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Thursday, October 31, 2013
How about we fill your candy bucket with yummy fabric? You can take 20% off everything in the shop for 31 hours starting now and ending 3pm Pacific US time tomorrow Friday 11/1. Use this coupon code:


Selfies a day late...

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I am a day late with this... not that you really want to see my face that much anyway. I was super busy yesterday getting some things uploaded to the website. Two Jen Kingwell patterns, three Green Bee (Alexia Abegg) patterns and a new collection called Ahoy Matie that is just about the cutest pirate fabric ever seen, and Northcott is giving the profits to a charity called Quilts For Kids.

Some of these selfies are not my selfies... they belong to Sally but since I was with her.... Sally gained her own hashtag at Market #selfieswithsally she pretty much took a selfie with everyone we met it got to be pretty hilarious by the time we were done. So here goes... anyone that knows me knows I hate to have my picture taken but I decided that I was just going to give up vanity and really... who looks good in a selfie anyway?

First selfie in the parking garage on the way to Schoolhouse:


Selfie with Elizabeth from Don't Call Me Betsy Who was the first person we saw when we got to the convention center... that we knew that is...

W/ @dontcallmebetsy at #quiltmarket 

 Then there is a strange lack of selfies until the next morning when Market started... the first person I had to get a selfie with was Kate Spain we were all fresh and non sweaty at that point I thought it best to hug her before we all got moist LOL

#selfie With @katespain 

Then another with all the girls...


Then we wondered over to the Art Gallery ummm I will have to call it a town lots of booths :) and saw Miss JeniB

Selfie with Jeni #jenib320 

 and Leah Duncan


And as we were wondering we found Lizzy House who showed us the SOAK booth and little known to her I had already bought her nail polish collection for the shop... yes, you can have Pearl Bracelet nails in about a week :)


 Here we are at the Modern Meet Up with some very familiar faces including Elizabeth again, Jessica Levitt and Angela Walters:

#selfieswithsally at the modern meet up 

And here I am with the super sweet Jenean Morrison. I was carrying my tote bag that I made from her fabric and she had to stop me and tell me that it was her fabric. She is so sweet and humble that she didn't think i would know who she was or how to spell her name. Of course I do because I love her and her fabric!!!!

Selfie with @jeneanmorrison 

  Last but not least... And honestly this is my favorite ... not because I think it is a great picture but because of what transpired just before we took it. (well that really is a sweet pic of Pat)

Thank you Pat for the heartfelt and wise advice! I will always remember your kindness! @patbravodesign 

I got the sweetest and most heartfelt advice from Pat Bravo. She took a tiny spare moment (trust me she didn't have many of those) took me aside and gave me personal business advice. What a kind and wonderful woman. If you ever get the chance to meet her you must! 

Okay that is enough photos to last me a lifetime. And it is late! Gotta get to work!

Quilt Market... Warning Many Photos Ahead

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Wow what a whirlwind.... I had so many appointments to go to that I literally only had 3 hrs to walk the floor. I saw a lot of lovelies, and brought a lot of them home, the rest will be arriving over the next 6 months or so. Do you believe they are showing Christmas 2014 already? Eeep!

First of all let me brag on my friends...

Sally (our lovely hostess for the weekend) made this gorgeous quilt in 3 days for Marcia Derse's booth at Windham:

Here is Miss Brooke with Ann Kelle... AKA Kelle Boyd and the quilt she made for her booth... so many things in the booth were made by Brooke that the mind boggles... Can you tell Brooke isn't having any fun at all here **wink Sorry for the poor lighting...

Jen Kingwell is my hero! Here are two of the patterns I picked up at Market... the rest are being shipped...

I will have them up on the website today or tomorrow.

Miss Adorable Vanessa... now you can see how huge that Sewing Machine quilt is... we are so making this!!

Miss Lizzy in her Catnap dress and with her Pearl Bracelet Nail polish (which will be in the shop in just a few days).

Carolyn Friedlander's Botanics... if you loved Architextures don't miss this one.

and one more for good measure

Lotta Jansdotter with Mormor and Sylvia

and here is a quilt made with them

Heather Bailey's Lottie Da booth that one first place for best single booth

Tula Pink's Fox Field

lots of pics since I went to her schoolhouse

Of course what would a Market blog post be without a picture of the Sample Spree Haul... or two... yes, this all came home with me:

Botanics and Catnap and a little older Art Gallery for a friend

Clockwise from top left Storybook by Kate & Birdie Paper Co., Color Me Happy by V & Co., Daydreams by Kate Spain, Sphere by Zen Chic, Mormor and Sylvia by Lotta Jansdotter.

If you want to see all of the pictures check out my instagram feed @intrepidthread (hint there might be a little contest giveaway on there later today)

Tomorrow ... selfies with friends.

New stuff and... Market :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
So I am off to Market tomorrow. I haven't even started packing. I will get to it eventually. I just wanted to remind you that if you want to keep up with my adventures you can follow my instagram @intrepidthread there is a link over there to the right ---> or you can like my Facebook Page there is a link in the upper right ---> I will be posting fun things and maybe even a giveaway or two while I am gone.

