2nd Day Giveaway! Looking for Contributors.

Saturday, December 31, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Do you guys ever think to yourself a whole wonderful blog post with lots of witty lines and things, and then forget half of it when you sit down to write? I did that yesterday. Oh well :) I am gonna sew today... this makes me giddy with excitement!

I wanted to show you my Secret Santa gift from the Twitter #SSSwap... umm can I just say when I got the box and saw the return address I squeeeeed :)  Literally! My husband thought I hurt myself. :) I was jumping around going "Elizabeth Hartman is my Secret Santa" Totally lost on him of course... So you may have seen this on her blog her pictures are way better than mine:

This is the adorable bag with Vicky the love of my life (ROFL)
It is a sewing first aid kit, go here to see the other side which is even cuter. Mistress E. I am sorry for taking so long to get this picture up.

So what shall the prize be today?

A Stitch In Color Fat Eighth Bundle. It does not look like this anymore, though, because I let my quilt guild take the ribbon off and look through it :) It is all nice and clean and still nicely folded though :) They were very respectful of the fabric LOL Just leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway. Don't forget to enter on yesterdays giveaway if you haven't already

Now I have a request... Those of you that receive my newsletter know that it is all about fun and giving back to you, not a huge sales pitch or anything. I have a great group of ladies that contribute every month, but they are working their fingers to the bone (without a complaint I might add). I thought it would be nice to add a few new people. I would love to have one new "Guest" each month contribute to the offerings. If you don't know about the newsletter, we write 2 or more tutorials for you each month just for fun and inspiration.

I am looking for people that want to write a tutorial and provide it to the readers of the newsletter. What do you get in return? I will send the guest contributor a free pack of fabric the month of their guest post to make their tutorial with (I usually let you pick your own fabrics unless I have too many from one collection).

So if you want to give it a shot email me at intrepidthread at g mail dot com with "contribute" in the subject line of the message. Tell me what you like to make, what kind of crafts you do, what month or holiday you have an idea for, and anything you think is relevent and I will pick the first few months guests. Please don't get your feelings hurt if I don't pick you for the first few months ... there are a lot of months to come. I love you all and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings :) PS. All skill levels are welcome :)

Last year a bunch of bloggers were picking a theme word for their New Year hoping to live up to it. I saw fearless and decided I wanted that one too. I changed mine to Intrepid though didn't want to be a copy cat LOL So now is the time to reflect... did I live up to Intrepid ... I am proud to say I did! Woot... so now to pick a new word... I will let you know what it is tomorrow.

Hugs! Be safe and have fun this New Year's Eve! Tomorrow we start a brave new year!

Friday Fun Day--- Number 400 Woo Hoo!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011
Hi Everyone,

It is my 400th post yay! We got there finally... actually I planned it to be today... sorta :) Our own little New Year's party of sorts.

Nezumi has her party hat on! (Okay the only reason I put this picture here is.... that hat is the only thing I sewed in all of December) Pitiful!

So why not start the new year off with a bang... or a windfall... of fabric of course. Each day for the next 4 days I will post a new prize and at the end I will pick 4 winners to send the prizes to :) All you have to do is leave a comment on one of the four days posts. I pull the names for the prizes from each of the days, that way if there is something you don't want you don't have to enter... although I don't see that happening LOL

Okay todays prize is.... A fat eighth bundle of A Walk In The Woods by Aneela Hoey (due out in February) and coming to a shop near you (yes, I mean our shop).

So leave a comment if you want some red riding hood and foxy loxy fabric :) and the bows oh the bows!!!!

Also you might want to head on over to Sew Happy Geek her QAL starts next week and I am sponsoring a little something something.

See ya tomorrow!

Something New and Extending The Sale

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Hi Everyone,

We have something new in the shop... a quilt kit. Melissa From Happy Quilting posted a new project on Moda Bake Shop today called Flying in Squares

Here is her original:

But since Terrain has been sold out in most places for a little while :) She and I  decided to work on quilting it up with Power Pop. My friend Jennifer did some stunt quilting for me. Here is the Power Pop Version:

I hate the picture, it is way cuter than this... I know you all will feel sorry for me (not) when I say that it is a pain to get pictures in a place that is always sunny... if you take them in full sun they are washed out and if you take them in the shade they are dark... ugh...

So the kit is available in the shop Here.

I have also decided to extend the 20% off sale through today (I am nuts) so you have a little longer to get some great deals! Here is the code again HAPPYNY20

Happy Monday ... After Christmas Sale

Monday, December 26, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Yay... the house is a disaster area! Paper, boxes, bows, dishes everywhere.. I am gonna leave the hubby to deal with it and go to the shop LOL Even if it is only about15 feet away :) We are having an After Christmas Sale. 20% off everything in the shop with the coupon code HAPPYNY20 it is only for today and tomorrow so hurry in to the shop to get a great deal.

Two more posts unil my 400th...

Merry Chrismas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011
The kiddies aren't up yet. They are so funny! Sometimes we have to wake them up on Christmas LOL

It looks like this right now... peaceful...

I wanted to say how much I love you all! Thank you so much for your Holiday wishes over the last few days. For the fun and friendship and the little gifts I have received from some of you :) You mean the world to me.

