On to quilting already...

Thursday, June 2, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I hope you don't hate me for this not so naturally lighted picture. It rained cats and dogs yesterday. I am in California we are supposed to have the nice weather. No tornadoes in my neck of the woods though, so I won't complain. I only had about an hour's worth of work left to do on this quilt so I went ahead and finished it last night. I think it will be so adorable all quilted up and bound in... red? or green? And who gets it for a Christmas present?

This is a pattern by the girls over at Quilt Story. I met them at market and snatched some patterns. Let me know if you want me to kit it up for you. I love these fabrics. I mean I really love them. They are vibrant and the prints are so delicious.

My quilting frame has been my packing and shipping platform so I guess I better get everything moved off of there so I can get this thing quilted huh?

LouLouThi will be in tomorrow woot! Then Dazzle, 1001 Peeps and Hoo's In The Forest early next week. I can't wait it will be raining fabric over here (instead of the wet stuff :) ).

Talk soon!
11 comments on "On to quilting already..."
  1. Julie that looks lovely, I would send it as a Christmas present to yourself! I'd go for red but I am so into red at the moment..... xx

  2. I've been dying for details about 1001 peeps - thanks for letting us know when to expect them! :)

  3. Very fun fabric and a great pattern to show it off! And the bunting!!! The bunting is beautiful- I really love it!!!

  4. I love it! Those fabrics are just lovely.

  5. Love, love it!!!! It will go great with my project!
    Enjoy the rain - it will be hot before you know it ;)

  6. I feel your pain. It's not supposed to rain in June in California, it's just not. Looks like the sun might come out for a little bit today here, but it's still cold.

    Wishing you weather and quilting luck! I would bind it in green :)

  7. Julie it looks lovely! I love those prints, as well. I would bind in red!

  8. Those are beautiful fabrics! I love the bright, poppy prints and colors!

  9. I'm loving it too! Why don't you do a scrappy border in red AND green? I'm sure it would be lovely.

  10. Oooh I like the last idea, red and green scrappy would be darling! If not I'd do red! Looks gorgeous!


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