A little bag I made a few days ago...

Monday, August 3, 2009
This is a handbag I made by using an Amy Butler pattern. I copied the pattern at 75% and made it out of 1/4 yard of fabric... and crocheted the flower brooch (tutorial found here) to add a little whimsy...

I also registered for this swap it looks like fun....

Friendship Bag Swap
5 comments on "A little bag I made a few days ago..."
  1. What a festive little bag! The flower kicks it up a notch:)

    Thanks for posting and good luck with your new blog (I started blogging a month ago and love the creative outlet)

  2. Thanks Kayla. I am hoping to be a little more devoted to this but I have been so busy sewing I haven't had time to take pics...

  3. Love the bag! The crocheted flower is the perfect finishing touch :^) I see you're new to blogging, enjoy the adventure!

  4. Thanks so much... I had set aside today to take some more pictures... but got involved in laundering the new fabrics and ironing them...a never ending chore.

  5. I love this! It is so pretty. I signed up for the bag swap as well. It sounds like a lot of fun.



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