3Cs Row 5 and some other stuff ...

Monday, March 7, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I got to be lazy this week with the quilt along you will see what I mean :)

1. From your blue on blue fabric and pink on pink fabrics cut three 7 1/2" squares each. From your cream background fabric cut 24 - 2" squares, or if you pre-cut them when you cut row one go and find them :)

2. Make this row just like the one in row one :) Here alternating the pink and blue blocks.

3. Add the 5th row to the bottom of the quilt.

I know what a naughty trick huh?  Sorry... but next week it is borders and I will give you a peek at how I am going to quilt it.

Here is my Urban Home Goods main swap item. We are to keep it to two items this time so it is this and the little linen zipper bag a showed a while back.

Hope to have some more fun stuff in the next few days so stayed tuned :)
5 comments on "3Cs Row 5 and some other stuff ..."
  1. I must admit, I have been noting your steps in my sketch book as I am on overload with dead lines for March. 3 challenges, 3 contests and 3 swaps. Hope to do a full catch up as this is such a cute pattern.

    Love your Urban quilt - the binding works so well with the overall design. Fantastic.

  2. i, too, adore this quilt and totally want to do it when my to-do list shrinks a little!! pure awesomeness, julie!!

  3. I love your swap quilt! Very crisp & springing looking!

  4. I really enjoy lazy weeks ;)


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