Beginnings Quilt Along Block 9

Friday, July 13, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I promise I haven't forgotten about you! I am working away over here which means I am quiet but productive. The new venture with the clothes is coming along I have them up in the shop for purchase as well as the new collection from Tilda up for pre-order. But on to the quilt along...

If you are using your Cricut Maker to cut the blocks you can find the cut files for this row here.

The video for this row can be found here:

You will need the written instructions to go along with the video you can find a printable PDF here. You can also find the instructions below.

The Beginnings QAL Block/Row 9 (Printable PDF)

 Block 9 Ribbon Row (8” by 32” Finished)

For One Row (that is what you need for the quilt)


4 –  4 ½”by 8 ½” rectangles each of the two focus fabrics (make them the same color but

        different tone this will create the ribbon illusion) 

 16 –  4 ½” squares of background fabric

** all seams are ¼”


1. Mark a diagonal line on the back of each of the 4 ½” background fabric squares corner to corner.  Then measure ½” away from the first mark and make another mark.

2. Place a background square on the top of one focus fabric with the diagonal going from the top right to the bottom left. And on the other focus fabric place it so the diagonal goes from the top left to the bottom right. Be certain that the shorter (second) line is closest to the corner.The angle on the picture is correct but the left side needs to be rotated so that the shorter line is closer to the corner. The angles should be opposite each other.

3. Sew directly on the lines. Then cut apart down the center between the lines. (Set your half square triangles aside because you won’t need them. I had you sew them so that you could square them up to 2 ½” squares and use them to make other blocks later. I will show you how to make them into a signature block for the back of your quilt when we are done.) Press one focus fabric set of rectangles toward the background fabric and the other set toward the focus fabric. This way the seams will match up for nestling when we sew the row together. Repeat for all of the rectangles.

4. Place the final set of background squares with the angles going the same direction as the original ones, as shown. Be certain that the shorter line is closest to the corner just like we did earlier. This time the corners are in the center and the original ones were toward the outer corners. Sew directly on the lines and cut apart. Press each set in opposite directions like we did before. Set the HSTs aside. Repeat for all of the rectangles.

5. Place the blocks in a row, alternating blocks.

6. Match and nestle the seams of pairs of blocks and pin. Then sew them together.

7. Lay the matched pairs back out so that they are in the proper order again then sew the row together. Press and you are done!

 I hope you love it...and look how fast that row was.

If you wonder when we will be done with our quilt top... It will be October so you have plenty of time to get it quilted and bound for a Christmas present.


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