Quilt Block Drive for Sydney Heroes

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Hey Everyone,

My friend  Molli Sparkles is organizing a quilt block drive to make quilts for the families of the two heroes that lost their lives in the stand off in Sydney. Since shipping is expensive I am willing to collect the blocks and ship them all at once. They will only take a few minutes to make. I know we are all busy at Christmas but we would need them here by the end of December. Here is the information:
If they are not here by December 31st I won't be able to ship them so I will give them to a charity committee in one of my guilds.

Thanks for your consideration.
9 comments on "Quilt Block Drive for Sydney Heroes"
  1. Thanks for offering to arrange to have them all shipped together.

  2. I will get to the sewing machine by the weekend and get them sent to you.

  3. Julie,
    I'm mailing two blocks this afternoon from Virginia.

  4. I made 6 blocks this afternoon. What address can I ship them to? (Sorry if I missed that info.)

  5. Julie, I have 6 blocks ready to go.. I"m very willing to mail directly or can send to you... if you have the address handy.

  6. Made 8 tonight after the kids went down. His instructions say to toss that 4th strip but if you do it right after making 3 you can get a 4th no hassle! I will be sending Thursday. Hopefully it will get to you by the 31st.

  7. Hi Julie, I would love to send my blocks to you, please send the address. Thank you!

  8. I found your address on Joshua's FAQ page - will ship one dozen today. Thanks for collecting and shipping them for us!

  9. Hi Julie, I didn't see this till today, so it is too late for me to make one and send it to you and get it to you on time, but could I send you 20.00 for shipping? Let me know. Hugs, H in Healdsburg


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