New Quilter's Planner Stickers for December

Saturday, November 24, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I made new fun stickers for December. If you prefer non Christmas stickers you can use the Winter Stickers from January of this year. This time I made day changer stickers too, for those of use that prefer Monday starts on the week (my personal favorite) as well. These stickers will cover the day labels in the planner. I made every color of the rainbow and you can reprint your favorites :) Here is the link to download the zip file with all of the files in it. I have made two versions of two of the pages so you can pick your favorite girls...

Hope you love them!


Easy Christmas gifts with the EasyPress 2

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Hey Everyone,

I know I have been talking a lot about my Cricut machines lately but I am always surprised how much I use them. I have so many new ideas for projects to use them with.... you all may not believe it but I do not cut quilt blocks with my rotary cutter at all anymore. Right now (since I had abdominal surgery 5 weeks ago) I can't even use my rotary cutter at all because my cutting table hits right at one of my incision points. (links in this post may be affiliate links) So my Maker (it i on sale right now) is my best friend right now. Here are my machines!

Cricut's new EasyPress 2 has been my favorite toy lately. It is 20%-30% off right now It is so amazing for making so many different things.I have the original EasyPress as well but there are some significant upgrades with the EasyPress 2. It heats up faster and has a thicker ceramic plate so the heat is more even all over the device which makes the iron-on material stick more consistently. It also gets hotter which allows it to support pressing onto a lot of new materials. My original was the original single size of 9" by 9" but the EP2 has two new sizes (in addition to the original size) that I actually use much more than I did the original size, 6" by 7" and 10" by 12".

Here are a couple projects that I used the tiny one on...

Cute Christmas Ornaments/Pincushions

My own design T-shirt

Another T-shirt I designed

I painted this then applied the white portions in Iron-on
The tiny EasyPress 2 was perfect for the ornaments and the little art canvas (it would be perfect for baby onsies too).  I really could have used the Biggy EasyPress 2 for the t-shirts. I had to press multiple times to cover the large designs but with the big one I will be able to do the whole designs at once when I do them again. I have plans for a fun banner/flag for winter that will be great to use the big one on as well.

I love the Raspberry color and it goes nicely with the new Rose colored Maker too :) 

And just a word about the EasyPress Mats they are so perfect for using on my craft surface (cutting mat) they are 5 layers of protection against the heat and they are soft and mobile so I can throw them on a shelf when I don't need them or put them on my cutting table for a perfect place to press with the EasyPress or my Iron. These are on sale half price right now and they are great portable ironing mats.

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I would not volunteer to talk about these machines so much if I didn't really love them and really use them.

Hope you have a great Holiday weekend!


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