The last day of the $4.99 sale

Wednesday, December 23, 2015
Yes, the new items for the sale are up so go have a look... it ends tomorrow morning at 9am Pacific - Noon Eastern. I love you all...thanks for helping to clear shelves so we can fit the new stuff in next month. Please be patient while we finish cutting and shipping the orders. We haven't forgotten anyone but it might take until Monday to finish shipping because I really would like to have a couple days off for Christmas :)

Whoops... Sampler Block Shuffle and $4.99 Sale Day 3

Monday, December 21, 2015
Hi Everyone,

So sorry the new blocks for the Sampler Block Shuffle are posted a couple days late. I had today in my head because of the pictures and kits and forgot to post the blocks on Friday. They are posted now. Also I just wanted to let you know the Moda is not releasing blocks this Friday because it is Christmas so that gives you an extra week to catch up. We will post new blocks on New Year's Day and on the 8th of January will be the last blocks.

The new items for Countdown to Christmas Sale will be posted at 9am Pacific in about 30 minutes.

Day Two of the $4.99 Sale is up

Sunday, December 20, 2015
Each day this week at noon Eastern time until Thursday 12/24 we will have new items available on the website for $4.99. We are only open at the Brick and Mortar on Wednesday this week. If we run out of something (we definitely will in some cases) we will email you and send you a refund for whatever is missing. 

Countdown to Christmas Sale

Saturday, December 19, 2015
Each day this week at noon Eastern time until Thursday 12/24 we will have new items available on the website for $4.99. Today there are 267 items. We are only open at the Brick and Mortar on Wednesday this week. If we run out of something (we definitely will in some cases) we will email you and send you a refund for whatever is missing. Here is a link to the $4.99 section 

New Stuff in the shop...

Thursday, December 17, 2015
Hey Everyone,

Carkai by Carolyn Friedlander is in and gorgeous... better come get some before it blows out of here :)

We also have all of the Coordinates... and we restocked some Architextures and Doe in case you need some :) The Architextures and Doe that are listed in the Carkai category were specifically printed to match Carkai... they are colored differently and the originals from those collections.

We also got this super fun ruler twill tape. It is numbered 1-12 then starts over again but it is pretty accurate for a woven so it would make great growth charts. It also makes great wrapping ribbon and all kinds of stuff... trim on a zip bag...etc... and it is only 60 cents a yard... can't beat it :)

Fleet & Flourish is also in. Check out the look book tons of pattern and tutorial links and lots of inspiration.

Last but not least... I have been anxiously awaiting this book. I love my quick curve ruler and this has great patterns in it for the QCR. One Wonderful Curve

Sampler Block Shuffle Week 7 Kits are Up

Monday, December 14, 2015
Hi Everyone,

Here are the cuties for this week...

I'm the BOM post... finally

Saturday, December 12, 2015
Hey Everyone,

Do you want to know what goes in to trying to decide on what to do for a Block of the Month? Months of research. I have been looking for the perfect thing (which usually magically appears by chance) since September. Only this year... nothing magically appeared. So instead of doing one BOM I am doing four. I know "Go big or go home!" The other part of this is writing the perfect outline for each one so that you know what you are getting yourself into... then figuring out how to price it so that you get a good value and we don't lose our shirts :) So please check back on this page it is/will be a permanent tab on the blog page that you can reference. I will add things as I get questions from you... it is hard to think of everything you might ask before hand :)

This year I am going to have reservations for each BOM they will just be a fee that reflects how much my initial investment will be so that I don't lose money if you change your mind. Some of the patterns and tools are expensive that I will have to pre-order and I don't want to lose my shirt :) Also, I reserve the right to cancel (and refund) if we don't get enough sign ups for any of the BOMs to make them a go.

We will take reservations until January 31st
Without further ado....

Magic Friendship Medallion B/ROM

We will start with this gorgeous Medallion that Maureen designed

We will be using a combination of all Art Gallery fabrics for this quilt. Inspired by and coordinated with that gorgeous Cabernet color of theirs. It is the one we use very time we do a Fig and Plumb bundle. And it is featured in some of Maureen's gorgeous fabrics in her new collection Fleet & Flourish:

Those fabrics right there in the middle will inspire our colors. There will be a gorgeous Mediterranean dark blue to add to our Cabernet, some aqua, some pops of gold and orange, and that lovely warm green that goes so well with all of them... we will lighten it up with a bit of cream and white. Each month the fabrics will be the newest we have from Art Gallery so it will always be something fresh, and we will continue adding bits from Maureen's Fleet & Flourish along the way. This will be a bit of a mystery because I am only showing you the medallion. Each month there will be a new round or partial round (hence the R in the name) and we will have a couple of guest designers along the way (that is the friendship part). This will be a 7 month BOM starting in January and ending in July the finished quilt will be big, somewhere around 70" or  80" square. Each month you will get an average of 2 yards of fabric (that is me adding it all together and dividing by 7) sometimes less and sometimes more the monthly cost will be $29 including shipping. Reservation fee is $10

The Makers Mini Quilt of the Month (MQOM)

At Market in Fall everything was about Mini Quilts that is when I had the idea to do a mini of the month. There are lots of patterns using lots of different techniques. We will start out with a few of the easier ones to get our feet wet (but they will still be cute and fun) and finish with some more challenging ones ... but still they are mini's and won't take long to make. I thought it would be fun for those like me with Crafting ADD to get to finish something each month. I also have a selfish motive. I want one of those super cute craft rooms with a wall of minis :) So yes, we might have a focus of a few minis in here that have a Makers theme... not all but some :)

This will be a 8 month BOM starting in January and ending in August. The colors will be very similar to what you see in the picture light and bright. Each month you will get an average of 1.5 yards of fabric.  Some months that means you will get enough for backing and some months just enough for the top and binding.  This was the only way to make the cost the same each month between the small and larger or more pieced minis.  The monthly cost will be $19 including shipping. Reservation fee is $12

Key to Quilting Modern Mystery BOM

These are mini rulers attached to key chains :) You see where I am going right? This BOM will be a mystery block each month using one of these templates or possibly another mini template. They will be different size and at the end I will give directions for a couple different settings. Since you will have a choice of settings this will not include the fabric to finish the quilt. It is just a block a month with the template, fabric (enough for the block), and a pattern. The fabrics will be coordinated you will have a choice between warm (red,orange,yellow) or cool (blue,green), or Holiday (red,grey green,gold,silver) This will be a 6 month program starting in March it will be $12.50 per month including shipping. Registration is $12.

