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Saturday, April 30, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all of the great comments on the 200th post giveaway, I really appreciate them. As I said in the post, it snuck up on me. Since I wanted to get the newsletter sign up going with that post I had to scramble to get it all set up for you guys to sign up. I didn't have time to write a post about what the newsletter will be for. I wanted to do a few things that were a bit more labor intensive than a regular blog post so I decided that a newsletter once or twice a month would be less overwhelming than trying to get it all into a daily blog post. The newsletter won't be a re-hash of what is in the blog it will be all new content that is exclusively for the newsletter subscribers. The first newsletter will have a tutorial on how to match patterns so that the side of your bags (or dresses, blouses, etc...) will look as nice as the front and back, with seams almost hidden. It is also a full tutorial on making a shopping bag so you will actually get a finished project out of it. So I hope you guys will sign up and enjoy it.

I have a question.... would you guys like it if I carried the fusible fleece and interfacing I use for my bags in my shop? Let me know in the comments if you would.

I am having a sale on Kumari Garden in the shop... it is 20% off my regular price which is close to 30% off MSRP so I hope you will go check it out. The sale is running through next Friday 5/6. Don't forget I am always willing to make special cuts and do reserved listings for you.

Friday Fun Day!

Friday, April 29, 2011
Hi Everyone,

New tutorials over at The Quilted Fish will start a week or two after Quilt Market. Until then Friday Fun Day will be whatever I can come up with... :) Today I thought I would introduce you to one of my favorite tools. A lot of you might use this already but in case you haven't I thought I would tell you about Big Huge Labs. You can play with photos there to make some super fun effects. I am sure you have seen Mosaics like this before. (this is a bunch of stuff from my Flickr faves)

1. plus quilt, 2. Kaléïdoscope sur fond bleu Klein, 3. Violet's Quilt: Front, 4. Liberated Wedding Ring Quilt, 5. Kitchen Quilt 2010, 6. Baby Dylan's HST Quilt, 7. Rubik's Crush quilt, 8. swatch portraits, 9. Purple and Green, 10. Bluebird Love, 11. Quilted Pillow, 12. Pillow Talk Swap 1, 13. back of pillow, 14. pillow front, 15. Flowered Tote bag, 16. Tote bag giveway

If you click the links above it takes you to the artists original picture so you can appreciate them :)

Big Huge Labs has a bunch of fun photo software that you can play around with. Like Jigsaw puzzles, Warhol like posters... go check it out. Then go to Flickr and get some sewing inspiration but don't stay too long because you actually want to get some sewing done :)

This weekend I am making a something for a booth at Market so I can't show it to you (but eventually you will see it). In the mean time I am going to write up a tutorial for you guys on how to make a bag, it is a simple bag but I am going to show you a special technique with it.

See you soon :)

The 200th post Huge Giveaway..WOW! It snuck up on me...

Thursday, April 28, 2011
I can't believe this is # 200... it snuck up on me so fast... Last year it took me 14 months to get to #100 this time it took me 7 months to get to #200.

For those that weren't around for the picking of the prizes. I asked my followers to tell me what they would like to see in the 200th post giveaway. These are the things I picked from those comments:


A half yard bundle of Happier in Blue

A fat quarter bundle of blue and green Silent Cinema (since it is the most complete of the two colorways that I have)

A kit to make my button bracelet tutorial found here

The winner of this giveaway will receive all of the prizes above. Here is how to enter the giveaway: (leave a seperate comment for each of the items below for the most chances)

1. Leave a comment, any comment.
2. Become a follower (or tell me that you already are) and leave another comment.
3. Tweet or Blog about the gaveaway.
That is it... The giveaway is open until midnight PST Friday May 6th. I will pick a winner Saturday the 7th of May.

One more thing.... please, please, please make sure I have a way to contact you. If you are no-reply I can't give you any prizes.

FYI:  3/4s of my Sherbet Pips order is in the shop... the rest should be coming today or tomorrow.

Talk soon.

And now for something completely different...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am safely back from the root canal ordeal yesterday. I am happy to report that I survived. Now the day before Market I have to go and do the second part... goodie :)

I thought I would show you guys my little work space this morning.
Address has been blurred to protect the names of the innocent LOL
Here is a pic of my cutting table with a bunch of orders ready to get wrapped and packaged. We have a tiny house (okay, it isn't European apartment tiny but still) so last year I took over the formal living room as my work room. One wall has huge design wall my husband and I made. My sewing machine is in a tiny corner and my queen size quilting frame takes up the whole middle of the room. Now I have my cutting table next to the window. Hemmed in by the piano and the huge china hutch. The room  is only about 12 x 15 so it is lots of stuff in a tiny space. Under the quilt frame are two small book shelves that hold my personal fabric stash. We have to get rid of the two chairs and couch that are still in there to make room for the new shelving units that are coming for the shop fabric.

