I've Lost My Mojo and Newsletter Sneaker Peekers

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Hi Everyone,

That day again... Newsletter day...

This is a working picture of Sasha's Hanging Sewing Tools Organizer... gosh I love those fabrics. This is perfect for those of us that are horizontal surface challenged.

This is Sally's Simple BowTie Quilt. I am in love with this one and think she needs to send it to me LOL Just kidding Sally don't really do that.... I will be there in October to pick it up in person LOL

So if you don't want to miss these and those adorable projects I showed from Brooke (go say "hi" to her today it is her birthday) the other day, go sign up for the newsletter. (Upper right corner of the blog.)

I just started sponsoring this blog. Maureen is a super designer and has so many fun projects on her blog I know you will enjoy her. You might have seen her pillow project in the latest Fat Quarterly. Today she shared another super fun tutorial for an upcycled pillow. Honestly go look you will enjoy it.

I've lost my sewing mojo... Do you ever have one of those sewing days? Yeah I know you do... I had one yesterday nothing I did came out right.... my Kindle cover tutorial is going to be a few days late because the original model was fine but I wanted it to be a little bigger and the bigger model became this:

After spending 5 frustrating hours on this yesterday I didn't have enough time to write my tutorial. So if you give me until Monday I promise I will have it posted here on the blog... it might not be blue to match Sally's pillow from last month's newsletter anymore but .... here is to getting my Mojo back :)

Have a super Wednesday!

Talk soon....

10 comments on "I've Lost My Mojo and Newsletter Sneaker Peekers"
  1. No hurry... take care of you and yours and the sewing mojo will be back in no time! I am having one of those months for just about everything. :)

  2. Here's to finding our mojos! If you find yours, let me know where so I can look there..... ;-)

  3. One of the things I love most about our quilty world of bloggers, switchers and all round sewing queens, is that we're not afraid to admit our challenges, shortcomings, failures, or whatever you want to call them! it makes it so much easier for those of us less artistically inclined to see that sometimes we all lose our mojo. Thanks for the honesty! I actually preferred this post to the original one you planned. Made me feel less inadequate and more like "I can do this".
    Gmama jane

  4. I meant to say STITCHERS instead of SWITCHERS...HA!!! Freudian slip perhaps??

  5. I hope your mojo comes back soon - far better to be honest it happens to us all and bloggers like you admitting it helps the rest of us feel better rather than thinking it's just us! Take care and relax - she'll soon be back with lots of new ideas!

  6. So excited you started sponsoring Maureen! I love her blog to pieces and get super excited every time she posts something new! She seems like a wonderful person, and is a wonderful seamstress!

  7. Being in a bit of a creative slump is good sometimes. Think how exhausted you would be if you were always "on."

  8. That happens to me a lot lately, lol.
    So, I just do small projects and think about what I will make when I feel better;)


  9. I lose mojo for weeks at a time! then bang! everything goes together easily, quickly, and I love it. OH yeah, margaritas help. realllly help. :O)

  10. Um, hello. You know I totally lost my sewing mojo last weekend in a similar escapade. But mine was a bigger mess. Haven't touched my machine since. I've been knitting instead. LOL. I'm STILL mad and pouting!


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