Two winners of my Give Away....

Thursday, October 8, 2009
Since I only got two entries I am making them both winners. I did run the randomizer and Mary was the winner outright so she gets the Simple Abundance strips. I will have to think of something equally fun for Carin. Mary please send me your address (email is connected to this blog) and I will send out your prize. I already have Carin's address ;)
3 comments on "Two winners of my Give Away...."
  1. Thanks so much Julie!! I can't wait to try the stars!

  2. Wow that's cool! Thanks Julie :O)

  3. Well, now I feel silly ... I read the tutorial, (and I like your method by the way) ... but I took a class in this pattern years ago, and have made two quilts this way so I didn't enter!
    Congrats, and enjoy the pattern.
    (p.s. a more complicated version is to us all different fabrics for the stars instead of one consistent background ... it looks cool but you have to draw the entire quilt and then lay it out carefully to sew)


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