Boxing Day Sale... Get what you really wanted for Christmas.

Friday, December 26, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I just decided... of course at the last minute... to have a sale today. The Brick and Mortar is closed so the sale is only online for 26 hrs on the 26th :) Ending the 27th at 1p.m. Eastern.

20% off with this coupon code BOXING20. This excludes gift certificates, pre-orders, BOMs, and clubs. Please be patient with shipping since we only have a few working days next week. Also be certain to use an email address that you can be reached at in case we run out of things as often happens with sales.

Thanks so much!

Doe Sightings on the Horizon

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
It's true I just got shipping confirmation for the Fat Quarter Bundles. If you would like to pre-order a fat quarter bundle you can find it here Awesome Sauce Fabric it should be in in a few days. Then hopefully the yardage will be in in the next week or so.

Address to send blocks

You can find the address for the shop (which is the best place to post them to) on the contact page on the website here:

Lisa, I am sorry you are no contact so I didn't have your email.

Quilt Block Drive for Sydney Heroes

Hey Everyone,

My friend  Molli Sparkles is organizing a quilt block drive to make quilts for the families of the two heroes that lost their lives in the stand off in Sydney. Since shipping is expensive I am willing to collect the blocks and ship them all at once. They will only take a few minutes to make. I know we are all busy at Christmas but we would need them here by the end of December. Here is the information:
If they are not here by December 31st I won't be able to ship them so I will give them to a charity committee in one of my guilds.

Thanks for your consideration.

Holiday Hours and a Little Sale

Monday, December 15, 2014
Hey Everyone,

If you are local you can see our Holiday hours are below.
Our regular hours are still in effect all other days: 10-5 Daily, Wednesday 10-7, Saturday 11-5, Sunday Closed.

The most dreaded inventory day is coming so I would love to clear out some fabric in order to not have to count it. To that end here is a coupon code for 15% off good until Tuesday 12/16 at Midnight Eastern: COUNTNOTULA

Fabric Friday

Friday, December 12, 2014
We are giving away some lovelies on Maureen's blog today. Head on over and enter to win some Geometric Bliss by Jeni B.

Brick and Mortar Closed Thursday the 11th

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Because in California, when it rains it snows. I know all of you mid-westerners are going to have a big laugh at us but... our area does have the potential for flooding and there are going to be hurricane strength gusts in this area. I decided that rather than put my employees in danger it would be best that we all stay home tomorrow.

Let's have a great big sew in (doors) and post all the fun lovely things we are making... tag me @intrepidthread and maybe we can have a little drawing afterwards for something fun.

Helping a friend...

It's Christmas and that is what it is all about right? I bet you know my friend Tina. She is the president of the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. She is a great friend and so generous with her time, love, and support. Her family has hit a rough patch and needs a little help over the hump... they are raffling off a custom quilt just for you. Tina won viewers choice award at Quiltcon last time. Seriously how much better could it be than to get a custom designed quilt and help out this wonderful family?
This is Tina's daughter, isn't she adorable?

If you are feeling the mood strike you you can buy a raffle ticket here.

I promised pretty pictures

Monday, December 8, 2014
So here is Follie

And I took a new picture of Ashton Road since the last print finally arrived:

Postal horror and giveaways...

Hey Everyone,

If you are looking at blogs today I am certain that you already know that it is Sew Mama Sew's big Giveaway day. We are sponsoring a giveaway on our friend Jessica's blog, QuiltyHabit so head on over and give the wheel of luck a spin.

I have decided that all Black Friday shipping should not happen until at least a week after Black Friday. The postal service is a complete mess that first week of December. Last year I shipped a package to Texas (normally a two day shipping) on December 4th and it showed up on April 15th of this year. Yes, you read that right. This year as of this morning I have seen completely squashed boxes in plastic bags:

And gotten two emails from people in France that say their packages (according to tracking) are in Canada. None of the other packages I shipped internationally say they have passed US customs yet so I am fairly certain this is a tracking mistake but still.... and I checked the addresses were right so it wasn't my error for certain.

