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Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I might be suspiciously quiet this week. My Mom is moving in to our tiny house with us. So there is a lot of shuffling going on. My ever so patient and wonderful husband is letting me have a silent freak out and providing me with much chocolate and good wine in order to get through it.

This is me today... Actually, I wish I looked that good :)
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  1. You are too kind, Julie. I take care of my great aunt (she has no relatives) and although I get frustrated sometimes, I can only hope one of my daughters greats me with kindness and compassion when I'm older because of my example. My aunt does not live with us, but in a senior apartment down the street so it's not the same as your situation. Good luck!

  2. I'll bet there have been times when screaming would feel good ... and it's likely there will be more in the future. Deep breathing is good (when you can't scream out loud). Take care.

  3. As a nurse I get to see those who have no family to take them in or worse do not want to...my words for you today are Bravo bravo bravo...some of the days in the future will be the some of the hardest you will experience....that goes for both of you...but the rewards will be more then I can tell you...I have always said parents are much harder to raise then children, because they are in charge of their life.

  4. You are a wonderful (albeit stressed out) daughter and a blessing to your mom. You will get through this, brave lady. If all else fails, pet some of your gorgeous fabric. My DH says I'm always calmer when I'm touching fabric. Hugs.

  5. I hope the transition is a smooth one. Thinking of you xx

  6. I hope it goes smoothly for all of you xx

  7. Its easier if you give her the wine and chocolate.. thats what I do with my mom.......

  8. Good for you moving your mom but also remember to take care of "YOU". Very important.

  9. Wishing you the best. Chocolate and wine will definitely help. : )

  10. Wow! You are a good soul and your husband must be a saint. We are having discussions about a similar situation at our house and my hubby is not very accommodating.

  11. I am having the silent freak out right there with you. My daughter and her husband, two kids and dog just moved in with us in out tiny house. It's only for 11 weeks, but man...I keep praying for strength. I will pray for some for you too while I'm at it.

  12. Thanks for the chuckle and GOOD LUCK!

  13. Wishing you strength, patience and a poor memory! Strength to get you through the down moments (0r days) patience to put up with your mom (much tough act than putting up with kids) and a poor memory to forget any fights that may occur. And a good margarita every once in awhile - just because! My mom moved in with my family 4 years ago - she is now 88 and in declining health - there were days when I asked myself why? but now I know it's all worth it to be there for her. Good luck to you, your mom and your family.

  14. Passes large bar of chocolate and another bottle of wine...

  15. Good luck!! Right now I'm in Utah at my sister's house helping her with my Dad. I sure feel for those of you who have a parent in the home! Hope all goes well and that she settles in without too much of an adjustment!! Hugs, Helen in Healdsburg

  16. Oh man, best of luck!! Please let me know if I can help somehow!

  17. I understand. Hope it's good wine.

  18. Even if you do not have time to blog, take some time for yourself to sew. Really helps me when my GMIL is driving me crazy. She is at the stage (do they ever leave it?) where they think we are small children and stupid. Really hard some days, esp. when I am in the top % of every class in college.
    I just take some time to sew and calm down. Hard to explain sometimes, but it really helps.

  19. My sisters and I took care of my mom after her stroke off and on for 7 years. We only got though it because we had wonderful husbands and each other. I hope you have the same. She has been gone now for 5 years and we don't regret a minute of it. It wasn't easy at the time, but the wonderful memories out-weigh the bad. Good luck!

  20. oh, I don't think I could do it. I find your actions to be highly courageous and death-defying. You're like Evil Knievil who said "I thought I was bulletproof or Superman there for a while. I thought I'd never run out of nerve. Never."
    Or maybe it was "I've been in a treatment center for drinkin'. I stayed for two days, then escaped." So, here's hoping you make it out alive and sober!! ha!

  21. One day at a time Julie. You can escape to the shop, right?

  22. Hang in there and remember - it's okay to laugh to keep from crying!

  23. My mom lived with us for 11 years. It was wonderful until she fell and broke her hip. She now lives in a senior living facility. I miss her being here. I wish you well with your mom.

  24. I have been there!!!! I was much like that picture....oh Lordy!!!!


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