Guising, Ric Rac Rabbits, and Piccadilly Circle are here.

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Well Guacamole... you know how I say when it rains it pours fabric over here? Well, it isn't pouring it is flooding... how many collections does that make since I got back from Market? 7 or 8 ... eep....

Guising is here:

Ric Rac Rabbits is here:

And Piccadilly Circle is here:

Fabric Fangirl....

Yep, that's me. I call myself a fabric geek, fangirl, addict, obsessive... what have you. I get really excited and happy about fabric. Sometimes I forget how much I love a certain collection until it shows up on the doorstep and I open box. I did that with this one.

Ric Rac Rabbits by Marisa of Creative Thursday (I took these pics this morning in the dark so forgive the bad lighting please) This is my favorite print:

Bunny Wreaths....
I wanted to show how tiny these hearts are (this fabric is a light lavender) cute alternative to dots don't ya think? I also love that they are random appearing.

This one totally cracks me up. I don't know why it tickles my funnybone... Tossed Rabbits so stinkin' cute! They are lavender bunnies on a grey background.

Here is a picture of the free project quilt in Andover's booth at Market. Never could get one without people in it this is the best I got...

Here is a picture of the project for Santa Claus is Coming to Town (their booth was really dark)

I am so excited about all of the new collections that I ordered at Market. In the next week or so I will be putting all of the pictures of things that are coming through August on the coming soon page. There is not a lot there right now but believe me it is going to be full soon. I have about 45 new collections coming in the next three month... eep... I need a new house LOL

The Fifth and Final 500th Post Giveaway

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Is it ending already? Oh well you know we have parties every Friday so come on back again sometime. Our house is your house...

Since I am having fun giving away Christmas fabrics (they being the newest thing in) why break the streak... how about some Wrenly Christmas? In Traditional colors this time...

So fresh and lovely... you know the drill... leave a message...

I will draw all of the winners on Saturday morning...

The Fourth 500Th post giveaway...

Monday, May 28, 2012
Bet ya thought I forgot... :)

Nope... I just cut a FQ bundle of this today and it was so adorable I decided it would be a good giveaway... besides it is brand new...

FQ bundle of Santa Claus is Coming To Town in Teal

Again if your don't celebrate Christmas we will come up with something of equal value...

You know the drill :) Leave me a comment and this lovliness can be yours.

The Third 500th Post Giveaway.

Sunday, May 27, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Are you tired of prizes yet? I didn't think so... How about more Market goodies?

You know I love Lotta Jansdotter and Echo... and now Bella her new collection. I bought Bella before there were even pictures out for it so it will be in the shop in August... Woot! So how about a charm pack of Bella for you?

Picture used by permission of The Fabric Shopper Online
 Sweet! Gotta love those fun colors and graphic designs.

You know what to do... just leave me a comment.

Don't forget to hug a soldier today!

Second 500th post giveaway day, a sale, and a winner.

Saturday, May 26, 2012
Hi Everyone,

What to do first? How about the sale... since we no longer can get to the front door (again) I am having a little Memorial Day Sale. Everything in the sale section is marked down to 50% off MSRP in other words it is at wholesale prices kind of like a little sample spree of our own. You can also take an extra 10% off your whole cart with this coupon code: REMEMBER10 that means you will be getting the fabrics in the sale section below wholesale. Until Tuesday at midnight Eastern. I will also be lowering prices on random collections across the site just for fun. It is only the Sale section that is 50% off MSRP though. The others that I choose will be between 30 and 40% off just for the weekend :)

Now for the Second giveaway loot... how about a Fat quarter Bundle of Alpine Wonderland with an advent calendar panel included? Cute yes? If you do not celebrate Christmas we will come up with something of equal value.

Garsh I love her little deer... so cute!

Now the winner of last weeks giveaway of the Melody Miller fabric and Amy Butler tote.

Number 27 is:

Lynda said...
have never been to market, but what are the new trends? Or are there any new trends?

Yay Lynda! And in answer to your question... a few months ago I did a blog post where I predicted that Butterflies were the new Birds... boy was I right. Everyone is doing butterflies. The other trend is Feathers. Feathers everywhere :) Lots of green and dark blue and lavendar. Oh... and Nautical. There are tons of new Nautical collections coming. I will email you in a minute Lynda.

Every once in a while I like to reward the first person to post on a giveaway post. We know that #1 doesn't come up randomly very often so I want to say thanks to Kelsey who said:

Kelsey said...
I get the newsletter!