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!


Friday Fun Day And The Giveaway

Friday, December 23, 2011
Hey Everyone,

You are gonna want to head on over to Maureen's blog and enter win yourself some of this:

I know I have been saying this a lot lately but this fabric is super soft. I am not sure what is up, but the mills have been producing some of the softest fabric ever lately.

I will be closing the shop at noon Pacific time today to take some time off with my family but you will want to head on over to the shop sometime after that. Just trust me on this one :)

Four more posts until my 400th let's try to get there before 2012 :) Then we can PARTAY!

Have the most amazing Christmas ever! I will see you back here next week.

It is that time of year again....

Thursday, December 22, 2011
Hi Everyone,

It is that time of year again... I know you think I mean Christmas but really...It is that time of year when a million Quilt Alongs are getting started. This one caught my eye so I thought I would mention it:

I mean what could be better? Grey, Red, and Teal :) I am thinking I need to pull out the Walk In The Woods FQs... yeah baby! Head on over to Sew Happy Geek and get your QAL on. Don't worry it doesn't start until after the first.

Sorry I have been so quiet this week the sale is keeping me hopping. Notice it is 3:30 AM here and I have been up for an hour and a half already. I thought I would let you all know that I am closing the shop Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but will open it back up bright and early Monday morning.

If you get the notion, head on over to Sally's blog and wish her a happy 20th anniversary. I have seen those two in action and it is true they are just like newly weds still. Plus she has the cutest little lamb ornament to show you :)

See ya tomorrow :)

Guest Tutorialing and More New Fabric

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am guest tuting over at Sally's Blog today. If you go over there you can see how to make this:

I called it "Better Than Mistletoe"  because flowers will get my hubby more kisses than mistetoe will :) The minute I saw Flora I thought Christmas... I know... weird LOL  I hope you like it. It is seriously an easy project.

So I am pretty wiped out with all of the new fabric coming literally every day for a week and a half... but I have to admit this might be my new love:

 I admit I am not normally an earth tone girl but this grey green is totally kick butt!

 Yum! Purple!
Impressions is so soft and sumptuous... love the new soft hand everything seems to have lately.

Domestic Bliss is even better than I expected the colors are so rich and fun! I love the retro modern feel of it :)

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Busy Monday... 15% off coupon

Monday, December 19, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I have a crazy hectic day planned today. I have to finish my little project for Sally's Blog tomorrow as well as getting a bunch of orders out. Have you been following along ocer at Sally's?

I love this picture of her youngest (who is actually a super hero but don't tell anyone because it is a secret).

I just wanted to share this coupon code with you. It is was in the Newsletter but if you don't get the newsletter I wanted you to have a chance to use it as well. It is good until Friday MERRY15 for 15% off. I just listed what is left of Echo, as well, so now is your chance to get it at a greatly reduced price.

Have an awesome Monday and see you tomorrow with a fun tutorial :)

Wow! What a Week, Friday Fun Day and the Giveaway

Friday, December 16, 2011
Hi Everyone!

I can't believe I literally had fabric show up every day this week... crazy. It is a good thing the boy his home from college to help me lug the boxes around. This showed up yesterday:

Isn't it yummy? I only have small bolts so get it early if you are gonna get it.
The newsletter went out last night. I hope you all got it. If not email me and I will forward you a link to it. Don't forget to sign up so you don't miss out next month (upper left corner of the blog there is a link). I have to apologize to Sally when her tutorial got converted to PDF the formatting got messed up. Here is a new link to the properly formatted one. I apologize Sally :) By the way, have you been following along with her 12 Days of Christmas? You need to go today and see her sweet tute of this adorable quilt that she made from Power Pop
See the sweet Angel? LOVE!

The Giveaway is being hosted today by Melissa at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs. If you go over to enter you could win:

This... and get yourself something from your wish list :)

Have Fun! If I don't see ya... have a lovely weekend!

A Sneaky Peeky and More Fabric

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Lest you think I only ever post fabrics that have come to the shop (I can't help it I love those pretty fabric pictures)... Here is a Sneak Peek of something I am tuting up for Sally's 12 Days of Christmas Celebration she started yesterday, so make sure you go check it out she is doing something fun every day for 12 days. My day is the 20th and I will be showing you how to make this:

Only it will be finished then :)

In the mean time here are more pretty pictures of yet more fabric that hit the shop today:

 Sunny Happy Skies

Domestic Bliss Charm packs

Oh me oh my.... lots of fabrics came today.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Hi Everyone...

Wow a lot of fabric came today :)

 Sugar Hill

Half of Impessions came and the other half will be here Monday.

PS It is 10 more posts until my 400th... I can't believe it :) We will have to celebrate :)

Good Fortune Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs are here.

Monday, December 12, 2011
Yippee... so pretty! You can get them here.

I sewed and a Sneaker Peeker and another Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

I sewed yesterday. Unfortunately I can't show you what it was because:

1. It is a surprise
2. The college kid is sleeping in the room with the computer that I use to download photos from my camera.

So instead here is a picture of one of the tutorials coming in the Newsletter on Thursday night:

Sally's wreath... isn't it precious?

