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Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Hi Everyone,

Sorry I was so quiet ... the Shop Hop was good but tiring and we are trying to get ourselves back together now.

Brambleberry Ridge  by Violet Craft is here... one of my favorite things from Market. The tiny little bits of metallic are so pretty.

Rustique by Emily Herrick is here. I adore the rich dark colors... more deer... and tomorrow Indelible will be in and then we will have even more deer :)

We have some Ghastlies... because really how can you resist those faces?

We have Angel Band for Christmas... I love the dress form bodies on the Steam Punk Angels....

As I said Indelible will be in tomorrow and so will Jungle Ave... woohoo!

Friday Fun Day Giveaway and lots more fabric

Friday, June 13, 2014
Hi Everyone!

It is Friday. I am taking a tiny break from the shop today to take my kids to Monterey. But that doesn't mean there isn't lots going on over there.

Head on over to Maureen's blog if you want mto try to win this sew-eet bundle of Field Day by Alison Glass that we are sponsoring today.

Mmmm love me some Alison! By the way we have all of her new patterns coming in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open.

In no particular order here are all of the new awesome fabrics that came in this week:

Lula Magnolia by The Quilted Fish

The Panel is my favorite each motif is a fat quarter so they make great size pillows.

Then we have Savannah from Dear Stella Love how sweet and springy this is!

And also from Dear Stella, Woodwinked... let the Deer parade begin! Love the little vignettes in the heart shapes.

Last but not least for all of you Glampers out there... Under the Stars by Timeless Treasures. Love the little trailers and the campfires!

Don't forget to reserve your pattern for Violet Crafts BOM

Told you it was going to be crazy this month!!

Have a super weekend!

Woohoo... The Forest Abstractions Quilt

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Sometimes at Quilt Market you see something that just grabs you and won't let go. If you were following along with us on Facebook or Instagram you saw this quilt by Violet Craft more than once:

Ever since then I have been bugging Violet about when she was going to release the pattern. So this morning my wishes came true and I got an email about it. The pattern is being released July 1st. We will be starting a Block of the Month with it as soon as the fabric arrives from Michael Miller sometime in July. Violet is also hosting a quilt along (the pattern is not included for free in the quilt along) she will provide tips and techniques for each month of the quilt along.

I have the pattern up for pre-sale on the website. I have pre-ordered quite a few but I want to make sure that we get enough so if you want one you can pre-order it here

You are not committing to the BOM by buying the pattern but you will be offered the opportunity to purchase the kit when the fabrics arrive. Shipping is free on the pattern and they will ship when they arrive.

More new fabrics... and a reminder

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Sorry if you don't like seeing fabric pictures it might be a bad week to hang around here... Lots of new stuff coming... and we just got tons of new Aurifil in too (it will be posted a little later this evening 'cause it takes forever)

We got Alison Glass' Field Day ... which we have been waiting for forever... so happy it is in and so pretty!!

Then we got 40 of the 50 American Made Brand Solids in... the others are Back Ordered... I hate that 'cause I want 'em now!

Here are two small reminders:

A week from tomorrow (Wednesday) the Shop Hop by the Bay starts. If you are local to the SF bay area you won't want to miss the fun.

The meeting of the new Silicon Valley Modern Quilt guild is on the 26th not the 12th (that was an error on my part in the newsletter).

Back to the grind... gotta say it has been fun getting all the new pretties in.... :)

Happy Monday...

Monday, June 9, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I hop you had a great weekend! The rest of this month is going to go by in a blur so I am taking a deep breath right now....

I made this blouse yesterday after Church. I don't want to wear anything but what I make myself right now. The blouses and dresses I have been making are so comfy and cool for summer and it was in the 90's yesterday.

Is it wrong that I only want to wear clothes that I make myself now? My new favorite top. Made it today with a slightly hi-lo hem. Joel Dewberry Bungalow Rayon.

I added a slightly Hi-Lo hem to this one and made it a little fuller in the back. I might add a bit of shearing to the back waist but it is totally wearable just like it is. This is some Joel Dewberry Rayon that I bought at another shop because our Rayon orders have not started to roll in yet. So excited to make more clothes!

What did you do this weekend?

Fabric Avalanche Friday

Friday, June 6, 2014
Hey Everyone,

We got a ton of fabric in this week.

I am so in love with this new collection from Heather Bailey called Up Parasol:

Here are some individual pictures:

Then we got Bari J's new one from Art Gallery called Emmy Grace:

The little girls fishing with the Fawns looking on is my fave...

We also got some of the knits but they are gone already... they will be back in a week or so.

And we got this super fun Christmas Collection called Joyful Holiday frpm Kathy Davis. The little Earth with the houses and trees reminds me of that old Coke commercial "I'd like to teach the world to sing..."

see what I mean?

We got some Parson Grey Empire too... in lovely shades of gray and cream

So we have lots of pretties to look at this weekend... hope you are staying cool but not too cool...weird weather huh?


Phrase of the year... how am I doing?

Monday, June 2, 2014
So, I don't know if you remember but... way back in January I told you all that instead of having a word of the year I was going to have a phrase of the year. That phrase was/is "Live what you love". Since it is June I have decided it is time to check in with myself and see how I am doing.

The truth is I am not there yet, but I am making strides to get there. Did you know that I started sewing when I was six? I hate to tell you how long ago that was but the number has a 4 and a 2 in it. I sewed doll clothes, I sewed all of my own clothes in High School. Most of my friends thought I was crazy because they certainly weren't Southern Oregon standard fare. Thanks to Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness I remembered how much I like sewing for myself. She offered some advance yardage for me to make something to wear to Market. So I made this adorable blouse.. which I have been wearing a lot because it is so comfy and cool for summer.

Made for me! From my own pattern. Kind of proud of that. Wish you could see the details. @sewsweetness  Jungle Ave fabric.... Can't wait for @quiltmarket

I also made a dress. I designed them (they are simple) and made them to fit me. I have been thinking a lot about offering garment sewing classes at the shop and so this was a good brush up on my skills. More about that later.

I also starting piecing a quilt just for me, not one that I need for a sample for the shop, or to show a certain collection ... just because I want to make it. The Aviatrix Medallion by Elizabeth Hartman. Here is my progress so far on that one:

Dear #aviatrixmedallion , You're crazy! Not that there is anything wrong with that. Love, Me

This pic was taken at midnight in the shop so ... it is a little brighter than this shows. After all I am using Wasabi as the background :)

My next task is figuring out how I can cut back a little bit to spend more time with my family. The hard thing for me is that I am driven. I constantly want to be the best, work the hardest, and please everyone. It is very hard for me to say "That's enough". I have been struggling with whether I want to expand the business or keep it as it is. Common sense, at least to me, says that I should want to expand and make it bigger and add more and keep doing that. I think I want to go outside the box and say "This is enough" we are busy enough, we have enough, I work hard enough. It goes against everything I have ever done or thought to say "I am content right here". No need to expand more, spend more, grab more of the pie. I will belabor the point a little more and say that I thought this yesterday morning "I am done expanding" then by last night I was already working out funding to expand.... I literally had to remind myself what I was thinking a few hours earlier.

Hugs to all... have a great week!

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