Lots and lots of new fabrics.

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Well, as usual we have tons of new fabrics. Wanna see the pretties?

We got this super fun collection by the designer that designed "Angel Band" the, Christmas collection that we have almost sold out of, this is "She Who Sews"

I fell in love with those Ruler and Pattern Paper Paper Dolls. So I made separate bundles of those too. The fabrics in this collection are really fun!

We got Hot House Flowers by Mo Bedell... it is so pretty and bright.

We got Enchanted by Sarah Fielke. Don't we love her books?  These are really fun and summery. I especially love those dots!

This is Life...Enjoy the Ride I love Bike and Map fabrics

And then.... How could I resist the Camera and House fabrics from Snapshots.

Awww so fun! We are having a free shipping event next week. Starting Saturday the 2nd though Friday the 8th if you buy 3 yds or more in the US your shipping is free if you buy 8 yds or more internationally then your shipping is half price.

Starting Saturday the 2nd though Friday the 8th if you buy 3 yds or more in the US your shipping is free if you buy 8 yds or more internationally then your shipping is half price.

Name that fabric... Found thanks everyone!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
We found it thanks everyone!

Here it is in the row of the quilt:

Looks a lot like a Lotta Jansdotter print but it isn't. My Friend Ali ran out in the middle of her quilt and needs to find a tiny bit more of it. Let us know if you know what it is.

Thanks so much!

Sunday Download

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Oh my goodness.... we have gotten a TON of fabric lately.... then I was buried under Cotton & Steel and couldn't share anything with you. So be prepared for tons of pictures :) Also I actually sewed for an hour last Sunday so I can show you my Reversible Box Tote.

This is a free pattern at Very Shannon if you haven't seen it yet. Super easy to make and comes out adorable. I love the reverse side just as much.

We have Arcadia by Sarah Watson it is organic from Cloud9.... isn't it pretty!

We have received Rayon, Knit, Flannel, and Voile from Anna Maria's Pretty Potent collection... you can find them in their own categories and at the bottom of the Pretty Potent page
This Rayon is my favorite!!

We have Cinderberry Stitches new Butterfly Dance... I love Natalie's adorable Fairies there are tiny adorable bugs and bugs under magnifying glasses... so whimsical.

We got Michael Miller's new Dim Dots in a bunch of rainbow colors I just love these...

We had a barrage of Holiday collections come in:

These super fun Mid-Century Holiday prints... Santa and reindeer in swim trunks...

Sugar Rush by Josephine Kimberling looks like Candy Land

And this is my personal favorite it is called Christmas Time but it is the cutest Gnomes and their homes... honestly I can't get enough of it. It is by Alexander Henry.

Here look how cute these prints are:

I personally don't think that it needs to be Christmas either... it has snow but that doesn't make it Christmas... just saying :)

Last but not least we got Gleeful by Sew Caroline. Super bright fun fabric. We also got som knit form this collection... as a matter of fact... check out all of the gorgeous knits we have.

We have added a bunch of voile and lawn too... including the Cotton & Steel Lawn

So how is that for overload? We have tons of new colors of Kona Cotton in and some Michael Miller Cotton Couture. We actually had to put in a whole new wall of shelves to house it all...

Have a great Sunday!

A Super Quilt Tutorial and a Sale.

Saturday, July 19, 2014
Hi Everyone,

Wow, it has been a whirlwind of a week! I hope you get a chance to sew this weekend. Especially since we have this awesome tutorial from Jessica at Quilty Habit We shared a bit of Indelible with Jessica and this is what she made. You can find the PDF for printing "Point Me" Here.

I love how you can make this quilt your own by rearranging the pieces. Don't forget to go over to Jessica's blog and tell her thanks for the hard work. Making tutorials takes a lot of time :) Also check out her blog while you are there. I think you might find a kindred soul.

Thanks so much, Jessica, for being patient with me this week **wink

We are having a Christmas in July sale we put yardage of four of our most popular collections on sale 20% off until the end of the month: Solstice by Kate Spain, Joyful Holiday by Kathy Davis, Autumn Woods by Kate & Birdie, and Up Parasol by Heather Bailey.

Have a super Weekend!

It's Here!

Sunday, July 13, 2014
Cotton and Steel is here... after about 15 hrs of cutting I am still not done cutting pre-orders. I am a control freak... but you knew that about me right? Anyway, I should have the rest of the stock up on the website by tomorrow morning. I just want to make sure the inventory is correct. Just one more day of patience :) There is still some pre-order stock up of everything except Mustang, but Mustang is not sold out (only one or two bolts are) the rest will be updated tomorrow.

It's kind of like going to the Doctor

Thursday, July 10, 2014
You know when I am away from the blog too long it is kind of like going to the doctor. You haven't been there in a while or you missed an appointment and you know you should have called sooner. So you feel guilty and feel like you will get chewed out. I know you all wouldn't do that to me, though, right?

Did  mention Cotton & Steel will be here in the next few days? I love that RJR is in California

We will be hosting a new kind of class on the 9th of August. I know you all have seen the jewelry that I make.... One of my favorite teachers and friends is coming to the shop to teach. Her name is Lexi and she has a blog The Shabby Calavera

She will be teaching a class that I have been dying to take on making these awesome leather bracelets:

She is calling this a part two class but she will be teaching the basics in this class as well. She is adding extra content for those that took the original class already though. You can find info on the class here and you can sign up and pay her with the paypal button on the top right hand side of her blog.

Sometimes I forget that just because I have been posting tons on Instagram that doesn't mean you all have seen it.

I was playing and made some solid bundles to go with Indelible:

I made two new blouses

Feeling productive... 2 blouses 1 sew night
Sorry this is a terrible picture taken at midnight LOL I am really looking forward to teaching some classes on apparel this Fall.

We got more Aviatrix kits in and the Fancy Fox... I want to make it out of Indelible. I hope to show you more progress on the Aviatrix that I am making, tomorrow. I have the 5th border blocks done but I haven't got them on the quilt yet.

What does the fox say? Thanks for the fastest ever shipping @elizabethagh  ps. We have Aviatrix Medallion kits for sale!
What does the fox say?

Hope you have a great day!

Talk soon!

Our Annual 4th Of July Sale

Thursday, July 3, 2014
Hi Everyone,

 20% off everything tomorrow with the coupon code SALUTE20 ends at midnight Eastern.  Excludes Pre-orders, Clubs and BOMs

Sewing day... Aviatrix Medallion and Kits

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Hey Everyone,

I am finally starting to catch up after the whirlwind known as June 2014. I am doing my best to take a day off today. It never seems to work out quite the way I planned though. I am going to sew a bit on my Aviatrix Medallion today. I got a great start on it then came to a stand still a few weeks ago when everything got so hectic. I have a goal of finishing the 5th border today. Coincidentally, I got notice this morning that the Kona fq bundles for the Aviatrix kits are on their way and will be in tomorrow. So I posted kits on the website here They are a great price if I do say so myself, $112.50 for an 80" quilt top and binding.

Indelible by Katarina Roccella is here and just as gorgeous as we always knew it would be. I wish I could get pictures that do it justice.

And Jungle Ave from Sara Lawson is here too... look there is the fabric I made my blouse out of. I did bundles with and without solids.

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