We have new stuff and we are a little crazy...

Saturday, May 31, 2014
We got this gorgeous collection from Cloud 9 Fabrics yesterday... Shape of Spring... I have been eagerly awaiting it. It does not disappoint. So pretty and sophisticated.

And we have the latest Christmas collection for Kate Spain... you all know I love Kate but I have to say her Christmas collections are my favorites. That gorgeous berry red she does... yum! This is Solstice... 

What, are we crazy? Yes, I guess so. We have a coupon available for 15% off everything in the shop (except pre-orders and clubs) through Monday. The code for the website is WHAT15  It is good on the Clearance section too


Added our inventory of Aurifil to the website....

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
I knew it would take a long time so I put it off for way too long. So I spent about 6 hrs yesterday adding our Aurifil thread to the website. We have the small spools on clearance to make room for the new large spools that we have coming (I even ordered some cones for those of us that like our Aurifil in big chunks). The small spools are 40% off.

These are the big spools lest we be confused....
 You can find them here:


And our Fabric Clearance continues..l. tons of great stuff there... http://www.intrepidthread.com/shop/Clearance.htm

Cotton + Steel Yes, me too....

Monday, May 26, 2014
Hi Everyone,

Well, I know you have already seen pictures everywhere of Cotton + Steel but here are a few more. I refolded my samples and took pictures for the website since we are taking pre-orders. I also took individual pictures of each of the fabrics but it is taking a while to edit them all, so those might be a few more days. Here is some eye candy for you... hopefully you aren't tired of it yet.

I hate to say it but I do have a favorite...

Moonlit by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Mustang by Melody Miller

Hatbox by Alexia Abegg

August by Sarah Watts

Homebody by Kimberly Kight

Basics by Cotton + Steel (this is only a picture of some of the basics... the neutrals and the blues are missing)

Sample Spree was crazy... we waited in line for 3 hours and were really close to the front but when they opened the doors they opened 3 sets and people flooded in. So now I know not to worry about waiting in line in Pittsburgh next time. My elbows weren't sharpened to a pointy enough point either so we missed out on the neutrals and blues even though I was the second person back at the table people kept cutting in front of me. If it weren't for Miss Brooke being so tall and having long arms we probably wouldn't have gotten any of these.

Friday Fun Day... and a Winner

Friday, May 23, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I spent all day yesterday taking pictures of Cotton + Steel that I got from Sample Spree. I am a little disappointed that we missed out on two of the bundles but they were the basics so we will just have to wait until they come in to get IRL pictures for you.

In the mean time don't forget about the Clearance Sale... honestly it is more than 1000 items and bunches of good stuff there. We just need to make room for the tons of stuff that is coming this summer. I suggest starting on the last page and moving backward toward the first page :) Just want to see if you are really listening... take an extra 10% off your entire order (even the clearance section) today only with this coupon code LISTEN10

So let's see who won this;

Mr. Random Said:

  And number 138 is:

Christy Haugen said...

Clearance Sale

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Hey Everyone,

We are having a huge clearance sale. Over 1000 items are on sale 20% to 60% off MSRP you can find it here:


No coupon is necessary the prices are already marked down. Please do not use other coupons or discounts with this sale.

Friday Fun Day and a Giveaway

Friday, May 16, 2014
Hello From International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh!

We are having a great time. I hope you are following along on Facebook and instagram. We went to Sample Spree last night and it was crazy as always. Here is my hall... excues the picture it was taken about midnight...

So how would you like to win a little something from my Sample Spree bag? We got these adorable little bundles of Japanese fabric made by Kokka called IRome and they say "Colors of the Seasons" there are four bundles but we bought 5 so we could give one away. Here they are:

Aren't they sweet? So here is what you need to do to win. You need to tell me what pattern you have seen so far from market (instagram, facebook, twitter whatever) that you would like to make most. If you don't answer the question you can't win :)

Here is what I want to make:

Celestial by Alison Glass Design

I will keep this open until next Friday the 23rd.

Market Dash Sale

Monday, May 12, 2014
Hey Everyone,

Help us clear some shelves for all of the new awesomeness that is coming. Take 15% off everything in the shop (even the sale stuff) with this coupon code MARKETDASH15 through Midnight tonight.

