This weeks fabric Giveaway...

Saturday, June 30, 2012
I guess I am just in the mood to giveaway some stuff this week...

How about more of this super fun collection from Erin McMorris:

La Dee Da

To win head on over to Jeni's In Color Order blog

In other news I uploaded 8-10 new collections in the coming soon page if you want to get a gander at what is coming round the pike :)

Have an awesome Saturday!

Friday Fun Day...Giveaway and last day of sale.

Friday, June 29, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Wow, I have been quiet this week. Remember on Monday I said I had a friend coming... well... she couldn't make it. So I decided to do the same things I was going to do with her... only on my own. Obviously not as fun but still a nice break. I made some fun Jewelry and I will show it to you in a day or two.

I am giving away "The Book" today:

This is the adorable book that my litte project is in... Amanda (aka The Quilted Fish) put this book together with projects from each of us girls on her design team. It really is a pretty book. It has full size pattern pieces as well. This Sunday we are starting a blog tour for the book. It will start on Amanda's Blog then hop around to all of us. I am day 3 :) There will be prizes so don't miss the hop. I will post a little reminder with the links on Sunday as well.

If you would like to win the book just leave a post here for me. You have until next Friday 7/6/12 at Midnight to enter. 

Today is the last day of the 30% off sale on Riley Blake and Andover Fabrics (hint... see the fabrics used on the project on the book? that is one of the collections on sale) so don't miss it.

Riley Blake and Andover on Sale this week

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I marked down all of Riley Blake and Andover to 30-50% off this week. Including Ric Rac Rabbits, Dress Up Days, Apple Of my Eye... and more.

Happy Monday!

Monday, June 25, 2012
Hi Everyone!

I am so happy! This is going to be a great week! I finished my Pillow Talk Swap #8 pillow over the weekend.

I put the darker grey in and decided it was too dark so I mixed in some white and I adore how it came out. It was a crises for a while though. I almost scrapped the whole thing. I am glad I persevered. I hope she likes it.

Tomorrow my best friend is coming down to spend a couple days hanging out with me. I can't wait for our play date :) I am getting out the jewelry making stuff and the sewing machine we are gonna craft up a storm.

I hope you have something fun planned for this week :)

Talk soon!

It's National Pink Day... having two fun sales today

Saturday, June 23, 2012
Since it is National Pink Day... I put all my pinks on sale for today only they are 30%-50% off... check here and all Pre-cuts are 30% off today so Charm Packs are only $6 and Jelly Rolls are only $26 until Monday at midnight or whenever they sell out :)

I know it is funny but what can I say get to loving some pink :)

Friday Fun Day... and the Giveaway

Friday, June 22, 2012
I Love Friday don't you? I love it almost as much as Monday :)

I am giving away this gorgeous bundle of yummy at Ellison Lane Quilts

Head on over to win some. But be sure to come back here tomorrow morning I am doing something special for the weekend. Wink Wink!

Don't forget 10% off until midnight eastern tonight ELBOWROOM

Going to the beach....

Thursday, June 21, 2012
I made a resolution that this summer my daughter and I are going to live our lives rather than watching them go by from the window of the shop room.... so today (as soon as my orders are cut and wrapped) we are going to the beach. Here are a couple pictures from her Birthday beach party in January.

We always go to this beach because it has awesome tide pools and we love to play with the hermit crabs.

Hope you get to do something fun today too :)

A Little Mid-Week Giveaway

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Hi Everyone,

My friend Lorelei from The Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild emailed me yesterday to ask advice about giveaways and such since she has just updated her blog she wanted to do something to celebrate. I gave her some advice and something to giveaway. Since sh had just gotten some Lucy's Crab Shack and It's A Shore Thing from me we thought everyone else might like to make something beachy too.

We are giving away two charm packs of Lucy's Crab Shack:

So head on over to Lorelei's blog and enter win :)

La Dee Da and Joy are here...

Monday, June 18, 2012
Okay, well, now we have fabric in the dining room :) and down the hall almost to the guest room...

La Dee Da by Erin McMorris

 Joy by Kate Spain

Pretty Little Things and a Sale

Friday, June 15, 2012
Pretty Little Things is here:

I love Dena Fishbein... and this is no exception...

I am having a sale this week it goes until Midnight Eastern next Friday. 10% off everything with this coupon code ELBOWROOM

The usual sale rules. You will not be able to choose individual fat quarters during the sale but bundles are still available. I will do my best to keep inventory caught up but I might run out of things so please read any email titled "about your order" right away. Please be patient with shipping because it might take me a day or two extra. I will be out of town tomorrow so the first day I will be able to ship is Monday.

Thanks so much!

Friday Fun Day (for real) and the Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

I got up at 4:30 this morning... what am I nuts? No, just an insomniac :) I am so excited about the newsletter today. These are some amazing tutorials and I am so proud to be able to offer them to you.

