Happy Monday!

Monday, November 12, 2012
Hi Everyone,

What's new with you??? I am glad there is no shipping today because that means I can just cut all day and wrap tomorrow. Sometimes if I have a lot of orders I have to cut for half the day then wrap and ship for the other half....

 Cuzco and Simply Color are in:

So after I worked on Saturday morning for a little while I finished this:

 It is my Pillow Talk Swap #9 pillow. It was what I was working on in the airports too and from Quilt Market.

This is the one I received:
Isn't it awesome! It is so perfect for me. I think it is funny that she and I thought of the same things and put the grey on the side with straight line quilting.

Did you get to sew this weekend? If so tell me what you made... and send pictures LOL

18 comments on "Happy Monday!"
  1. I wish I had an unlimited account for just fabric and yarn! I so want both of these bundles!

  2. So many pretties! I'm working on one of two postage stamp quilts right now (no photos yet). Silly question: do you now get to do all of your cutting and packaging from the new shop?

  3. Oh, Julie I love your pillow, having seen it in Houston and at the airport when you were working on it, and to see it finished is a real treat. Sad to give it away, but then to get such a wonderful one returned to you. Love, love them both. donna

  4. I didn't get much sewing done but mainly I wanted to photograph my dad's quilt (Christmas present) outside at the park. WIND WIND WIND!!! Maybe next weekend. Your pillow is gorgeous!

  5. wow, you are like the pillow queen! You have a great eye for what design will fit nicely and then the fabric choices.....gah! You're fab!

  6. Cute pillows and that is odd that you would both do the grey side with stitching. :)
    No sewing for me, I finally packed up my sewing machines and serger and took them to the new house. Now that temptation is not in front of me so I might have to pack!

  7. Fun pillows! I really love the one you made. Those text prints are very cool with the colorful prints. :)

  8. The pillows are both amazing! I got to sew! I finished up the last block for my stripper row but unfortunately managed to break a tooth while I was doing it! Last time I ever chew lifesavers to relieve tension! I hope you had a great day!

  9. Oh NO not two more lines available that I want badly!

  10. Love the pillows, looks like it was a win-win on both sides of the swap. Your pillow almost makes me want to do some applique.
    I only did a small amount of sewing this three day weekend, as three kids keeps me too busy to sew most days.
    I'm drooling over both these lines, but my stash is out of hand.
    Have you published your shop address yet? I'm eager to visit when you open, as I'm local.
    Thanks for inspiring us!

  11. lovely pillows coming and going from your house. I love the new fabrics and wish you well in the new brick and mortar store

  12. Cute pillows, make me sleepy. Really, I should make one or two. Can't wait for Notting Hill!

  13. Love the pillows and the fabrics too!

  14. that is so crazy how you both did almost an identical striped grey side. it was destiny!

  15. Those Cuzco and Simply Color photos are yummmmmmy!! Two beautiful pillows, but if it's OK, I'd like to say that I like yours best! LOL

  16. Love the Simply Color fabric. Your pillows are beautiful! I no longer buy Kate Spain, not since she sued.


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