Another bite of Schnibble cake...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
I thought I would post a couple of less busy pics of my busiest quilt ever. Seriously it is crazy busy. Funny story, about these pics, I didn't have anything holding the quilt to the fence it stayed up there all by itself with the help of a little breeze. First tiny huge bite of tutorial will be up in a couple minutes. Take a look at my post for the tutorial even if you don't want to make the quilt... I am adding a give away!

7 comments on "Another bite of Schnibble cake..."
  1. I really like your Schnibbles quilt, great vibrant colors - love the outcome!!

  2. Great fabric! Very beautiful quilt!

  3. i laughed when i read your previous description of your quilt because i used the same fabric but took out all the red ones hoping to get more Winter and less Xmas. and i really like yours.

  4. I saw yours it is gorgeous... I love how you used the candies in the border. I only had a few small pieces and some charm squares to use for this so I had to go with what I had... I did notice that I ended up with all of the blue on one side somehow.

  5. I Love your Schnibbles. We are our own worst critic, I thought mine was overly busy too! Thanks for the compliment on my Eat More PIe Schnibble, that's high praise, I appreciate it so much.


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