Schnibble for November is finished...

Monday, November 23, 2009
Well... it was going to be out of autumn fabrics but... I have to admit I am kinda tired of them. I am not a huge autumn color fan... even though I love the season. So here is the first Schnibble that I have made that is really me. Out of a line called Riviera from Connecting Threads. I love the hot juicy isn't sideways ... I am :) (as you can tell by the top of the fence)

Speaking if Schnibbles... hop on over to Sinta's blog she is giving away some neat stuff for her 100th post.

5 comments on "Schnibble for November is finished..."
  1. What a cute quilt! I love the fabrics you've chosen - how do you like the quality of the Connecting Threads fabrics? I have yet to try them.

  2. Love that border fabric! Your Schnibbles turned out cute.


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