This is what we are giving away today:

Fat Quarters of the Warm Sunset colorway of LillyBelle:

Oh the lovliness of it all... the giveaway is being hosted by Maureen so head on over and see if you can get yourself some.

I have a couple words about the Newsletter. It has been brought to mine and Sarah's attention that there is a bag pattern by Clover and Violet called the Charlotte Bag and it is eerily similar (but not the same) as the bag that Sarah designed with the same name.

I do 100% believe in spontaneous similar design. I have had it happen to me and I have seen it happen literally 100's of times. We have proof that this is not a copy of their design here is the blog post where Sarah shows the bag she created in December of 2010. She just wrote the pattern for it but I actually had the pattern in my email before Clover and Violet posted their pattern for sale. We are not accusing them of copying and we don't want them to accuse us. We also don't want a million emails from everyone asking about it so we thought we would clear this up before it became an issue... nuff said!

The other item I wanted to mention is.... I had someone unsubscribe from my newsletter and the reason that they gave for unsubbing (and not in very cordial terms) was that I ask you not to make items to sell from the tutorials that we provide in the Newsletter. I think this is fair. You are getting the patterns for free for your own use and you can make as many as you want as long as you don't sell them without permission. So to clear up any misunderstanding. You may contact the contributors and ask permission to use them for sale items but I can not give you that permission since the items are not my own intellectual property. There is always a contact point given for the contributors. I hope you all will find this a fair policy as well :)

Sheesh it has been a busy week with all of the new collections coming. Today Pretty Little Things from Dena Designs is coming. I love her work, so I can't wait!

Talk soon!

LillyBelle, Serenade, and Starflakes and Glitter Are Here

Thursday, June 14, 2012
Ummm there is almost not enough horizontal space in the house to sleep in... :)

You can find LillyBelle here ( I will have the plus bundles up tomorrow)

 You can find Serenade here:

 And you can find Starflakes and Glitter here:

The Newsletter is tomorrow

Don't forget to sign up! It is a May/June combined one because I was on my way to Market on the 15th last month. So it is extra packed full.

You can sign up to the right ----->

Here are a few things that you will miss if you aren't signed up:

The Charlotte Bag from Fairy Face Designs

The Envelope Clutch from Ella

The Cross Body Satchel from The Littlest Thistle

Obviously this was a bag making month :)

The Lucy's Crab Shack Pillow from Silly Mama Quilts

The Dollhouse Quilt from The Crafting Fiend

And this sweet mini from Brooke and Sally

So much to love.

See ya tomorrow :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Hehe it is pouring fabric again....

It's a Shore Thing is here:

And Bukhara is here:

Serenade Charm Packs are here:

 Serenade Jelly Rolls are here:

Lucy's Crab Shack Charm Packs are here:

More Chevrons are here:

Playing again... and some new stuff in the shop

Hi Everyone,

After getting all of my orders wrapped up for shipping yesterday I finally put together a bundle I have been wanting to do for a while. I kept seeing all of these new pink and burgundy fabrics coming in and thought wouldn't they be so pretty all put together.

So I finally took a half an hour to get just the right combo and came up with this:

(you can find this in the Fat Quarter and Half Yard sections of the shop here)

I bet you know what I am going to call it... Wine and Roses :)

The first box of Dear Stella fabrics came yesterday with the Campgrounds fabric and the Shower fabric and the dots.... I put together some supporting fabrics to go with the two single prints and took a picture of the dots all together:

There are all different colors in the Campgrounds fabric but I decided to skip the lavender and pink and concentrate on the yellow, blue, and green... like the sunshine, water and greenery that you see at most campgrounds. You can find these here.
I found a solid in the shop that matched the showers perfectly called Mist... it is a Moda Bella and I selected and rejected a ton of pinks and blues but these are the ones I finally settled on. I think it would be fun to pick the showers and one other fabric (for lining) and use them to make a host of travel bags like make up bags, jewelry bags etc... You can find these here.

And here are the dots which I think will make some really great blenders. You can find these here.

Today Bukhara and It's a Shore Thing are going to be here. I have to say a word about the fabric. It is very nice quality. I am really happy with the hand. It is soft and a very nice weight. Since this was my first order to arrive from Dear Stella I didn't know for sure what to expect but I am very happy with it. :)

Happy Monday! There is a Giveaway too...

Monday, June 11, 2012
Hi Everyone!

I am so excited! This week is gonna be so fun. I have 8 new collections coming... unfortunately I have no place to put them.... :) I will share a little secret with you my closest 1000 friends... I might be renting a space soon. Eep that is scary :)

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I was so fortunate to get to sew for an hour or two on Saturday. I got my Bee Blocks done (one is a teensy bit late) and got started on my Pillow Talk Swap pillow.

