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Monday, May 30, 2011
I am not sure I am :) I decided that it would be fun to giveaway a fat quarter pack of Lola's Posies. What do you think?

The Winner will get to choose the colorway they like best and get a fat quarter pack of that colorway.

The Rules:

1. Leave a comment.
2. Sign up for my newsletter (the link is at the top of the blog on the right) and tell me that you did so.

That is it. The giveaway goes until next Monday, June 6th.

I have to get back to work on the newsletter still some testing to do then it will be out tonight or tomorrow.

Have a super day!

The Ruby Winner

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I feel so sad that this is the last winner of my Market week giveaways. Hmmm let's think of an excuse to have another giveaway tomorrow... I am just not willing to let it end.... come back tomorrow for another chance at something fun.....

In the mean time here is our Ruby winner:

heidiabc said...

Following you :)

I am free... and giveaway day 5 winners.

Saturday, May 28, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Oh my goodness I am so happy to finally be free of the Jury Duty thing. I have had a crazy three weeks. First it was Market, then a friend came to stay for a week, then I had the "On Call" for Jury Duty. I finally feel like I can get back to normal now. Lola's Posies is in the shop. It is so cute! I love it.

Now what you really want to know... who won the Prince Charming and Kumari Garden Holiday....

First Mr. Random picked #40 (I accidentally saved over the picture of the generator but you can trust me it was #40)

gill said...

I love both sets!
Thank you

~The Bargain Babe said...

Those are gorgeous, I would love to win!

To make you episode of Friends. Joey learns someone doesn't have a tv. He looks perplexed and says "Well what do you point all your furniture at??"

So Gill and Bargain Babe I will be emailing you right away.

Thanks to everyone that entered I will be back tomorrow with another prize. Now off to sew... yippeee!

Friday Fun Day! The winner of giveaway 4 ... and stuff!

Friday, May 27, 2011
Hi Everyone,

It is Friday fun day and I am so excited to have another super fun tutorial to tell you about. See those adorable Mother Daughter Aprons above? That is my friend (and Market Roomie) Sally and her daughter "L" isn't she the cutest? Go over to Riley Blake's Blog and check out this awesome tutorial.

IT is time for Market Giveaway Day 4  winner of the Hoo's In The Forest Charm Pack:

Without further ado:

Number 35 is my friend Jackie.... woot Jackie you won! I will email you hon!

Jackie said...

She had a cute little print with 3 birds sitting on a wire... loved it.

Giveaway 3 winner...

Thursday, May 26, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Woot it is Thursday and I haven't been called to the court house yet. Yay! It is Dazzle day. Our lucky winner of last Wednesdays giveaway is getting fat eighths of the Teal colorway of Dazzle (the pink and gold was either sold out or not at sample spree).

Without further ado:

And #110 was:

free indeed said...

Wrenly looks wonderful! I like Valorie Wells; seems if I like a print it is usually hers! Those larger prints make for interesting purses, something I am into right now.

Free Indeed I am emailing you right now.

Thanks to everyone for entering.

I made huge headway on the Newsletter last night. Can't wait for you all to see it.

Lola's Posies will be in the shop on Friday and Loutlouthi might be too... or it might take until next week. Free Spirit never tells me when they are sending stuff it just shows up on my door step :)

Talk Soon!

Another winner...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Above is some of the Rose colorway of Lola's Posies. Lola's Posies is arriving in the shop early next week yay!  The winner of day two giveaway (last Tuesday) is getting a charm pack of this line. Without further Ado:

This is:

Diane H said...

Thanks very much for a chance - love lila's fabrics.

A sneak peek at more fabric coming soon... And the winner is....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I know the first thing you want to know is who won the first giveaway from last week. Aneela Hoeys little Take and Make pillow pattern. So without further ado:

And the winner is:

Lee said...

i signed up for your newsletter too~
Hi Lee... I am emailing you as soon as I finish writing this post. Thanks to everyone that entered.
I wanted to introduce you to yet another line that is coming soon to the shop. This is Pernila's Journey by Tina Givens.

I decided to show you the three colorways in the elephant print because it is one of my favorites. I think this line reminds me most of Cirque du Soleil. It has elephants, birds, and unicorns. I am picturing bags and big block quilts out of this fabric. I can't wait.