Friday Fun Day... and the beginning of the giveaway party

Friday, May 25, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Did you ever wonder where the "Friday Fun Day" title for all of my Friday posts came from? Well, even if you didn't I am gonna tell you :) Back... way back LOL About 2 yrs ago... maybe a year and a half...whatever... I applied to be a contributor to the creative team of a designer named Amanda Herring AKA The Quilted Fish. That was before the shop and all of the accompanying crazyness. We, the Team, created items with her fabric and posted tutorials on her blog every Friday. So I would title my posts Friday Fun Day and direct you over to her blog to see the latest cuteness... This year we have been working on a secret project. THE BOOK here is a picture of the cover:

I can't take any credit at all but I am so proud of this book. The pictures are beautiful and vibrant on glossy paper. Every page is a feast for the eyes. Even the directions pages have Amanda's style all over them. Honestly, It is so much fun to look through. The box on the cover is by Amanda herself. It is a sewing kit box, those flowers are pincushions. Just saying ...because I can... Amanda is brilliant you should see her new pattern for a sewn dollhouse complete with a backyard. Totally Genius!

This quilt is by someone you will know from my Newsletter, Brooke. I have been so fortunate to make these 9 ladies my friends and abuse cherish their friendship in everything I do :)

 This Mini is by someone else you will know if you hang around here any time at all... Sally

This is the make and take project the girls were teaching in the Market booth. Cute huh? This was made by Jackie

There are 5 more projects and awesome ladies in the book as well... ummm me included.

So the first Giveaway for the 500th post giveaway is a copy of this book. I will even sign my pattern (a rotary cutting mat carrying bag with a fold out ironing surface) called Pack and Press (we fondly refer to it as the Pack and Play).

Just leave a message here saying anything you want :) but keep it PG please :)

Have an awesome Friday Fun Day :)

Lucy's Crab Shack is here

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I can't walk in my entryway again... eep... but look at the cuteness! You can get some here.

PS if you are one of the few that can't see the website everything is now on Etsy except this one and I will have it up tomorrow. Thank heaven for a computer literate 14 yr old intern... AKA my daughter.

Trumpet ... DO DO DO ... 500th post

Woo hoo! I made it... never thought I would get here. And most of you are still here wanting to read what I say... that is the amazing part :)

So we are gonna have a little PARTAY... what do I do to party? Give stuff away of course... starting tomorrow and going for 5 days (5 for 500) I will post a prize each day that you can win by commenting on the giveaway post. I will explain better tomorrow :)

This is really bad... I can't remember what I have posted about the new fabrics that are in because I am getting a new collection every day. Yesterday evening Dress Up Days came:

 It is so stinking cute... I adore the bicycles and the dogs in the wagons. I also love the girls with the clothes lines and dancing in the rain... such cute stuff. The sherbety orange is my favorite!

Here is a picture of the doll you can make with the panel. Sorry the picture is not the greatest it was a little dark in her booth. The doll is so cute in real life though. She even has a second dress you can put on her.

You can find it here

So don't forget to come back tomorrow. I promis ethis is stuff you want :)

Wednesday Wonder with Anna Maria Horner

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Are you tired of me yet? Just to prove I am reading your comments on Fridays giveaway here is a picture of the feather quilt by Anna Maria Horner one of you said you wanted to see it :)

 I have to admit when I bought the collection I was a little worried about the cheetah print but after seeing how truly nuetral it becomes when paired with the other fabrics I am kind of loving it now.

 Here is AMH and my sweet roomie Adrianne. Thanks again Adrianne for keeping me together :) You are the best!

AMH's booth she won a ribbon for it :)

 More of the booth. I wish I would have gotten a close up for the little purse in the upper left corner. The main outside fabric is the cheetah print with one of the florals for a ruffle and it is adorable.

I loved this dress too ...

Tomorrow is my 500th blog post... eep! What shall we do? You will have to come back to find out :)

Vintage Modern Is Here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Isn't it pretty? Come and get some :) Here.

Tuesday Time...

Hi Everyone,

More pic spam and some new stuff in the shop...

Miss Tula Pink with a glimpse of The Birds and Bees in the background
Then some Nightshade quilts from her booth:

 Wish I could show you the quilting on this one close up.

Miss Valori in her booth with Cocoon

Lucy's Crab Shack Fat Quarter Bundles are here. There are only a few but there will be more posted after the yardage comes in. There are also Vintage Modern Charm packs back.

See ya tomorrow with another drive by spam attack :)

Kharma Baby, Wrenly Christmas, and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town... oh my

Monday, May 21, 2012
Well.... this has been quite a day... I am so wiped and my back is killing from lugging these boxes and fabrics around.... :) aww poor me ROFL

Wrenly Christmas You can find it here

Kharma Baby you can find it here

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town you can find it here

... back to fun market pics tomorrow.