The Local by Carolyn Friedlander

Yay! Carolyn is redoing this pattern that we love so much with her new fabrics so we don't have to worry about those pesky ones that are out of print. It will be re-released in February. It is paper pieced but it the best possible way. Nice large pieces that even I can handle (I am notorious for not loving PP ;)) We will start this in March (so that we are certain to have everything available right away) and it is 9 months long. The first month is when you get the lion's share of the fabric because the sashing and background will all need to be sent at once so the first month will be $84, following months will be $14.99 including shipping. Registration is $22.

Registration fees are non-refundable (unless we cancel the BOM due to low turn out)

Woohoo... a 5 hr blog post LOL

Fabulous Fabric Friday a Giveaway

Friday, December 11, 2015
Hi Everyone,

Is going to be a lovely day at the shop today :) One of my favorite people in the whole world has her second collection of fabric coming out and it arrives today... of course I am talking about Maureen Cracknell. Her new collection is Fleet & Flourish which is so beautiful and contains those gorgeous plumby burgundy colors and navy that you all seem to love whenever we get them in... along with Maureen's signature Modern Folk colors... I made that up but that is how I think of her... Modern Chic Folk Art.

 Just look at how sumptuous this is! And we are giving some away both on Maureen's blog and on IG. So go enter and see if you can win. If you don't of course we have it for sale. If you buy it from us you will get something that you can't get anywhere else... we have two postcards of the line drawings from two of the prints in this collection one we used as a promo for Wild & Free which was Maureen's first collection, but it is a print (the center one above) that was used in this collection. The other is brand new and is this:
Which you can recognize as the fabric on the bottom rightish of the photo above. Color them and frame them or send them away... They come with envelopes too :)

The new Shuffle blocks are ready for download. And see yesterday's post for the alternate for this week.

Did you get your newsletter? If not check out the pre-order page on the website Carolyn Friedlander's new collection is up, Cotton + Steel, and Elizabeth Hartman.

Come back tomorrow for the big reveal of our BOM plans for next year.

Rolling Stone Block Tutorial

Thursday, December 10, 2015
Hey Everyone,

It is called Rolling Stone or Broken Wheel ...


1 1/2" Squares - 4 of light print, 12 of background fabric
1 1/2" x 2 1/2" Rectangles - 4 of light print, 4 of dark print
2 1/2" Squares - 5 (I fussy cut one for the center but you don't have to) dark print


Mark a line on the back of all 1 1/2" squares diagonally. To make your flip and sew corners

Sew three background corner squares (1 1/2")  and one light print corner (1 1/2")  to each of four dark print squares (2 1/2"). And sew the long side of the 4 light and four dark print rectangles together. You should have four sections each that look like this:

Layout your sections in a nine patch like this:

Sew in rows and then sew the three rows together and voila.

I made this a really simple tutorial so if you need any clarification let me know. This will turn out the same as the other blocks at 6 1/2" unfinished.

Here is a PDF if you want to download and keep with your other shuffle files

Sampler Block Shuffle Week 6

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Hey Everyone,

I am sorry this is a day late. I was super busy with Doctors and orders all by myself yesterday. Gotta say I love these.

We are including the applique pieces for the bird and stars with the fusible web already adhered to them. I will be posting a tutorial for a different pieced block tomorrow if you prefer to not do the applique. Joanie did a simple machine blanket stitch around the applique pieces. Here is a link for this weeks kit.

Fabulous Fabric Friday

Friday, December 4, 2015
Hey Everyone,

The new blocks for the Sampler Block Shuffle are posted. Don't worry and gasp in fright when you see that one is applique. I promise we have you covered. If you are buying the kits your kit will include a pre-cut cute bird and special little star bursts (not the stars or the bird that you see on the block) with the fusible web already applied to the back so all you have to do is peel and fuse and machine applique in whatever way you choose. Also you will receive the same amount of fabric for making blocks and I will have a special tutorial for a different pieced block if you decide that the applique is not for you. I will post the tutorial next week.

We are still trying to recover from Black Friday and tomorrow is our local sale event. The hours are 11am to 5pm ...

come and do some coloring on fabric or just buy yourself some presents :)

Locals: Come one come all. And who cares Pantone?

Thursday, December 3, 2015
Hey Locals... Our in store version of Black Friday Sale is called Hometown Holiday Sale... that happens this Saturday the 5th. Everything in the shop Fabric, Books, Patterns, Tools, etc... is all 30% off. Please come and buy yourself a Christmas pressie :)

Secondly... did you see the Pantone announcement this morning? UGH! Baby Pink and Baby Blue aka Rose Quartz and Serenity.. Forget it :) I am way more excited about Robert Kaufman's Color of the Year... It is a surprise... no one knows what it looks like but I am hoping it is a good one because I bought 3 bolts sight unseen :)

I will be announcing the 3 block of the month plans for next year in the newsletter next week so if you want to find out what I picked make sure to sign up :)

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