Thanks to everyone that left comments on the giveaway posts. I enjoyed them so much! Especially the jokes :)

Talk soon,

Last Market Giveaway and I Sewed...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Yep, it's true I have run out of Sample Spree goodies to give away. So here is our last one a fat eighth pack of Ruby. I love Ruby but I didn't think it fit with the aesthetic of my shop so I did not buy it to sell. That doesn't mean I don't love it but it was one of the hard decisions I had to make while at Market. Rules at the end of the post.

I had the good fortune to be able to buy some brand new designers that I think are going to rock everyone's socks. I already introduced you to Marisa and Meet The Gang.  Now let me introduce you to Thomas Knaur and Pear Tree.

I met Thomas because my friend Sally and he are Twitter friends. Actually, that is how I met a lot of people Sally gets around (don't take that wrong Sally :) )  I am pretty certain she knew everyone there. Sally wanted to see Thomas' new fabric line with Andover so she came to my appointment with me. The minute I saw Pear Tree I knew I had to have it... and as luck would have it Thomas came into the booth just as I was finishing up my appointment so Sally and I took pictures with him (remember I said I hadn't had any sleep, check out the bags under my eyes)

Thomas started sewing for his daughter and took his show on the road with etsy he is Waycoolkid. Love his style so much! I wish I had a little one to dress still. Go see Pear Tree on my coming soon page.

Yesterday, I finally took an hour or two for myself and whipped up this little quilt:

This was a super fast and easy pattern (I tweeked it a little) it only took me a couple hours to get the top done. The original pattern has applique but I didn't think it fit with the medallions so I left it off. This will be a free pattern included in my first newsletter which I will have out by the end of the month.

I am on call for jury duty this week (yuck) wish me luck.

Rules for the giveaway:

1. Leave a comment about what your favorite colorway of Pear Tree is.
2. Become a follower and comment that you did or let me know that you already are.

Giveaway is open until next Monday, May 30th at midnight PST.

Market Giveaway Day 5...

Saturday, May 21, 2011
Hi Everyone,

This is our last giveaway day of the week. I have had a blast reading all of your comments thanks so much! In an effort to keep the fun rolling I have decided to do one more giveaway day on Monday. Tomorrow I will take a break and Monday I will post one more giveaway.

Today I am giving away two fat quarter bundles of the newest bunch of fabric that is in the shop. Prince Charming and Kumari Garden Holiday. Above is the Honey colorway of Prince Charming which I am giving away and below is the entire collection of Kumari Garden Holiday, giving that away too. So there will be two winners of todays giveaway.

1. Leave a comment any comment. Make me laugh I love that... not that you get extra points LOL

Giveaway is open until next Saturday May 28th :)

As I said they are up in my shop right now and I do believe I have the best price around for them so I hope you will go take a look.

Have a super Saturday!

Talk soon,

Meet The Gang...and Market Giveaway day 4

Friday, May 20, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Let me introduce you to a fabulous new designer. Her name is Marisa Haedike. Above you can see some images from her first fabric line from Andover. The line is called Meet The Gang and I fell head over heels for it the minute I saw it.

Marissa is an artist that lives and works in California. She sells artwork on etsy in a shop called Creative Thursday and blogs under the same name. Marisa also teaches online creative classes and produces podcasts and video blogs. She has a wonderful fresh style. I highly recommend going to look through her blog and shop you won't be disappointed.

Meet The Gang will be out in November and I am so happy that I am one of the lucky shops that gets to carry it.

Unfortunately there are no samples of Meet The Gang to share with you yet so for the giveaway we are going to have something that a lot of you chose as your favorite new line from my coming soon page:

A little Hoo's In The Forest.  I have a charm pack, for you to win today, of this adorable line.

Rules for the giveaway:

1. Go to Marisa's shop on etsy and tell me what your favorite item is in a comment.

That is all... this giveaway is open until next Friday May 27th at Midnight. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the last giveaway.

Kumari Garden Holiday and Prince Charming are arriving in my shop tonight and I am super excited!

Giveaway 3 of Market Giveaway Week

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I try to answer all the comments even on my giveaway posts but it is really hard to do when I am doing giveaways everyday for a week. So if you don't get a comment from me, please know that I appreciate them so much and I am reading them all even if I can't answer them all.

Today I am bringing you a little Dazzle by Melissa Averinos. It will hit the shop sometime in the next few weeks and I am so excited. I picked up the teal color way at Sample Spree to share with you. So the winner of this giveaway will get a fat eighth of each of the fabrics in this colorway. If you want to see the whole line you can see it on my coming soon page along with a bunch of the new fabrics that are coming from market. I will have a bunch more up on the page by Friday night as well.