I am sorry for being so quiet the last couple weeks but we have had our noses to the grindstone... Myra, I am so sorry for not having any dancing Cabana Boys for you in this post.

 Lotta Jansdotter's latest Follie is here. I promise pretty pictures later today.

Talk soon!

Hometown Holiday Event at the Brick and Mortar

Thursday, December 4, 2014
Hey Everyone,

If you are local don't forget to come to the shop this Saturday. We are open 11 to 5 for our in store Holiday celebration. We are having a big local sale, to make up for being closed on Black Friday for the online sale. We have a  fun Make and Take to teach you, food, prizes, and a special wish list for you to give your significant others so they know what you really want for Christmas (online customers we are doing the wish list for you too, watch for your newsletter later today). Come and spend some time with your crafty friends.

Our Black Friday Sale

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
We just got a phone call asking if the sale was today... no it is Friday :)

We are having a Black Friday sale on the website.

30% (or more) off our already low prices on all in stock yardage, 1/2 yd bundles, and pre-cuts. This includes our selection of apparel fabrics. Prices will be marked down at Midnight Eastern US time on Thursday night 11/27 until Midnight Eastern US time Friday night 11/28. No Coupons are necessary the prices will be marked down already.  Gift Cards are available for Holiday Giving or for your own wishlist.

Locals:  If you are local to the San Francisco Bay area join us on Saturday 12/6 for the in store sale and our Holiday Hometown Event.. We will have prizes, refreshments, and some fun simple make and take projects. Please note we will be closed at the brick and mortar starting Wednesday 11/26 and continuing through Sunday 11/30. 


Our website does not hold inventory that is in your cart which means sometimes we will run out of something that you ordered before we get to your order. We cut everything in the order that it was received but it is possible someone might check out with it before you do. In this case we will let you know right away. Please be certain that the email that you use when checking out is one at which we an contact you. Also shipping can take a few extra days due to the number of orders.

Fabric Friday... in case you're wondering... Doe

Friday, November 21, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I know we are all impatiently waiting for Doe. I am right there with you (luckily I have a tiny bit to play with from Sample Spree). You might have seen bolts being shown around and wonder "why don't we have it yet?" ... for some reason it made it to Canada and UK distributors before it made it to the US. We will be one of the first shops to get it once it is here because Kaufman is in California so it gets here within 2 days for us. I promise it is coming... and I hate waiting more than anyone I know. :)

This week we got Ashton Road by Valori Wells I picked my favorites from this collection it is fun and playful. I love the border stripe of tree houses and the way it is printed you could get a yard and make two table runners just by cutting it down the middle. It is printed back to back so each side of the table would have the tree houses right side up... so brilliant!

I also love the Boho feel of this floral:

There is a lovely warm version too:

I have been sewing this week. I can't wait to show you... hopefully I will have time to finish up some things this weekend.

Have a super weekend!

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears.... Oh my!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Okay maybe just Tigers... Check out this adorable tote bag tutorial by my sweet friend Katy of The Littlest Thistle. Katy makes some really cool bag patterns including this one that you can find on Craftsy

This is the Tiger Tote... take it away Katy.... Printable PDF here

The Tiger Tote

Finished size: 4” x 12” x 17 ½”

Seam allowance, unless otherwise stated: ½”


·         ½ yd canvas for main outer
·         ½ yd canvas for lower outer
·         1 yd quilting cotton for lining
·         ½ yd sew in pelmet interfacing (Vilene pelmet, Pellon Peltex #70)
·         1 yd fusible medium loft fusible fleece (¼” thick) (Vilene H640, Pellon Thermolam)
·         1 ½ yds fusible woven interfacing, (Vilene G700, Pellon SF101)
·         Pair of 24” leather sew in handles + waxed linen thread to match

Cutting Instructions:

Cut the following pieces from the main outer fabric:

·         2 main outer pieces 16” x 17” (note that for directional fabrics, this is 16” tall)