Happy Monday! Tons new in the shop and Market pictures

Hi Everyone,

I am sure you have been seeing tons of pictures everyehwere from Market. I will be posting this week with my pictures hope you aren't too tired of them.

I guess the thing I am most excited about is adding Kokka to my line up. Not that I don't love the others too but I mean... really... Heather Ross, Melody Miller, and Echino? Come on who wouldn't be excited? So if you haven't been watching the facebook page you might have missed these pictures...

Excuse the poor quality, these are pictures from my phone... I do have some good quality ones coming later...

Here is Violet Craft with the quilt that Elizabeth Hartman made. The pattern is in Elizabeth's new book.

More picture spam coming later.

I can't wait to share all of the new collections I bought at Market. As a hint I picked up 4 new manufacturers. Kokka, Micheal Miller, Dear Stella, and Robert Kaufman.

Here are the things that showed up while I was gone:

Nightshade (well it was here but just the day before I left)
Wrenly Christmas (will have bundles up this afternoon)
Kharma Baby (will have bundles up this afternoon)
Alpine Wonderland (again it was here but very close to departure time)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town (will have bundles up this afternoon)

Rhapsodia will be restocked today and Vintage Modern might show up this afternoon as well... we shall see.

I have a big day ahead of unpacking boxes and getting all of the orders that came in out.

Hope it is the best Monday ever. I will be back with more pictures tomorrow.

Friday fun day and the Giveaway direct from Market

Friday, May 18, 2012
Hi Everyone,

My poor little tootsies are still tired from Schoolhouse and Sample Spree. I am going to let you guys loin in the fun by giving away something from each. First a bag from Amy Butler's schoolhouse session... so may exciting things coming from her and David I can't wait to share them with you when I get home...

Here is the bag

Then from Sample Spree these awesome fat quarters of Melody Miller fabric (I still love the veiwmaster best):

The giveaway runs from now to next Friday at midnight. You have to chances to enter. Leave a seperate comment for each of these things that you do.

Sign up for my newsletter (upper right hand corner of the blog) and leave a comment that you did or that you already get it.

Leave a comment telling me what you would want to see most at Market.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Don't forget to watch the facebook page and twitter for news from the floor as I have a chance to get pictures taken and posted ...

Talk soon :)

Nightshade is here...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Hi Everyone...

Nightshade is here... all I can say is them some big ladies! I have to warn you if you get a fat quarter bundle you most likely won't get a whole frame... maybe a face but probably not a whole frame. They are 13" tall. I would have to waste a lot of fabric to fussy cut a whole frame for each fat quarter or half yard. The way they are set on the fabric if I cute straight across at the top of one frame I cut the bottom off of the next one.

That being said... they are so fun! The selvages have skulls and crossbones on them.

The Newsletter normally comes out on the 15th but I have decided to puch it back until we all are back from Market. So there should be some fun pictures and news in it :) Don't forget to sign up if you haven't already.

Happy Market Week Monday!

Monday, May 14, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I can't believe just two days left before I have to get up and get on a plane. I only have Tuesday to get any errands done because I have to finish up the sale stuff today. Adrianne and I are going to try to do a bit of blogging while we are there so we might hit the 500th post before I get back :)

Alpine Wonderland is here. I posted it in the shop over the weekend but didn't have a chance to get pictures for the bundles until yesterday.

Isn't it the cutest? I will have the bundles listed in the shop in a little while. Just a warning though I won't be able to ship until I get back from Market. I just won't have time to get it cut and shipped before I go.

My friend Ruth from the BAMQG told me I needed to take a picture of my front hallway to prove that you really can't walk in there and therefore I need to have sales to reduce my inventory. You see she has been here and knows it is true. I always forget... so here it is after I did some creative shifting and before the sale this weekend:

As you can see there is just a small walkway to get into the shop room here and you kind of had to turn sideways to get to the rest of the house :)

And here it is after the sale. Yay so tidy and organized. And this is even after another collection came in. This is just the overflow area by the way I also have a wall of shelves and 6 more boxes in the shop room.

Now you get to see the less tidy ... erm hurricane hit (sale) shop room... because I want you to see just some of the packages that are going out today. (I still have a bit more to cut and pack up)

Thank you to Jennifer D. for coming over yesterday to help me wrap and pack. (those are my personal stash shelves :) )The other side of the room has 8' tall shelves almost wall to wall.

Rhapsodia bundles sold out in the sale but it has already been re-ordered as have the fabrics in Maureen's bundle from Friday so if you are looking for those they will be back when I get back from Market. Nightshade will be here today.... I think :) I also think Wrenly Christmas will be here by the end of the week. Lots of fun stuff coming.

See ya soon :)

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