Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's Here!

Cotton and Steel is here... after about 15 hrs of cutting I am still not done cutting pre-orders. I am a control freak... but you knew that about me right? Anyway, I should have the rest of the stock up on the website by tomorrow morning. I just want to make sure the inventory is correct. Just one more day of patience :) There is still some pre-order stock up of everything except Mustang, but Mustang is not sold out (only one or two bolts are) the rest will be updated tomorrow.


  1. Wow,it`s great.Have fun and sell all!!

  2. You deserve and probably need a massage.

  3. There are one or two prints I like from this line and as soon as I get home from vacation must pop into your store and get them before they are gone! Yikes!


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