching my little monster full time again monday!! so no time for grandma lol Good luck on the new shop!

  6. I can't wait to see the new program!!! I'll be waiting to test on Monday or even earlier if you would like some pre-test testing!!! lol

  7. I would love to test for you - I am one of your most frequent shoppers so not needing to bug you for a custom order would be great! (Meaning less annoying for you haha).

    I love that "The Woodlands" fabric... The sky, the main scene, and the grass are def on my list. They would make such a cute "scene quilt" by just putting the 3 together in an interesting way.

  8. I'd be happy to help out, if you need another tester, or guinea pig.

  9. I have a mac and a dell, so I could test both.
    Not sure what you need, but if I can do it and my brain is working at the time, will be happy to try;)


  10. Oh my, I love that Woodlands fabric. I'm going to resist the urge, must resist, must resist!!!

    On the other hand, I'd be happy to help you test out your new site. I know all the frustrations that you can have with a new web site and new online store. :)

  11. give me a holler if you need any extra people to test for you :) I don't mind at all.

  12. If you're still looking for testers I'd be glad to help out!

  13. id be happy to poke around your new site if you still need pigs.

    that second collection is awesome! checking it out now.

  14. I love the Woodlands collection, I want it. By the way if you are still in need of pigs I will be happy to help : )

  15. If you are still in need, I am a good tester (I like to give my DH a hand when he needs it, he's a programmer - another pair of eyes is always helpful). :)

  16. I too would be happy to test if you still need help.

  17. I would love to help you out if you still need a tester.

  18. I'd be happy to test it out, and the teacher in me loves to edit/spellcheck.

  19. I would be delighted to help you out. You have hit my forte here, hunt and find and fix and unbreak, etc. Just let me know, I am excited to be your guinea pig. :O) Jeanne

  20. If you need another tester I would be glad to help. If not, I understand. Just let me know.

  21. happy to help if you need it- i normally proofread everything i see!

  22. I would love to help you out. I seem to notice details so I'd probably be a pretty good guinea pig. I also like to wander around sites.

    Love the fabric! By the way... teal and red never go out of style in my book! :)

  23. I don't know how many you want/need, but it would be my pleasure to help you, especially after all the great giveaways you've hosted!!

  24. I can imitate a guinea pig and I love websites :)

  25. Love the Damask! If you need a guinea pig, let me know :)

  26. I certainly don't mind testing out a site if u need more help... kinda owe u anyway=)

  27. If you still need guinea pigs let me know.

  28. I'm sure you have plenty of help, but would be glad to test a site if need be... I certainly don't know when to go to bed and get sucked in the computer far too late!

  29. I use a Mac and would be happy to test if you would like.


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