The stars aligning...

Friday, July 2, 2010
or something like that...

Old Red Barn Co. on Flickr hosted a quilt along for Astrisk blocks and the Block Lotto did some wonky ones this month. I have been wanting to do a Union Jack quilt even though I am not British. Anyway... here are my blocks for the Block Lotto:

And here is what I did with the leftover strips:

it was a fun little project today.
6 comments on "The stars aligning..."
  1. OMG! Yesterday, I was thinking about a quilt that used asterisk blocks to represent FLOWERS, a spider, twinkling stars (or fireworks) with some smaller ones as a pieced border ... and you have made the flowers in my mind. They are WONDERFUL.

  2. Ps. I hope you'll share your flowers on the Block Lotto Blog, too. One of our winners this month might be inspired to make a flower quilt ;-)

  3. Very cute. Great with a black background.

  4. I really love those flowers! Great idea!

  5. Your blocks are really cute... and your leftovers are adorable!!!


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