To enter the giveaway:

1. Leave a comment about what your favorite line on my coming soon page is.

That is pretty easy right?

This Giveaway ends Thursday, May 26th.

Don't forget to visit Happy Quilting for the giveaway of Aviary 2 this week and all of my blog posts from this week for the other prizes that are still open.

My Clearance sale in the shop is still going on right now. Aviary 2 is selling out fast so get it while you can.

Giveaway 2 of Market Giveaway Week

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I am so happy that you love Aneela's little project. If you haven't already, go and enter to win it on the post yesterday.  Today I am giving away a little bit of something I picked up at sample spree. This is Lola's Posies by Lila Tueller it will be in my shop soon (within the month) so I thought I would cut a charm pack and send it out to today's lucky winner.

These are just a few fabrics from the blue colorway. I will have the whole cotton line (you can see it on my coming soon page on the website) as well as two of the laminates.

I had the good fortune of meeting Mrs. Tueller and she is just as nice as we all thought she would be.

This giveaway has ended

The rules for this giveaway:

1. Leave only one comment this time (see I made it easy for you)

This giveaway runs until midnight next Wednesday, May 25th.
Don't forget to stay tuned for tomorrows giveaway.

Don't forget I am having a huge sale in my shop, things are going fast.

I will be back tomorrow to bring you something really fun!

Talk soon!

More About Market and Market Giveaway Week

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I am going to do a giveaway a day this week. For all kinds of super fun stuff from Market. I will also feature a new line that I am bringing to my shop each day. Since I went a little overboard that might take two weeks. Hehe...

First of all (since there are actually images already to show you) I ordered Little Apples by Aneela Hoey for all of us who adore Sherbet Pips this will be right up our alley. Here are a few pics of some of the cutest fabric ever:

I wish I could have gotten a nice picture of Ms. Hoey at Market but she was surrounded at all times. I did get to speak with her briefly and she was very sweet. She had tatoos of the little girl in the red coat and mine is still on my hand (who knew these things last for weeks?) and she also had a sweet little Make and Take project (I call them Take and Make because you take them and make them not the other way around). This is where the giveaway comes in. Even though I adore this little project and want to make it myself I am going to give it away to you . Something you can't get unless you went to Market. That is kind of like taking you with me right?

The little bag it comes in

The pillow project instructions and little squares of Little Apples to sew (squeee)

The embroidery pattern. (this is the little girl I have tatooed on my hand :) )


The rules for the giveaway:

1. Leave a comment any comment

2. Sign up for the newsletter (upper right corner of the blog has the link, the first one will be out before the end of the month) and leave a comment letting me know that you did.

3. Follow me if you don't already and leave me a comment telling me so. (If you already follow, no need to leave a comment I gotcha already)

4. Tweet or Facebook about the giveaway and let me know that you did. My Twitter ID is @intrepidthread

Winners drawn next Tuesday at midnight.

If you haven't seen it already there is a huge SALE going on in the shop right now. The prices are super low. I am calling it The Mama Went Crazy at Market sale. Go check out the coming soon page on the website to see what I bought. I will be adding more pictures as I get them.

Have a great day!


Big Doins... A giveaway, Market, a huge sale, and more.

Monday, May 16, 2011
Hi Everyone,

First there is a giveaway over on Happy Quilting of some Aviary 2 from my shop. Go enter to win some you will love it!

Market was a blast! All of my pictures are terrible. I will try to salvage some though. I could not sleep in the hotel room so if you see pics of me with bags under my eyes you know why. I will have a giveaway for you this week for some things that I bought at sample spree as well as a little something that you could only get if you were there so stay tuned.

Here is Amanda's (The Quilted Fish) booth. It was so fun wearing her sweet hats and helping all of the shops that came by.

Here is the Riley Blake booth. They won for best double booth:

Amanda's booth was just across the walkway I was standing there to take this pic. What a fun group they were. As I knew I would I totally geeked out on all of the quilting celebs I met. I promise I made a fool of myself but it was so worth it. I wish I could have taken each of you with me. Next time I am going to have a smart phone so I can post every 5 minutes about what is going on.

I am having a huge sale in my shop right now to make room for all of the new fabric I bought. Everything is 20 to 30% off. Check my coming soon page tomorrow and you will get to see some of the super fun new lines that are coming.

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