Here are the fabrics I pulled for the pillow:

 She wants orange and grey with a bit of aqua. I am using three greys you can see the light and medium in the bottom of the picture. I am adding a slightly darker one as well. I have to wait for it to get here from Art Gallery this week. I have most of their new solids coming for the shop along with Lillybelle... woot!

Here is a picture of the pillow top roughed out. Everywhere there is white space will be the darker grey or I might leave it white... I have to see what it looks like with the blocks finished.

I added a lot of new things to the coming soon page over the weekend as well.

Here is what is coming this week:

Dots, Campgrounds, and For Your Shower by Dear Stella
La Dee Da by Erin McMorris
Pretty Little Things by Dena Designs
LillyBelle by Bari J and Art Gallery
Pure Elements Solids by Art Gallery (haven't downloaded those pics yet)
Serenade by Kate Spain
It's a Shore Thing by Dear Stella
Chevrons (more) from Riley Blake (need to get these pictures too :) )

I am sponsoring a giveaway at Plum and June today. They are doing a blog hop with advice for bloggers. Interesting stuff.... so go on over and see if you can grab yourself some of this:

Talk soon!

Campgrounds and Showers

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Hey Everyone,

One of the new manufacturers I picked up while at Market was Dear Stella... I love their fun whimsical collections. It's a Shore Thing will be here on Tuesday. Tomorrow some basics and a couple of single prints are coming.

 I don't know why but I just fell in love with these two prints. They don't have a supporting collection they are just by themselves but I will make bundles of matching fabrics to go with them.



For Your Shower (when I heard the name I thought it was bridal or baby shower but no....)

Aren't they awesome? Love! Here are the basics I bought... Stella Dot



 White and Blue
 White and Orange

See Ya Tomorrow :)

Friday Fun Day and the Giveaway

Friday, June 8, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been so quiet this week. My husband was out of town and I took the extra time to have a "Chuck" marathon with my daughter. I love that show and it is right up our geeky alley.... Anyhooo.... on to what you really want to see.

Coquette Charm Packs came yesterday so that is what we are giving away today.

I was describing this collection to my best friend yesterday and the what I came up with is this "It is like a beautifully designed cake that tastes good too" The colors remind me of buttercream frosting and gorgeous rosettes in lovely candy colors. The yellow is heavenly and I am not a yellow fan. The lavender so pretty and the aqua is to die for... just saying...

Anyway if you would like to get your mitts on two of these charm packs head on over to Lily Pad Quilting and enter to win some from Ms. Snoodles it is a short time frame so enter soon.

Have an amazing weekend!

Lots of new sale items....

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I just put a bunch of new items on sale. I made some subdivisions in the sale category on the website a few weeks ago and just now filled them all.

These Fabrics are 20% off MSRP:

Apple of My Eye
Quilt Blocks

These Fabrics are 30% off MSRP

Fruit Slice
Pezzy Prints

There are still lots of items in the 50% off category too.

Flying Free is here

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
I love this collection. The birds, the butterflies the trees.... especially the Dandelions...

Youc an find it here.

Happy Belated Monday

Oops I lost another Monday... it usually happens when my daughter has an Ortho appt first thing in the morning. Then I have to run as fast as I can for the rest of the day to get all of the orders out.

I just thought I would show this super fun custom kit I just cut for a friend of mine (yes, Becky it is yours)... she is making a fun zig zag quilt out of it.

Yucky rain here for the last couple days... we need it though. Hope it warms up or we will have another non-summer like last year. I even had to turn the heater on this morning... eww.

If you are wondering where the Newsletter went for May I apologize. With the two huge sales I had, Market, and life I just couldn't carve out the 6-7 hours it takes me to put it together. The good news is that next Friday will be a double issue packed full of some super fun tutorials from my friends. Keep an eye out the next few days for previews of the coming fun...

Have a lovely belated Monday :)

Are we ready for some winners?

Saturday, June 2, 2012
Yeah! Let's do it!

First prize to giveaway is this sweet book:

Mr Random says:

#150 is:
Diane H said...
Way to go, Julie! Great projects.

Second prize to giveway is this Fat Quarter Bundle:

Mr Random says:

#42 is:
Nancy said...
Good luck in getting to and finding the door - and thanks for the giveaway!

Third prize is this charm pack:

Mr Random says:

#117 is:
dlub said...
I would love this! Thanks for the chance!

Fourth Prize is this Fat Quarter Bundle:

Mr. Random says:

#21 is:
Johanna said...
Love the fabric - too cute!!!!!

Fifth Prize is this Fat Quarter Bundle:
Mr. Random Says:

#242 is:

Rhonda D. said...
Great bundle!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Yeah! That is everyone. I will be sending an email in a few moments to all of the winners.

I hope you had fun! I am off to the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild today!

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