And Jenna Over at Sew Happy Geek is hosting yet another giveaway ... so go get you some of this:

This week is gonna be busy busy! Here are all the fabrics coming: Sunny Happy Skies, Half Moon Modern, Karavan, Sugar Hill, Impressions (maybe), Pre-cuts of Domestic Bliss, and Good Fortune. I can't wait! Don't forget we have gift certificates for those last minute gifts as well. I always say these are for the hubby's that go sshopping on Christmas Eve (you know the ones) :)

Have a wonderful Monday!

Winner in da house!

Saturday, December 10, 2011
Hi Everyone!

Gotta give away some of this fun stuff:

Mr. Random said:

And #156 is:

Marcia W. said...
It would be grand if some "Good Fortune" came my way. Thanks for your lovely giveaway.

Friday Fun Day and The Giveaway

Friday, December 9, 2011
Edit: Please leave your follow comments on her blog to be entered. Thanks so much!

Today Melissa at Happy Quilting is hosting our giveaway. She is doing one each Friday leading up to Christmas so don't forget to enter over there. Of course I will have some fun ones here for you too so just make us both stops on your blog tours on Fridays :)

This is what she is giving away for me today... yes, the whole thing.

For the Fun... check out The Fabric Shopper Christie has links to tutorials for all kinds of handmade gifts... I always figure I can't have to many "I want to do's" some day I will get to all some of them.

Have a wonderful Friday! If I don't see you have a wonderful weekend!

Art Gallery Elements and A Stitch In Color Jelly Rolls Arrive

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I gotta say... these are the softest fabrics (escept Petal Pushers) anywhere... so soft and the colors are so gorgeous! I am in love! Nature Elements, Oval Elements, and Pure Elements from Art Gallery Fabrics

Yay! A Stitch in Color... I know one person that is gonna be happy to see these ... Huh D?

See ya tomorrow for Friday Fun Day... woot!

A Giveaway...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am sponsoring a giveaway on The Fabric Shopper today so go over and make me sound good. Giggle...

PS. Lorin is my husband... Wink!

A little Good Fortune coming our way...

Hi Everyone,

I got notice that in a few days Good Fortune and Stitch in Color Pre-cuts will be here...Yay!

And since you asked... Here is the large cuff all blinged up:

A bezel with vintage papers, Ice Resin, two rows of rhinestones,some freshwater pearls, crystals and silk ribbon. Kinda pretty :) I also spent about 5 hrs the other night working on a bracelet for my friend Deanna. I gave it to her yesterday but forgot to take a picture of it. Maybe I can get one later...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

What I Did Over My Winter Vacation.

Monday, December 5, 2011
Okay... it was really over a Winter Weekend but it felt like a vacation.... Saturday was the December meeting of my Modern Quilt Guild (Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild) So many pretties on display...

Like this Walk In The Woods Quilt by Alison (on the far left). Alison works for C&T publishing.

And this gorgeous little quilt by Colleen with Heather Ross'  Far Far Away.....

Much talent at my guild!

Sunday, I was a bad girl and played hooky from Church and Small Group to take a class from the incomparable Kristen Robinson at A Work Of Heart.

Her jewelry designs make me drool. She had pieces for sale there at a trunk show and wow it was hard not to buy them all. This is her book...

 These are just a couple of the pieces she shows you how to make in her book. The examples are gorgeous and inspiring and she makes them so easy.

Here are the beginnings of what I made in class:

These aren't finished yet because I have to wait for the resin to cure before I can finish. The cuffs started out as flat shiny blank cuffs. We learned to etch them using stamps and alcohol ink and ... well it is etching.. acid.

Eventually they will have bezels attached and lots of bling... here are some of the bezels I picked up at AWOH for further Ice Resin work (and the one that I already did for attachment to the large cuff):

 (oh and a chandelier crystal for another art piece :) )

It was a great weekend. I hope you all got to follow your muse a bit this weekend too!

Talk soon!

Friday Fun Day... It must be Giveaway day again :)

Friday, December 2, 2011
H Everyone,

There will be lots of fun giveaways going on this month all over but I am hosting my own this week instead of sending you to one of the other blogs I sponsor... I do that sometimes :) I wanted to show you what I made in my free time from 2 AM to 6 AM yesterday morning :)

I made this little zip bag for my Twitter Secret Santa Partner. I wasn't really trying to make diamonds, just something more interesting than a 9 patch. I kinda like how they have an illusion of floating or bobbing like buoys. She loves Tula Pink and got in late on the craze for Neptune so I am stuffing it with some Neptune, Parisville, and Hushabye Fat Quarters too.

Since Petal Pushers came in yesterday I thought I would give away my Sample Spree Fat Quarters

That's quite a few fat quarters :) I am gonna make you work for it. Poor you, you have to go look at fabric :) Since I spent hours working on the coming soon page on my website I want someone to see it. So to enter the giveaway go over and take a look at the coming soon page and in the comment let me know what you like best and are most looking forward to. The giveaway goes until next Friday the 9th of December at midnight.

Talk soon! If I don't see ya again... have a lovely weekend :)

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