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Sunday, August 26, 2018
Hi Everyone,

This Friday night, the 31st,  I will be bringing my stock of clothing to The Island's Creative Escape in Los Gatos. I am getting a huge shipment on Tuesday so there will be lots to choose from in all sizes. My friend Lexi and I are hosting a Girl's Night Out, the trunk show and fun are free! We will have snacks and refreshments. Lexi will also teach a fun Farmhouse Decor painting class(for a fee).

Here is the adorable decor piece that Lexi is teaching:
If you would like to sign up for her class you can do that here.

Here is the address for the Island
The Island's Creative Escape
14090 Blossom Hill Road
Los Gatos, CA 95032

On the first Tuesday of the month I will be popping up with fabric at the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. 

Then September 6th through the 9th I will have fabric and clothes at:

Paris Flea Market in Livermore:
535 Leisure St,
Livermore, CA

I hope if you are local you will come visit me :)


Beginnings Quilt Along Blocks 10 and 11

Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I am sorry that the block(s) are later this month. It has so crazy busy here starting with that nutso sale I did at the beginning of the month that took an entire week to complete. Then I bought a ton of new clothes for the shop... I still need to get those uploaded.... anyway... all that to say that I am here now with the latest blocks for the quilt along. If you were wondering when we are going to be done I do mention in the new video we will be finished in October so you will have plenty of time to get it quilted before Christmas if you want to make a gift of it.

If you are using the Cricut Maker to cut your blocks you can find the cut files for these two blocks here and here.

The video for these two blocks is here:

You will need the written instructions to go along with the video you can find a printable PDF here. You can also find the instructions below.

The Beginnings QAL Blocks 10 and 11 (Printable PDF)

Blocks 9 and 10 Variable Stars (8" Finished)

For 2 blocks which is what you will need for the quilt...


8 – 2 ½” squares of each star point Focus Fabric
1 – 4 ½” square of each Center Fabric
4 - 2 ½” squares of Accent fabric (the blue in this picture)
8 – 2 ½” by 4 ½” rectangles of Background Fabric
8– 2 ½” squares of background fabric


1. Mark the back of each of your 2 1/2” star point fabric squares and accent fabric squares with a diagonal line from corner to corner. 

2. Place one star fabric square right side together with one background rectangle matching all the edges.  Check that the diagonal line is going the right direction to create your flying geese. (please reference the video). Repeat with the rest of the left side star points.

3. Pin on either side of the diagonal line far enough away to allow the presser foot to pass down the center of the line. This is just to keep the fabrics from shifting. 

4. Sew directly on the line

5. Go ahead and chain piece the rest of the left side corners by repeating step 3 and 4. 

6. Trim the corners off at ¼” from the line on the corner side. Press toward the point fabric. **Pressing toward the focal fabric will give you a clear line of sight to your geese point allowing you to make a perfect point when you sew the block together.

7. Repeat Steps 2-6 with the other side of the rectangles to create your flying geese. 

8. Place your cut pieces as shown for the simple variable star block. Sew the rows together.
** note when sewing the flying geese to the center square have the flying geese on top and make certain that you sew directly over the point created in the center of the flying geese. This will ensure that you have perfect points.

9. Press your rows so that the to row is pressed away from the center, the second row is pressed toward the center, and the bottom row is pressed away from the center.  

10. Nestle your seams and match your points. (please refernce the video if you need a refresher on how to do this). Sew the three rows together. Your first block is done. 

11. Place 2 accent squares on opposite diagonal corners of the center of the second block.

12. Sew Directly on the lines. Trim the corners to ¼” and press toward the corners.

13. Repeat Steps 11 and 12 for the last two corners. Square the center to 4 ½”. If it is a little less on one side or the other don’t trim it. It will stretch and probably is just stretched out of shape a tiny bit since all of the seams are on the bias. Gently stretch it back into a square and press. (See video for more instruction)

14. Repeat steps 8-10 to finish the block. 

I hope you enjoyed making these blocks. I love them!


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