Bluebird Park by Kate & Birdie Paper Co. is here:

Check out those adorable bikes and those gorgeous crosshatch prints. This is so pretty on the shelf.

We also got in a selection of Robert Kaufman Interweave Chambray. If you haven't seen this, it is incredible. It has the look of shot cotton or silk with different warp and weft colors but it is much stronger and has less fray. We will be adding more colors soon so keep an eye out. And if you have a favorite color, that we don't have already, let me know so I can include it in the next order.

It is here:

Happy Monday! Minimalista and Fun & Games are here.

Monday, October 21, 2013
Hi Everyone,

The last week has been crazy. Pacific International Quilt Festival was happening here just 10 minutes from the shop and we had tons of people come over to check us out, which was great! We also got in these two super fun collections:

Minimalista by Art Gallery Fabrics

Fun & Games by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake

We have a whirlwind week this week with Market happening next weekend. I am leaving Thursday morning so it is full speed ahead for the next three days. Hope you have a super week.

You will see me again soon... lots of things to talk about this week :)

All Moda Fabrics are marked down 20% or more

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Hi Everyone!

I am sorry I have been so quiet this week. I am getting all of my errands run before I leave for Market next week. I have to make some shelf room because goodness knows we can't squeeze anymore on the shelves right now. So we marked all of Moda down at least 20% off our regular prices... did you know that our normal prices on regular quilting cotton are already always 15% off retail? You can also take an extra 15% off with this coupon code SHAKEUP15 which is good for everything in the shop.

Sale goes through Sunday 10/20/13

Moda is here

oops forgot to show this...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
I had fun in my 10 minutes of free time yesterday and put together this custom bundle... a little mint green and aqua...

Call Me on Your Celadon in Fat Quarters and Half Yards

Maybe I can make some more fun bundles today :)

New stuff... and I sewed

Monday, October 14, 2013
We got Scrumptious Dots and Scrumptious Fat Quarter bundles and Jelly Rolls


And I made this Aeroplane bag as a quilt as you go project.

Yay ... something new to take to Market. This thing is huge by the way.... HUGE!

Friday Fun Day... and a giveaway.

Friday, October 11, 2013
Hey Everyone,

I was super lucky to get to preview this adorable pattern before Maureen published it for sale:

She did a great job with this pattern each block is fully color illustrated and super professional. I also had the honor of being the first person to buy the pattern from her :) We need to have that quilt in the shop.

Today we are at Maureen's Blog with a giveaway. You can enter to win this fat quarter bundle of Enchant:

Don't enter here... enter over there :)

Feeling Happy

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Hey Everyone,

This is a fun week... first of all last night just before we were leaving the shop this showed up:

Why am I so excited about this particular book you ask? Well it just so happens that bunches of my friends are the authors and creators of the quilts in this book. Two of which are local and whom I get to sew with this week. So exciting... maybe I can talk them into coming and doing a signing for us... wanna come? My friends Adrianne, Colleen, Jeni, Elizabeth, Jennifer, and Amy all are contributors. I am so blessed to know these lovely and incredibly creative ladies. One of the other great things about this book is that it is from Stash so the styling and photography is really pretty... gotta love a pretty book :)

The second thing I am excited about this week is.... WOOT new Kona Colors... we have all of these 28 colors coming tomorrow:

Wasabi is my favorite!

And thirdly... :) This actually is something I have been excited about for a little while but hadn't had a chance to post yet... Botanics from Carolyn Friedlander of Architextures fame... Yep, it is true she did it again...

They are coming next month. CAN'T. WAIT!

Hope you are having an exciting week too!


20% off sale fabrics

Saturday, October 5, 2013
We are having a fabric avalanche in the shop... how about 20% off all of the sale fabrics until Monday 10/7 at Midnight Eastern? Then we can regain some shelf space.

The fabric in the sale section is already marked down an extra 20% so no need for a coupon.

Please remember to use the drop down menu to tell us what to do if we are out of something. Inventory gets messed up during a sale so sometimes we are lower than the website indicates.

PS. you can mix regular priced fabrics with sale fabrics so check out all of the new gorgeous stuff that just came in. (our regular prices are great too)

Wallflowers and New Yarn Dyed Essex

Friday, October 4, 2013
Hey Everyone... it is Fabric Avalanche week isn't it?

Wallflowers by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew

and we got new colors of Essex Yarn Dyed... they went from 4 colors to 10 woohoo...

Andrea Victoria and Enchant

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Hi Everyone,

Riley Blake is releasing all of their fabrics at once... we just got:

Andrea Victoria


Just wanted to share...

... if you have ever bought anything from me you have received a note that you could barely read because my handwriting is the worst!!! Ever!! Seriously when we had handwriting in school the Teacher would give me a C just because she knew I was trying so hard. I should have failed :) Anyway, an adorable young lady that frequents my shop has these wonderful digitized calligraphy notes that you can download from her etsy shop...

Find them here

These would be great for printing on to fabric and using for labels. By the way... she also makes the sweetest quilts... wish she had some in her shop to show you... Hey Tara, put some quilts in your shop :)

And Barcelona is here too!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Love the architectural bits in this...


Hello Tokyo is here...

Garsh it is cute!

Hello Tokyo

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