The picker winners of the 200th post giveaway...

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Hehe that sounds funny...

These are the items and people who picked them that I am giving away for my 200th post. Each of the people that picked will get what they picked and on my 200th post one person will get all of the things they picked :) I know it is confusing (and a run on sentence).

A lot of people picked the same things so I am sorry but I have to pick the first person that picked each thing I chose.


A half yard bundle of Happier in Blue

 jlk said...

I would have to go with a 1/2 yard bundle of Happier. I really like the blue, but I also really like the green and orange! Decisions, decisions ;)

Jenny said...

OH WHAT A FUN GAME! I love new lines...and you have some great ones coming soon! six new lines...i noticed that each new line has a great circle pattern..i love circles, dots, polka dots etc...what about one circle print from each of the new lines? my favorite being the new bracelet print from Lizzy House!!!

A fat quarter bundle of blue and green Silent Cinema (since it is the most complete of the two colorways that I have)

Lisa Marie said...

I would choose a fat quarter bundle of Silent Cinema. Gorgeous!

A kit to make my button bracelet tutorial found here

Sinta Renee said...

The RB fabrics are so yummy... but I think it would be great to giveaway a "kit" of your basket tutorial or button braclet out of Sugar & Spice.

Thanks to everyone who played along. I loved all of the suggestions. I am sorry I couldn't pick them all. As soon as I have some coffee I will email the winners. Just 5 more posts until the 200th and the giveaway of the whole bundle.

Talk soon!

6 comments on "The picker winners of the 200th post giveaway..."
  1. Looking forward to your 200th post.

  2. very FUN and very generous Julie thank you so much!

  3. Beautiful gifts and congrats to the winners!

  4. woohoo congrats to all the winners

  5. Yeah! Thank you Julie for picking me as one of your winners! Congratulations to everybody!!! It was a fun giveaway:) You rock!


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