A while back I talked about my dolls and asked if you all would mind if I posted about them every once in a while. So as I said "Something completely different"... These dolls are called ABJDs which stands for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. When I first saw them I thought they were kinda creepy but they grew on me very quickly. I used to sew for them and sell my creations now if I sew for them it is always for my own use.

Here is my latest girl. She reminds me of Scarlett Johannson so I call her SJ:

To give you an idea of size... she is about 2 feet tall.
She wears a wig and her eyes are changeable which make these dolls have infinite possibilities.. one day a redhead the next blond... love that about them. They have joints pretty much everywhere that humans do and can stand on their own... she is standing on her own in high heel boots in this picture.

Okay so is that crazy enough for you?

Back to fabric and sewing next time I promise.

Talk soon,

Winners of the Sherbet Pips and stuff.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
 Hi Everyone,

I have the winners of the Sherbet Pips chosen. Random. org did the picking.

Rhonda said...

I'm a follower!

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

I'm a follower. : )

And because she was brave and was the first commentor...

Sunnybec said...

I am a follower

I sewed...and last day for giveaway and coupon.

Monday, April 25, 2011
Hi Everyone,

These days I feel like it is a huge luxury to get an hour or two to sew. I joined the Sewn Spaces Swap on flickr it is called "The Great Coverup" we are to make sewing machine covers for our partners. I am afraid to show any pictures of what I made because my partner will almost certainly know it is hers immediately. She likes polka dots, green and pink, and black and white.

Excuse the terrible picture I had to take it from over my head. I just need to get the binding sewn down and it is ready to go. I was so afraid I wouldn't get it done and with Market just around the corner I had to make sure it was done before I left. Now I have a bit of sewing to do for Market as well, wish me luck.

Today is the last day to enter the Sherbet Pips charm pack giveaway and the last day to use the 20% off coupon. Sugar & Spice is almost sold out. I just have enough for two more fat quarter packs of all of the prints so if you have been waiting to get it now would be the time.

Talk soon!

Happy Easter

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The picker winners of the 200th post giveaway...

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Hehe that sounds funny...

These are the items and people who picked them that I am giving away for my 200th post. Each of the people that picked will get what they picked and on my 200th post one person will get all of the things they picked :) I know it is confusing (and a run on sentence).

A lot of people picked the same things so I am sorry but I have to pick the first person that picked each thing I chose.


A half yard bundle of Happier in Blue

 jlk said...

I would have to go with a 1/2 yard bundle of Happier. I really like the blue, but I also really like the green and orange! Decisions, decisions ;)

Jenny said...

OH WHAT A FUN GAME! I love new lines...and you have some great ones coming soon! six new lines...i noticed that each new line has a great circle pattern..i love circles, dots, polka dots etc...what about one circle print from each of the new lines? my favorite being the new bracelet print from Lizzy House!!!

A fat quarter bundle of blue and green Silent Cinema (since it is the most complete of the two colorways that I have)

Lisa Marie said...

I would choose a fat quarter bundle of Silent Cinema. Gorgeous!

A kit to make my button bracelet tutorial found here

Sinta Renee said...

The RB fabrics are so yummy... but I think it would be great to giveaway a "kit" of your basket tutorial or button braclet out of Sugar & Spice.

Thanks to everyone who played along. I loved all of the suggestions. I am sorry I couldn't pick them all. As soon as I have some coffee I will email the winners. Just 5 more posts until the 200th and the giveaway of the whole bundle.

Talk soon!

Friday Fun Day...last day to enter the 200th post picking giveaway giveaway.

Friday, April 22, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Midnigtht tionight I close the giveaway for helping me pick the prizes for the 200th post giveaway so go here for the rules and enter because you don't wan to miss out.

Sherbet Pips should be here by the end of next week yippee! Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the charm packs here either.

I am not feeling well this morning so I think I will leave it at that.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.

Talk soon!

...There Was Much Rejoicing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Hallelujah there is new fabric in the shop. I got part of my Free Spirit order yesterday. There will be more this weekend and more next week... but at least I got some of it.


My new tutorial, a discount code, and a giveaway.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Here is the real pictures of my project that went live at Cutting Corners this morning.

This an iPad carrier/ purse. Here are some more shots.

Last One

I designed this a few months ago and have just been waiting for them to schedule me :) It is a huge tutorial there are about 110 pictures. LOL I hope  you all will go check it out and leave me a comment over there.

I met with my Moda rep yesterday. Shout out to Angela you are the best! She is totally adorable and don't tell anyone else but I think she is my favorite :) I ordered two amazing lines one that you all know very well... here is a hint...

