Winner of the Market Givaway

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Hi Everyone,

Sorry this is a few days late. I came home from Market and promptly got sick. picked number 51 and that was

Bonnie58 said...
Check out all the vendors. Lovely. Thanks for sharing

Memorial Day Sale

Sunday, May 24, 2015
Hi Everyone,

Don't forget about our Memorial Day Sale! 15% off everything (except pre-orders and Gift Certificates) including our clearance section which still have more than 1200 items in it including some patterns that are already 50% off. It runs until Midnight Eastern on Monday night and the coupon code is REMEMBER15

Sample Spree and One for you Giveaway

Friday, May 15, 2015
Hi Everyone,

Sample Spree didn't have everything I wanted but I got the lovely Cotton + Steel prints and Heather Ross' Tiger Lily.  Kaufman didn't have Rhoda Ruth :( and Art Gallery didn't have any of the new lines... I love them anyway though :) Can't wait to get on the floor today to see what awaits.

Here is a picture of half my haul... I bought two sets of all of Cotton + Steel so that I can sell one set to you guys... if I could have carried more I would have gotten more. Here is a pic of half the haul:

** Disclaimer: what you see next will be a poor representation of these fabrics. Honestly I uploaded all of the digital pictures of Cotton + Steel fabrics to the website last night before I went to sample spree and I was feeling underwhelmed with the prints. Then I got these in my hot little hands last night and I have to say they are amazing. The digital pictures do not do them justice... Honeymoon and Zephyr are luminous. Lucky Strikes is so charming (again as with Cookie Book I am in love with Kim's prints) and Paper Bandana is so sophisticated and beautiful. Picnic is filled with retro goodness and I can't wait to make some home dec and clothing with it. When I get home I am going to take the bundles apart so that you can see how beautiful they are.

In the mean time I have uploaded all of the pictures to the pre-order pages so you can get what you need :)

In Alphabetical Order:


Lucky Strikes

Paper Bandana

So  what about the Giveaway?  Just comment here about what you would do first at Market. I will draw a winner next Friday 5/22

You can win this canvas and Lawn from Cotton + Steel

Keep an eye on the IG and Facebook for more pictures from Market today.

A Small Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Hi Everyone,

In an attempt to get the shop ready for my absence this weekend (Quilt Market) I have piled way more on my plate than I should have and I am now running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So I shall distract you with pretty pictures and promise many more over the weekend. Especially on the Facebook Page and the IG feed... keep an eye out for all kinds of lovely.

Ex Libris is in and we still have some of those amazing panels (because I was smart and bought two bolts of each) but they are getting thin so hurry if you want them.

We also got some of Anna Maria Horners new yarn dyes called Loominous... unfortunately they did not send a few of the bolts that I ordered but I have to tell you these feel amazing so soft and delicious!

Have a great week and lovely weekend... and see you next week with pictures of my Market Haul :)

Huge Clearance

Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Huge Clearance sale. I just marked down 722 items so there are now more than 1300 items in our clearance section. Including Tula Pink and Cotton & Steel get it while it lasts

Getting Jumpy....

Hey Everyone,

I am getting jumpy because I am so excited about all of the goodness that is coming to the shop this summer. Tula Pinks True Colors will be in tomorrow. Ex Libris will finally be here by Friday.

The other reason I am jumpy is after a lot of back and forth I am going to Market. I had originally decided not to go but I am going after all. So now I have a week to get ready. It isn't that big of a deal really not like I am vending or anything but still it takes a bit of coordination. It will be so fun. I have all kinds of new clothes to wear LOL

Fashion You... Monday and Me Made May

Monday, May 4, 2015
Have you all been hearing about Me Made May? I have, and I am totally ready for that. I would say I am "Down with that!" but I am not cool enough. There are a few hashtags on IG like #memademay15 #mmmay15 #memademay... This is the month to make clothes for yourself.  Let's do it!

I have been talking for months about teaching classes to alter patterns to fit a persons unique body type. I am calling it Fashion You... look Molli Sparkles even made me an adorable Logo (or 6)

My friends affectionately call it FU ... but I digress. We have posted dates for classes. Mostly Saturdays with a Tuesday or Wednesday thrown in here and there.

If you follow me on IG you might have seen this little bundle from a few days ago:

These will be a new wardrobe. I wonder how much I can get done before Market :) PS. I think I like blue and green :) We have so many fun apparel fabrics in and we are working on adding more apparel patterns and I am pretty excited that we got The Meridian in ... love it!

 Can picture this with two pretty knits one on each side.

I am so excited about teaching these fun clothing classes... can't wait!

May the fourth be with you!

So ... Yah, I have been sewing....

Saturday, May 2, 2015
I know it is hard to believe. I made stuff that didn't involve me wearing it :)

I am in a swap that is inspired by Outlander. The stag is a symbol you see in Scotland often ... specifically Jamie has a stag brooch.

Then what is Scotland without a Thistle?

My partner is a knitter so this is a knitting project bag... the picture is sideways not the bag :) I pieced together all of the fabric for the bag. I love it. I hate paper piecing and the thistle block took as long to make as the pillow and the bag all together.

I also finished this Apron... it was from a class I took but I didn't like the way it fit me so I gave it to my friend :)

And finally my poolside tote... I adore that bag. We have the paper pattern available in the shop if you need it. Sarah Watts is my favorite C+S designer (shhhh don't tell the others) it is a hard choice but she never disappoints me. Love Tokyo Train Ride and that adorable facing from Cookie Book.

Speaking of Sarah Watts... we have bundles of all of the Cotton + Steel fabrics that are coming out up for pre-order. We have bundle pictures of all but one (Paper Bandana).

Here is Sarah's new one Honeymoon based on her Honeymoon in Costa Rica... look Sloths! Can't wait to see it close up :)

And again speaking of Cotton + Steel... I am going to Anna Maria's Studio, Craft South, for this... come with me!!!!! So fun! I am so fortunate to have an awesome hubby who said "Heck yeah, you gotta go!" Or something like that :)

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