Our Annual Market Week Sale

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Hey Everyone,

I am sorry I have been so quiet. I have a little pattern to share with you when I get home from Market (I am flying out this morning). In the mean time... we have this sale for you.

You can use the coupon code MARKET20 to take 20% off everything in the shop including new items and clearance (yes even the $3 a yard fabric) until Friday. Only one caveat please, please, order Pre-Orders separately. It is super hard for us to keep track of pre-orders when they are included with sale items and we wouldn't want your order to get messed up.

Please remember that our system will let two people check out at the same time with the same item so sometimes things might be sold out even if you have checked out with them. We just did inventory so hopefully it will be minimal but it could happen. Please leave us a valid email to contact you just in case we need to. Also because I will be in Texas until Monday night shipping will be a little slower... I am the facilitator even though my helpers will be working I just make things faster because I can error check without having to look things up. They are very conscientious though :) This is bound to be a big sale so give us a few extra days to get things shipped.

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