Yep, I am a little late to the party but I am getting some Sherbet Pips. The other line is coming September and it is by one of my favorite designers. I think you will love it. There will be tons more to buy at market too. I can' t wait. So to celebrate let's have another giveaway... I have 2 more charm packs just like the one above. See below for the rules.

I have tons more stuff up on my coming soon page in the shop. I ordered a line that I think you all are going to love called Dazzle... go check it out. I am giving you all a discount code for 20% off for the shop this week it is MARKET20 I should have more things up in the shop this weekend and I will keep the coupon in effect until Monday 4/25

Giveaway Rules (the usual) three chances to win:

1. Leave a comment about anything you want but would love to know what you think of the items on the coming soon page.

2. Become a follower or let me know that you already are.

3. Blog or tweet about the giveaway and the coupon code (BTW my twitter name is @intrepidthread)

Talk soon!

The Reveal...

Monday, April 18, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Well here it is... that project I was working on that I told you about last week. I said I would show you a picture on Monday...

Unfortunately I was one day off on when the tutorial was going live. That is tomorrow. So I can tell you it is a tutorial for Cutting Corners College the Riley Blake blog.  It will be posted tomorrow morning. I hope you will come by and see it.

Thanks for all of the comments about the  200th post giveaway. I have some heartbreaking news (for me anyway) a couple of the lines I had ordered are sold out and a few prints from others are on back order. I didn't find out until Friday. So the coming soon page has changed a bit. I still think there are some super lovely things there and I will have even more to share in the next week and after Market next month.

Talk soon,

Friday Fun Day...let's have a party (and a giveaway)

Friday, April 15, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been so quiet this week. Working on a project that needs to be finished up by Monday and it is keeping my nose to the grindstone.

A little sneak peek of one of the other new lines that is coming in...eventually.

I am a little bummed that my new fabrics haven't arrived yet for the shop so let's have a party to cheer me up. This is my 190th blog post just ten more to go until I hit 200... probably take about 3 weeks. You know me if I am celebrating you are winning something... so between now and the big #200 let me know what you would like me to give away from my store (you can choose from the coming soon fabrics on the website as well). I will pick a few of the suggestions and one of the commentors on my 200th post will get a nice prize package. For the people that make the suggestions that I pick... you will also get whatever you suggested. So there will be multiple prizes.

Rules: (comments for this will be open until next Friday night at midnight)

1. Make one comment with a suggestion for the prize pack, choose from the fabrics already in my shop and/or the fabrics on my coming soon page on my website.

That's it... whoever's suggestions that I pick (sorry this isn't a random drawing it is subjective) will win what they suggested... so pick stuff you really like :)

A sneaky peek and TTT

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Wonder what this could be?

Sweet Nothings by Riley Blake
See that floral on top? It is Riley Blakes version of Minky called Dreamy...and boy is it ever. LOVE IT! You will get to see what I am making from this next Monday. Promise!

For TTT it is 2 lbs this week. 33 Total... now if I could just lose another 100 before Spring Market... I mean hey... I have a month right? LOL

Talk soon,

We have a couple winners...

Monday, April 11, 2011
Hey Everyone,

I am a couple days late announcing the winners of the Happier Charm Packs and I am announcing the winner of the Out Box Kit as well.

The winners of the charm packs are:

1. Lethargic Lass who said:

LethargicLass said...

and I'm a follower :)


2.SewCalGal who said:

 SewCalGal said...
Fun giveaway. I love your fabric selection, especially your happier cottons in green, blues, orange, yellows. I'm planning on a quilt and need some fat quarters of cheerful fabrics.


For the Out Box kit the winner is Krista from Red Car Productions she said:

Krista said...

so totally going to have to remember your painters tape trick for stitching straight lines!! they are just impossible for me!

Friday Fun Day!

Friday, April 8, 2011
Uh oh... it is a couple of weeks before we will be ready for the next round of tutorials for The Quilted Fish. We are going to be using Sugar & Spice and it will be so fun! But for now.... How about we do a tutorial hop? I found this adorable one this morning over at Noodlehead.You must go over and check it out. If you haven't been over to her blog yet... please, take some time and look through her projects, you will be glad you did.

Leave me a link to one of your favorite tutorials in the comments then we all can hop around and see what everyone is doing.

Talk soon!

Blog Hop: Mom's "Out" Box. A tutorial for "No Housework Day" and a giveaway

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Welcome to the National No Housework Day Online Blog hop! If you have arrived not knowing until now about the hop, no problem...just go back to If It's Groovy where this hop starts and work your way through. You may find games, prizes, projects and how do-you-dos along the path :) We would appreciate it if you sign up to keep in touch with us by "following" and would love your comments!
Perhaps you arrived here fromScrapbookers Anonymous. Great! Hope you enjoyed that stop and the others so far!!!