Please remember that our system does not hold something if it is in your cart. Sometimes this means someone may check out with it before you do and we might be out of it when we get to your order. We will let you know right away if this happens and either refund or substitute at your request. Be certain to use an email at which you can be reached.

Please allow extra processing time during sales, we will ship just as quickly as we can.

**excludes previous orders, pre-orders, clubs, and BOMs

Friday Fun Day and the Giveaway

Friday, May 9, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I am so excited about the shop right now. I feel like I am jumping out of my skin. We are adding new and interesting items and changing things up and you will definitely want to be along for the ride. One of the things I am excited about is American Made Brand Solids. They will be coming to the shop in early June.

These solids are grown, spun, woven and dyed right here in the US. They have a really nice hand comparable to Bella Solids if you are wondering about that. We will also be promoting the challenge that they will be starting this summer. We will offer a bunch of bundles to help get you started. If you want to learn more about the brand here is their story.

We are sending out a newsletter on Monday that you won't want to miss. We will be talking about all of the awesome new stuff coming to the shop this Summer and Fall. You will also want to be following along on Facebook and Instagram next week because we will be posting tons of photos from International Quilt Market. We are most excited to see what these lovelies have come up with... because we have ordered the entire line sight unseen.... eeep!

We are hosting a giveaway over on Maureen's Blog today so go over and enter to win this bundle from Pretty Potent that Maureen picked out for you:

Don't forget you have to enter over there to win :)

If I don't see you... Have a lovely weekend!

As Advertised... a little Jungle Ave and Aurifil

Thursday, May 8, 2014
adds up to this....

You can kinda see the cute split neckline... if I get brave I might take a selfie so you can see how great it fits :) but... only maybe. Aurifil 4093 matches nicely. I am having fun with designing my own clothes. I patterned this and made it to fit my measurements and it is so nice to have something that fits and doesn't just kinda fit. Quilt Market here we come!

New stuff in the shop ....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I can't believe I leave for Market in a week. I have been sewing for myself. I don't do that normally but since Sara from SewSweetness offered some lovely advance yardage of one of her prints from Jungle Avenue how could I resist.

But really... let's look at the pretty fabric pictures :)

Pretty Potent by Anna Maria Horner is here. I love it more than any of her other collections... LouLouthi has been knocked off it's top spot for me... The colors in this collection are so rich and honestly the printing is so perfect... they are just really well done... beautiful!

Denyse Schmidt's Modern Solids Boxes came yesterday they are gorgeous! We only have 4 left so get them while you can.

We also got this adorable children's collection called Dalmatian Rescue it is the latest collection from Northcott that benefits Quilts For Kids. I love to have part of the money we spend go to charity. This would make a super easy quilt just a panel (they are a yard by 44") and 1 1/4 yds of the border stripe, and 1/3rd yard of one of the prints for cornerstones. About six or eight seams and you have a nice size kids quilt... just saying...there are little medallions on the panel that say "Proud to be a Firefighter"

We also got in these amazing line drawings and blueprint fabrics from two collections by Windham called Fly Boy and Sail Away. They are line drawings of airplanes and helicopters and blueprints of ships. I decided to make some fun male centric bundles out of them... of course girls can like them too :)

This one I called Oh Man! It is charcoal, black, and white.

And this one I call For the Boys.  In blue and grey... the picture came out really blue for some reason that third fabric down is actually white with a grey blue propeller print.

So here is a sneak peek of what I have been sewing...

You might remember in one of my last posts I said I was making a skirt out of a print from NouvElle... well I decided to make a dress instead... I used Icy Mint Pure Elements as my muslin for the top I am making from Sara's fabric and decided to cut it up to make the top of this dress with the large floral from NouvElle as the skirt... here it is nearly done.

They match perfectly.

And ... here is Sara's fabric next to my sewing machine all washed and ready to go...hehe

Since I drafted the pattern and made the test muslin I feel like I am done even though I haven't started. That is going to be today. Should only take a few hours to make it.

And of course a shot of where I am now on the Aviatrix Medallion... slightly stalled with the clothes making taking up my time.

I hope you are having a productive week...

Talk soon!

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