Great Big Thanks!

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Thanks to everyone for making our Black Friday sale such a success. Please be extra patient with us while we fill the orders. It could take a few days. We received a full twice as many orders as we have in any other sale, so it will take us some time to get them out to you. 

Thank You!

Botanics, True Colors by Heather Bailey, and Rapture

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Wow, I feel like I have a lot to say lately :)

Botanics is here. We have all of the prints in stock.  We also have all of the matching Kona colors (we added 11 yesterday) You can order fat quarters or half yards.... we also restocked the text prints in black and navy from Architextures.

Heather Bailey's True Colors matches Lottie Da... gosh I love those tangerines....

If you are in the middle of a winter storm maybe Rapture can warm you up... I adore these Summery colors .

It's my birthday....

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
So in trying to answer the age old question (what do you want for your birthday?) these last couple weeks, I discovered that I am more acquisitive than I ever thought myself to be. I used to want things a lot, before I was satisfied by the one true thing that can satisfy (yes, I am talking about Jesus). So it has been a long time since I have really wanted a thing. I need things sometimes then I have squeak open the pocket book and buy them, but I rarely say "Oh, I wish I could have..." So I was quite surprised with myself when I started obsessing over a handbag of all things. Especially since I swore years ago that I would never spend more than $20 on a purse or shoes... my poor feet are paying the price now. I also make my own purses (which with the cost of fabric and interfacings cost way more than $20) so why all of a sudden am I obsessing over this:

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote. Ack! Luckily I can't find anywhere that the red one isn't sold out so I am safe. Please do not, I say not, send me links to where it is available. Thank you so much!

Off to work... for my birthday!

Just got my Birthday Pressie... wanna see?

Box color is right!

Ack! I have never had real perfume before. Yay! Chanel! He listened!
Real Parfum I have never had the real stuff before... and Chanel of all things... I am so lucky! Oh my gosh it smells so good! Goes great with my bunny slippers and robe LOL

Happy Monday! Yes, we are having a Black Friday Sale...

Monday, November 25, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I thought I might post this tomorrow or Wednesday but I decided there was no reason to wait. We are having a Black Friday sale on the website.

30% (or more) off our already low prices on all yardage, 1/2 yd bundles, and pre-cuts. Prices will be marked down at Midnight Eastern US time on Thursday night 11/28 until Midnight Eastern US time Friday night 11/29. Gift Cards are available for Holiday Giving or for your own wishlist.

Locals:  If you are local to the San Francisco Bay area join us on Monday 12/2 for the in store sale. Please note we will be closed at the brick and mortar starting Wednesday and continuing through Sunday.

Still loving Waterfront Park

Saturday, November 23, 2013
At Spring market my favorite collection was Waterfront Park. Many reasons... it might be slightly sentimental since I grew up in Oregon and the prints are based on Portland. I might be because I love Violet Craft who is just so sweet and fun with a great sense of humor... or it might be that the prints are just that awesome...and I really do think they are.

I was reminded how much I love it today when I saw this blog post by Violet she explains her inspiration behind each print. Hard for me to pick my favorite but the Domino Dots and the Reflections always draw my eye. I marked it down today at the shop if you want to pick any up... just saying.

Leaf (feather) Quilt Block Tutorial

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I had so many lovely comments about the blocks I made last weekend that I thought I would write a little tutorial for you. I have to admit am I kind of in love with them myself. Some people are calling these feathers and that is fine... I choose to call them leaves because that is what I set out to make :)
Updated pictures as of 4/29/17 and here is a downloadable PDF

This Tutorial Makes Two 9” (unfinished) Blocks

14 - 2” x 9 1/2” Strips for Leaf
4 – 3 ½” Squares for Background
1 – 1 ½” x WOF Strip for Stem
Lay out 7 strips for each side of your leaves. I chose to do one side in warm tones and one side in cool tones but you can choose whatever you like of course. If you decide to add a low volume piece try to put it in a different place on each side. 

Sew the strips together to form two rectangles as shown.

Square these units to 9 ½” by cutting approximately 1/2 “ off each end.

Lay the units out so that the strips are horizontal. Cut units on the diagonal. Make sure to cut from left top to right bottom on one and right top to left bottom on the other. If you are making more than 2 blocks just be certain to cut half one way and half the other. 

Lay out your two halves so that the stripes form a chevron in the center.

This is the sort of tricky part but not really… just look closely at the picture. Lay the left side of the leaf on the stem fabric strip so that the bottom of the leaf is next to the left edge of the bottom of the strip and the top edge of the leaf is ¼ inch from the right edge of the strip at the top.

Sew ¼ from the edge of the stripped piece.

Trim close to the edge of the stripped piece.

Press toward the stripped piece

Lay the right side of the leaf on the stem fabric strip so that the bottom of the leaf is next to the right edge of the bottom of the strip align along the edge of the stem fabric so that the stripped pieces overlap at the top. 

Sew ¼” seam.

Press toward the stripped piece.

Square the block to 9” keeping the 45 degree angle line on your ruler somewhere in the stem fabric. It doesn’t have to be perfectly down the center because leaves are organic (and so are feathers).

Draw a line diagonally on the back of each of the background 3 ½” squares.

Line up your squares on the outside corners of the leaves as shown.

Sew down the marked line and trim.

Press and Voila... your blocks are done! Please, if you use this tutorial all I ask is that you give me credit and link back to me. You are welcome to make things to sell with it as well.  Every once in a while I do something I am extra proud of and want a little credit :) Thanks so much! Also if you make some we would love to see them please post to Instagram with the hashtag #featherleafblock

 Here is the original picture:

and the original quilt

 I am adding 2"sashing between the blocks so they look like this.

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