We celebrate this national holiday by scrapping today and into the weekend with projects that remind us of housework or getting away from it!!! Take the day off, put up your feet and let's hop!

Let's make this "out" box to tell everyone to get out of your craft room so you can enjoy No Housework Day, or you could say "Put it in the out box , I'll do it tomorrow", you could make a tag to indicate this is for the Honey Do List (that you will do tomorrow) you get the idea! Most of my usual followers are fabric crafters so this is right up their alley but I made this simple enough for anyone to follow. It also makes a great little accessory for a paper crafters workroom.


2- Fabric pieces of fabric 19" square
2- Fusible fleece pieces 19" square
2- 3/4" Grommets
2" painters tape (optional)
Acrylic ruler with 45 degree angle marking (optional)
Ribbon, and embellishments of your choice
A sewing machine
Rotary Cutter (optional)


1. Cut your fabric and fleece.
2. Apply fusible fleece to the wrong side of each piece of fabric according to manufacturers instructions.

3. With a ruler mark all the way around the underside of both squares at 3 1/4". You can see I made a mistake so you have to do as I say and  not as I do here :)
This part is optional. I wanted to quilt the outside of my box to make it more fun. If you don't want to do thus part meet us at step
4. Go to the garage and steal your husbands painter's tape. If you don't have a garage, husband, or tape you might have to go to the hardware store (but that is okay because it is shopping not housework :) ) I used 2" tape here.
5. Use the 45 degree line on your ruler lining up your corner at 2 inches. Place a piece of painters tape on your fabric along the edge of the ruler.

6. Measure over 2 inches from the edge of the tape and put another piece of tape across the fabric there. Continue until you reach the opposite corner of the square.

7. Sew down each side of the painters tape. I do not use a walking foot here becuase the fleece is fusible so it won't shift.
8. Take your tape off but don't crumple it up. Just stick it to the side of your rotary mat or something to keep it straight. You will turn the square to one of the adjacent corners and do steps 5-7 again.

When you are done you will have these cute diamonds quilted into  your box.

9. Put the two squares together right sides facing.
10. Pin all the way arround leave 4-6" open on one side for turning. I like to mark my opening with 2 pins like this so that I remember not to sew through my opening. Sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way around.
11. Once you sew all the way around your square (being sure to leave an opening) put your hand inside and open up the corner like this:
12. Flatten your corner so that your seams meet in the middle. My thumb is on the seam and underneath the other side seam meets it. This will make more sense when you do it. Put a pin in your drawn line on the seam and through to the other side making sure that it goes through the line and the seam on the other side.
It is hard to see the pin here so I made an arrow ;)
13. Pin on each side the same way making sure that the lines are meeting on top and bottom.
14. Sew on your line making sure to back stitch at both ends.
15. Repeat step 14 sewing over your sewn line a second time. Repeat for all fourcorners.
16. Measure 1/4 inch from the sewn line and cut off the corner. You will get little squares like this:

You have a little box now :)
17. Turn your box right side out.
18. Use your thumb and fingers to get the seams turned so they lay flat around the top edge of the box.

19. Iron around the top of the box.

20. When you come to your turning opening turn each side in 1/4 inch and iron.
21. Pin the opening closed with the top sides turn in.
22. Top stitch all the way around the top of the box at approximately 1/8 inch.
See here is where my opening was and you can't even tell :)

23. Turn the bottom sides down and iron to make a nice crisp square bottom.
24. Turn the corners so they lay flat and iron to crisp those up too.
Voila a box...
25. Let's make her prettier. Measure to the center of the front of the box it should be about 6 inches from each side. Put a pin in it :)

26. Measure up 1 1/2 inch from the bottom and 2 inches to each side of the pin and make a dot with a pencil.
27. Put a grommet over the dot and make a circle the size of the inside of the grommet.
28. Cut a small circle where you marked. You want the hole to be a little bit smaller than the grommet so that the edges are covered by the grommet and it's washer. This is fabric so you need to cover those edges.

 I decided to use this adorable 7 Gypsies tag for my basket... I thought it was perfect with the "Do Not Disturb" but you can make your own to say whatever you like of course.
29. I used about a yard of two ribbons and tied them through the grommets.
30. Then I attached the tag and made another bow.

When No Housework Day is over you can use it for holding your 12" x 12" papers.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. If you would like to make one for yourself. I have the fabrics available in my shop. I am giving away a kit for this basket it will include the fabric and fusible fleece. Leave a comment below to be entered in the giveaway.

Thanks for your visit, please head over to see Scrapbooking SOS. Enjoy!

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