Cut the following pieces from the lower outer fabric:

·         2 lower outer pieces 6” x 17” (note that for directional fabrics, this is 6” tall)

Cut the following pieces from the lining fabric:

·         2 lining pieces 17” x 21”
·         1 pocket piece 8” x 15”

Cut the following pieces from the fusible woven interfacing:

·         2 main outer pieces 16” x 17”
·         2 lower outer pieces 6” x 17”
·         1 base piece 5” x 13”

Cut the following pieces from the fusible fleece:

·         2 main outer pieces 15” x 16”
·         2 above base pieces 3” x 16”

Cut the following pieces from the pelmet interfacing:

·         2 base pieces 4” x 12”

Assembling The Bag:

Apply the fusible woven interfacing to the following pieces according to manufacturer’s instructions:

·         2 main outer pieces
·         2 lower outer pieces

Apply the fusible fleece to the following pieces according to manufacturer’s instructions, centring on top of the fusible woven interfacing:

·         2 main outer pieces

Take the 2 pieces of pelmet interfacing and stick together with a glue stick

How To Make The Lining:

1.       1. Take the pocket piece and fold in half, right sides together, matching short edges.  Leaving a 3” turning gap in the base, stitch around the open edges, then clip the corners to reduce the bulk when turned through.

1.       2. Turn pocket through the gap, using a chopstick or similar to push the corners square, then press, being careful to catch the seam allowance at the turning gap inside the pocket.  Top stitch along the top folded edge 1/8” in from the edge.

1.       3. Place on top of one of the lining pieces, 4 ½” down from the top and 4 ½” in from each side, then top stitch 1/8” from the edge along the sides and bottom, closing the turning gap as you go:

1  4.  Place the 2 lining pieces right sides together and stitch the sides and base together, leaving the square sections open and a turning gap of 6” in the bottom.  Press the seams open

2   5. Squish the corners together so that the base seam meets the side seam, and the cut out sections meet:

6   6. Stitch the openings closed, set the lining aside.

How To Make The Outer Bag:

2   7. Take one main outer piece and one lower outer piece, and match, right sides together along the lower 17”edge of the main piece. 

3   8. Stitch together, then open out, press the seam allowance towards the lower piece and top stitch on the lower piece 1/8” from the seam.  Cut a 2” square out of the bottom corners as per the photo.  

1   9. Repeat with the remaining main outer and lower outer pieces.

2   10. Take the straps, and attach them 4” in from each side, with the top stitching holes 1 ½” down from the top.  Use waxed linen thread and starting in the centre bottom hole follow the diagram to sew up to the top of one side, then round to the top of the other side and back to the centre again.  At each end loop round twice for security at steps 4 and 5 in the diagram.

1   11.Take both outer pieces and stitch together along the bottom edge only, then press the seam allowance open.

     12.Take the pelmet interfacing sandwich, and centre along the bottom seam so that it’s ½” in from each corner, and 2” either side of the seam.  Take the remaining 5” x 13” piece of woven fusible interfacing and place on top so that it overlaps by ½” all round, then apply according to manufacturer’s instructions.

     13.Take the remaining pieces of fusible fleece, and place between the base section and the upper section as per the photo, then apply according to manufacturer’s instructions.


     14.   Fold the sides up right sides together, and stitch down both long sides, being very careful as you get to the bottom of the seam as the base will pull against you a bit at this point.  Press the side seams open.

     15. The base should now spring together with the sides, so that the previously open square sections meet in the same way as you did for the lining.

     16.Turn the bag right sides out.

     Finishing The Bag:

     17. Place the outer bag inside the lining bag, making sure the handles are tucked down well inside, and matching the side seams and top raw edges.  Stitch around the top.

     18.  Turn the bag through the gap in the lining, and ladder stitch the turning gap closed. 

     19. Push the lining inside the bag and press, the top stitch around the top, 1/8” from the edge.
     20. Put something marginally less lumpy inside yours than I did, then step back and admire!

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