Pixie Summer Home Winner

Friday, July 29, 2016
Well, I wrote this post on Tuesday but never published it. I came to write another post and noticed this in big red letters DRAFT Oops... I am sorry for making you all wait. 

Hey Everyone,

Please forgive me for being a bit late... with the sale and everything I got a bit behind. I wanted to announce the winner of the comment prize from my blog. I had 38 comments which I put into the random number generator and it picked number 11 which was from my first post and was this:

BillieBee: Alright! I did do mine right......Phew!

BillieBee will be receiving this:

I bet you guys are thinking .... Where did that come from?!!!  Don't worry I haven't lost my mind. I still love Modern and will be selling only Modern (mostly). This is just a little anomaly. That is why I am calling it "And Now For Something Completely Different" ... don't ask me why but everything Monty Python has been on my mind this week. And, yes, you can buy the bundle here the bottom fabric is ticking that is super soft and would make great bags so I made the piece bigger in the bundles. They are fq bundles with 1/2 yds of ticking and half yard bundles with 1 yd pieces of ticking.

Big huge Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner of the Linky Party Prizes my friend Jamie aka BeACraftyGirl I am sending you a kit for Frances Firefly made my way :)

  You will hear from me again soon :) Bye for now.
3 comments on "Pixie Summer Home Winner"
  1. Such lovely fabrics!! Thanks so much. I'll be waiting by my mailbox!

  2. Great prizes! Congratulations to the winners!!

  3. Congrats to BillieBee! And also to Jamie


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