Happy Monday Newsletter and Flash Sale

Monday, August 10, 2015
Hey Everyone,

I just spent a ton of time over the weekend. Getting a handle on more social media... wow it is never ending LOL We have made it easier for you all to Pin our pictures to Pinterest and started a whole new strategy over there.  Come have a look. Honestly, I was resisting because I know me and I will end up wasting hours looking at pictures at least now I can share them with you :) Leave a comment here if you would like to contribute to our Made by You Board.

Did you get the Newsletter? You don't want to miss it this time. I promise it has good stuff in it including a coupon for a Flash Sale that is happening right now. Find it here!

I took the Tuffet making class at the shop on Friday and have almost finished my tuffet cover here is an early look at the first section:

We have bundles of these fabrics in the shop (you can find links in the Newsletter if you don't want to search. I mixed some of my favorites together: Kona (Pickle), Emily Herrick, Melody Miller, Lizzy House, and Jeni Baker.

Look at this adorable collection from Cori Dantini/// all of the info is in the newsletter :)

Ps. How do you like my artsy fartsy pictures? I am trying I really am... but I am photography challanged... keep an eye on our Pinterest boards there will be a fun contest/giveaway coming soon.
3 comments on "Happy Monday Newsletter and Flash Sale"
  1. Taking interesting photos can be a challenge but you really have a talent to make yours fun.

  2. Love all the pretty blue and greens - so refreshing!

  3. I'd love to contribute to your "Made by You" board on Pinterest. :-)


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