Can you help with a quilt?

Monday, February 10, 2014
Dear Friends,

There is a child that has been waiting for 6 years to come home to her family. If you have a quilt that you can donate to raffle for this more than worthy cause, please consider doing so. Also if you would like to give $25 to get a chance to win one of the donated quilts you can do that too. There is a link at the end of the post.

Best said in the words of her mother:

Six years is too long for a child to spend without a family. My sweet Diana has been waiting patiently in Kyrgyz orphanages to join my family since we first met in 2008, shortly before Kyrgyzstan placed the first of two moratoriums on intercountry adoptions. But another window is opening. Kyrgyzstan has re-re-started their intercountry adoption program. And I am trying for a third time to bring Diana home, to be her family at last. But it's with great humility that I tell you, Diana and I need your help.
While I have the resouces to pay for her adoption for the third time (home $tudy, do$$ier, agency fee$, documentation and proce$$ing fee$), I will need help covering our travel expenses. I plan to travel with my daughter, Pilar, and stay in Kyrgyzstan for the duration of the finalization process, which will be approximately six to eight weeks if all goes smoothly (big 'if' there). I'm estimating airfare, lodging, local driver and translator services and living expenses to run upwards of--gulp--$10,000.
Because I really don't like asking people for money outright, I've created a fundraiser called Kwyltyng To Kyrgyzstan. For every $25 donated, you will earn a virtual raffle ticket. Winners will be selected at random, with gorgeous kwlyts (quilts), handmade by my friends and me, as prizes. You can watch the kwylts--and our family--take shape on the Kwyltyng To Kyrgyzstan Facebook page.

Here is a link:
2 comments on "Can you help with a quilt?"
  1. As the mom of 2 adopted children and knowing how hard and expensive the process is, my heart breaks for the struggles she has endured to bring her child home. Thanks for posting this and I'm jumping over to learn more. I truly hope that this time she will wait no more.

  2. Julie:
    I only have one baby quilt completed but am so willing to donate as the many times you have blessed us!


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