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Friday, August 12, 2016
Hey Everyone,

It's Friday before the beginning of the newest chapter in my life. Monday we start moving to our new Studio... I wish I had pictures for you now but I promise you will see it soon...

A little update for you all... My children have decided to take over the heavy lifting in the shop so I can do what I love most and be the creative director. I am so proud of how those two have stepped up and started to put their stamp on things.

 Also, you will see that I am adding things from new designers and companies and cutting back on things that you are seeing everywhere else. I am hoping to find you new interesting things that will tempt you to think outside the box (and the usual designers). Maybe we can make some new people famous :) The fabrics above are all organic they are designed by Jennifer Moore of Monaluna. Jennifer is local to us. She designs and produces her line herself and also runs an adorable boutique. I have been sourcing Organic apparel fabric for another venture I am starting so these are mostly for apparel... top to bottom: Double Gauze, Quilting, Quilting, Lawn, Lawn, Lawn, Lawn, Lawn, and Lawn. Of course the lawn would be great for a quilt too... and it is a nice little bundle of matched up lovelies from a couple of her different collection.

You might have seen the newsletter a couple days ago with Playground by Ami Sinibaldi, we are giving away a fat quarter bundle of the Fresh Adventures colorway over on Maureen Cracknell's blog today. So head on over there to enter.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!
13 comments on "Fabulous Fabric Friday Giveaway"
  1. Good luck, Julie! I can't wait to see the new designers you bring into your shop!

  2. Good luck in your new direction. It will be nice to see some fresh new faces in fabrics.

  3. Sounds like a smart direction to head. Love the designers and lines you shared here.

  4. How great that you are going to have things that are new and different from other shops. Can't wait to see the pictures of your new shop.

  5. Good luck with the moving and sure the new studio will be fantastic.

  6. Thank you for offering other designers. Living in Dallas, TX aka Moda Country, everywhere I shop has Moda Moda Moda. It's nice but there are other companies and products out there. Good luck on the move!

  7. Great kids! New fabric lines, especially from local talent, is a great idea- the colors are beautiful!

  8. Good Luck to you...wish you the best

  9. I am happy to learn about new designers. I must try lawn; never have and I do like to do some clothesmaking so maybe lawn should be my next attempt.
    Thanks and I hope the shop shapes up quickly with the help of your children.

  10. Can't wait to see the new fabric! Have a great weekend!

  11. This is a beautiful collection of fabrics! I am getting back into sewing some of my own garments and am having a blast, along with all of my quilting and crafting projects! What a wonderful idea you have of bringing out individual designers and helping them get started. I follow you by bloglovin and will be checking in more often. Thank you for the opportunity to win this gorgeous fabric bundle and for telling us about the link which I followed and left a comment at also. I hope that you have a fantastic creative day! brend_ack@yahoo.com

  12. How wonderful this news is! Good luck and lots of success on this new move


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