Madrona Road and a little Melody MIller

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Madrona Road finally arrived..

You can find it here

Then a little bit of something unexpected (when I say unexpected I mean... I didn't order it) but really could I resist keeping it? They swear I ordered it so, okay, I will keep it.  You can find it here at a great price if I do say so myself.

9 comments on "Madrona Road and a little Melody MIller"
  1. Ooh, purple. I see a bag in my future. Talk soon!

  2. To funny that the little unexpected surprise showed up :)

  3. What an awesome surprise! I love the typewriters!

  4. funny suprise! i'm sure everybody will love it it's a beautiful fabric

  5. Gorgeous,sure everybody will be glad!!

  6. What a happy surprise. I've been coveting Melody Miller's cute typewriter fabric. Your surprise caused me to finally treat myself and order it! Love Medrona Road, too.

  7. Yummy colours in the Madrona Road, and hey, who can pass up surprise MM? :oD

  8. How Big are These Panels?

    i found 60 cm x 110 cm, is that right? 24 x 42 Inches?


  9. I like them both. A LOT! Wish I wasn't on a fabric diet.


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